Former Simeon star Kezo Brown shot, wounded Saturday on South Side

Kezo Brown (2) blows past a Houston player in JBA league action played Tuesday at Wintrust Arena 06-26-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

Former Simeon basketball player Kezo Brown was shot Saturday on the South Side.

According to his family, Brown was involved in an altercation at a store in the 10600 block of South Bensley Avenue at 4:20 p.m.

“When he went in he bumped into a guy accidentally,” the family member said. “The guy got on his phone and ran over to the [housing complex] around the street. When Kezo left the store four guys surrounded him. One guy pulled out a gun and shot him. All of this happened because he bumped into a guy.”

The family says Brown was shot five times: three times in the chest, once in the hip and once in the left thigh. He’s been through three surgeries but is now conscious and talking and will recover.

Chicago police said on Saturday that Brown was shot outside the store when a dark-colored car approached and someone inside fired shots. Area South detectives are investigating.

Brown was a freshman All-American playing on Simeon’s varsity in 2015.  He missed his sophomore year with health issues but returned and had a successful junior year, scoring 26 points to lead the Wolverines to the city championship. He missed his senior season with health issues.

Brown initially committed to play in college at Chicago State, but then decided to turn pro and join LaVar Ball’s JBA. He parlayed the JBA stint into a pro contract in China’s Wildball League this winter.

Friends have been wishing Brown well on social media. The Orr basketball team, which heard news of the shooting just before playing in the Class 2A title game in Peoria on Saturday, prayed for Brown before taking the court and dedicated the game to him according to coaches.

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  • Robert Miller

    When will this madness stop. Guns are not the answer. My heart and prayers are with you junior. Junior you have beat obstacles in the past. You can beat this obstacle. I read a famous theologian who said “turn your scars into stars” Make it work for you.

  • Krheams

    This is so sad. I wished a speedy recovery for this young man.Shooting someone because they bumped into you is not worth your freedom ,people wake-up. when will this madness STOP??????

  • aliyah wheatley

    i know we was well at ariel but get well bro stay smooth big bro do good stay on your feet

  • Skywalker

    I wish the young man a speedy recovery and future success!

  • CCLAlum08

    Just sad how he was a freshman all America to what he is know

  • Will Bradford

    A shame more people aren’t commenting on this important story as opposed to the others. I watched the young man play so it is tragic to hear of this. Fortunately it didn’t turn out worse. have heard nice things about the young man and wish him well.

  • West sub fan

    Very talented player
    Get well soon!!

  • Edwsrd Hodges

    GWS broddy

  • Robgwann

    Prayers up keezo praying for u get healthy soon youngin

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