East St. Louis beats Rashaun Agee, Bogan in 3A title game

East St. Louis' Terrance Hargrove (34) makes a move to the basket against Bogan's Tremear Fraley (34) in the 3A state championship at Peoria Civic Center in Peoria IL, Saturday 03-16-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times
East St. Louis' Terrance Hargrove (34) makes a move to the basket against Bogan's Tremear Fraley (34) in the 3A state championship at Peoria Civic Center in Peoria IL, Saturday 03-16-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times

PEORIA—Bogan senior Rashaun Agee spent the past four months proving all the doubters wrong. Bengals coach Arthur Goodwin made a habit of publicly challenging his star player last year, always pushing him to do more and be better. Agee responded passionately this season and became the area’s dominant big man.

That fire was still burning on Saturday afternoon, even after Bogan lost a heartbreaker to East St. Louis in the Class 3A state title game at Carver Arena.

Flyers senior Terrence Hargrove was too much for the Bengals to handle. The 6-7 Saint Louis recruit scored 32 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead East St. Louis to a 68-63 win in overtime.

But Agee wasn’t ready to hand out any praise when asked about his matchup against Hargrove.

“He’s a human just like I’m a human,” Agee said. “I don’t have any thoughts on it.”

Agee and the Bengals led until the final seconds of regulation.

Flyers junior Jashawn Anderson missed a crucial free throw with four seconds left and his team trailing by two points. His teammate, 6-7 senior Richard Robinson, grabbed the rebound and slammed it home to send the game to overtime.

“I just grabbed it and the rest is history basically,” Robinson said. “I just saw the rim. It was really all a blur, it happened so quick.”

Bogan (30-4) led by three halfway through overtime but East St. Louis (30-6) closed things with a decisive 10-2 run.

“We make our free throws and [it’s] game over,” Goodwin said. “We didn’t do the little things to finish this team off. But that’s a good team. Rashaun battled all the way to the end. It was a good game, we gave everyone a nice show down here.”


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Agee led Bogan with 24 points and 14 rebounds. Junior Antonie Bloxton added 10 points and senior Jordan Booker scored eight.

“When you don’t finish the game off, this is what happens,” Goodwin said. “This was part of March Madness. You have to make free throws, box out and can’t turn the ball over.”

Hargrove was phenomenal at times. He may be the state’s most difficult player to guard.

“[Flyers coach March Chambers] kept telling me attack, attack,” Hargrove said. [Agee] couldn’t stay in front of me. I just kept going at him and my shot started to fall.”

Anderson finished with 13 points for the Flyers, and Robinson added 11 points and 10 rebounds. This is East St. Louis’ first state title.

“That is a great team over there,” Chambers said. “You hate to see anyone lose that game. Just like all year long, my guys found a way. You can’t coach that. You listen to them talk, you see them work and that is where it all comes from—believing in greatness.”

This was Bogan’s first appearance in the state title game. The Bengals were attempting to become the third Public League school to win the Class 3A state title (Marshall, Morgan Park). Public League teams have won 13 of the 22 state titles in 3A and 4A.

“We played hard,” Goodwin said. “We came down here and gave it all we could give.”


  • tburner

    Great game, Bogan did leave the door open for East Side. We knew Bogan was good. We knew Agee would be a load. We knew Hargrove would have to have a great game for us have a chance..

  • TTee

    Has anyone seen all state guard from Bogan Jordan Booker ?
    He was MIA from Peoria this weekend

  • Mika

    I totally agree that Bogan handed ESL the game big time and yes as a Femal coach I would’ve been called a time out on Bogans end to correct the poor shot selection from the 3 point line. We would’ve kept our foot on the gas in the 3rd and 4th quarters and never looked back. All in all when it really came down to it their season was determined by boxing out which are the fundamentals of basketball. And to add a dam tip dunk at that but it reminded me of DePaul you live by the dunk you die by the dunk. If that was Nick Irving we was coming home with that trophy period.#Basketball.Love.100


    Man I hate Bogan lost that game… But I have too put a lot of this lost on the coach for opening the 4thr Qtr by taking the air out of the ball way way too early..

    I’ve seen him use stall ball tactics before and this time it really killed all of their momentum…

    Bogan should have won that game!!

  • Rho

    Steve and Shawn J I agree with both of your points. Bogan left the door open by making mistakes that East St Louis took advantage of by turning into points. East St Louis played perhaps its poorest first half of the season and yet were in striking distance as Bogan went to that delay offense too early and too often. These are kids and they play off of emotion and when you pull in the reigns too early you can get them out of sorts. Hargrove was great but Richard Robinson had the play of the game with that tip-jam with seconds left in regulation that sent the game into OT.

  • Leon Gaines

    I am still upset that I did not get to see the last few minutes of the 3A title game because the station carrying it decided to switch to a spring training baseball game instead of completing coverage of an exciting overtime championship game. Whoever signed this current TV deal , needs to be fired and the TV station needs to issue a formal apology to all the people they screwed over by not being aware of what was happening. Unless they just don’t give a damn!!

    • debbie dewitz

      I agree. Show us the ENTIRE game. What a joke.Ihsa should cancel contract for this fiasco. Now high schools have their Heidi game.

  • Leegs1

    A timeout or two in the fourth quarter by the Bogan coach might have made a difference in the result. Instead, he let them play. Too bad.

    • Steve

      I agree. They had about five timeouts left late in the game. There was a bad shot taken with just over three minutes left up 7 that seemed to be the turning point of the game he was not happy with. The bogan coach showed a lot of class to the officials, his players and his opponents throughout the tournament. Those kids have a very positive role model to help shape their futures. It was one of the best games of all time. The east st louis fan base brought a unique buzz to the arena at the end of the game that helped lead to turnovers. Hargrave is an amazing talent. Its too bad a team had to lose this game, but Im glad i got to witness it.

  • Dan

    Definitely handed them the game. Hogan took their foot of the gas pedal😳

  • Ron

    This game belonged to Bogan. East St.Louis was good, but I believe that Bogan essentially handed them the game Tremendous athletes on both teams.!!!!

    • ShawnJ

      Nah, the game wasn’t “handed” to anyone and didn’t “belong” to anyone. It was a very competitive game from start to finish and the win could have gone either way. Bogan made their share of mistakes, but so did E. St. Louis with missing several easy shots in the paint and missing their fair share of free throws as well. It was an extremely entertaining game and the Eastside coach got it right when he said that it was a shame that one team had to lose.

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