Michael O’Brien’s notebook: March 8, 2019

Young's DJ Steward (21) gets a fast break for a dunk against Curie, Friday 03-08-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.
Young's DJ Steward (21) gets a fast break for a dunk against Curie, Friday 03-08-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

A brawl broke out in the final minute of the Class 3A sectional final between Farragut and North Lawndale on the West Side on Friday.

The Illinois High School Association released a statement that both schools have been disqualified from the state playoffs and that DePaul Prep will not have to play a super-sectional game and will advance to the state semifinals. Read the story…

Curie 53, Young 51

Damari Nixon swished home a three-pointer with two seconds left to give Curie a 53-51 win against the Dolphins in the Class 4A Proviso West Sectional final on Friday in Hillside.

“The play wasn’t designed for me, it was supposed to get [Hamilton] going to the basket,” Nixon said. “I knew it was money before I even released it.” Read the story…

Simeon 58, Homewood-Flossmoor 43

Antonio Reeves scored 18, Ahamad Bynum added 12 and Simeon held the Vikings to 28.6 percent shooting in the Eisenhower Sectional final. The Wolverines, against all odds and expectations, are back in the super-sectionals for the fifth consecutive year. Read the story…

Other Friday games

Bolingbrook 66, Oswego East 64: You have to imagine the Raiders’ playoff experience played a huge factor in this one. Joseph Yesufu scored 16 and Tyler Cochran had 15 points and 10 rebounds. Demari Grant, a Bolingbrook transfer, led the Wolves with 19 points. Valiant effort by Oswego East.

Geneva 75, Downers Grove North 70: Jack McDonald scored 29 as the Vikings just continue to beat everyone in their path. Huge game from DGN’s Trey Boston with 35 in the loss.

Evanston 56, Loyola 42: Jaylin Gibson really stepped up in this one. The soph had 20 points and six rebounds. Jaheim Holden added 12 points and four assists.

DePaul Prep 62, St. Viator 53: Possibly the only upset of the night. Perry Cowan scored 21. Two months ago I thought the Rams were a serious Class 3A title contender, then I wasn’t so sure. Tommy Kleinschmidt has clearly got them back on track. Huge win for the program.

Stevenson 56, Waukegan 41: Wow. A really young Patriots squad goes into the Dog Pound and beats a senior-led Waukegan team by 15. That’s crazy impressive.

Bogan 85, Morgan Park 78: Senior Jordan Booker was phenomenal with 30 points. Antione Bloxton added 20. Huge playoff win, huge rivalry win for the Bengals. The Mustangs’ streak of Class 3A titles ends.

Orr 83, Corliss 50: The Spartans dominated the second half of the Class 2A state semifinal and will play for their third consecutive state title tomorrow night. Terry Williams had 21. All-Area guard Tujautae Williams had 14 points, eight rebounds and eight assists. Greg Outlaw scored 15 and Sherif Kenney added 11 points, nine assists and five boards. Orr will be heavy favorites tomorrow.

Glenbard South 42, Burlington Central 38: Our local Class 3A Cinderella rolls on.

Normal U-High 61, Rich Central 48: Terrific playoff run by the Olympians comes to an end.

Providence-St. Mel 66, Triopia 41: Dominant second half from the the Knights. Deion Jackson scored 20. St. Mel will face Cissna Park in the Class 1A title game on Saturday at 1.



  • Leegs1

    Juswatchin: so it’s just fun when you call student athletes “borderline bums.” If they read your comment, I’m sure they would know who the bum is. As with Facts, I’m done with you!

    • 50 year alum

      Just don’t answer his ignorant comments any more leggs1 wonder if he has any kids and how he would feel if anyone called his kid a bum. Maybe
      He’s so used to being called a bum he needs an outlet.but to call a teenage kid a bum shows a lack of class.

    • juswatchin

      Lol… My kid would brush it off!! The world is tough and I know these kids are tougher than obviously YOU think! Maybe you 2 age is playing into your sensitivity on the matter.. Student section say worst stuff than “bum”!! Hell I just may be a student.. Go take your blood pressure medication so you make it through another year..lol.. calm down… and still the refs helped the BROOK…I even heard a ref was Jordan Myrick family.. 🤔

  • Norm

    Officiating at high school sports always has been and always will be lousy. But it’s not their fault. Officiating is hard. Pro officials make so many mistakes that video replay is necessary. If pro refs are bad you know high school refs will be even worse. That said it is very difficult to watch these poorly officiated games. Best you can hope for is that they don’t decide the outcome.

  • West sub fan

    Will is 100% correct
    It’s not cool
    Or tough !!
    It’s embarrassing

  • Coach Adkins

    I would’ve like to seen Bolingbrook or Oswego play Geneva and try getting a foot near they guard, the referees gave that boy everything last night DGN close the gap to 71_70 and stole the in bounds pass what the referee do give Geneva the ball at the freethrow line to put them up by 3. Downers never led, as long as you have these local officials doing games they will cheat for these schools. Same for York, take they bias officials out the game and Geneva lose by 20.

    • Matthew

      4 of 5 Geneva starters fouled out including jack Macdonald. Geneva at one point was up 20+ in the third. DGN shot so many free throws I lost track. What are you even talking about? Like you said DGN never led and they’re clearly much worse.

  • Just the facts

    I saw a bunch of calls/non-calls that went Oswego’s way that kept them in the game. How about the Yesufu steal and fast break that was stopped by an intentional foul that wasn’t called that resulted in a turnover? How about the foul called on the clean double block? How about Leonard and Yesufu getting mugged in the lane the entire 4th quarter without calls?

    It was a great game and both teams have reasons to complain. At the end of the day if the game is called evenly Raiders win by double digits.

    • Leegs1

      “Sic Em”, Facts!

    • juswatchin

      Your way too bias and delusional!!! Even Bolingbrook fans agreed they got away with a couple calls. Remember the foul count was 8-2.. Brook was able to waste clock cause they were in the bonus… then had fouls to give up on the other end…. sounds like you got the calls… the out of bounds call.. and the timeout call instead of jump ball…. let’s not forget about the no travel call when yesufu was trapped …ALL these calls for Bolingbrook in the last 50 seconds….FACTS!!…call yourself Just Bias….not just the facts!!!

      • Just the facts

        I saw two calls which me and the Joliet Central guy next to me figured were makeup calls although from our position [near the main entrance across from the BB bench] we couldn’t see them [near the OE bench]. Except, in order for it to be a make up call there has to be a bad call the other way in the 1st place. And believe me, there were plenty keeping the Wolves in the game. Don’t take it the wrong way, they’re a really good team with some inexplicable losses and no highly impressive wins, but still really good. They had to play nearly perfect to be in it, and that’s what they did. But against this caliber of team that doesn’t guarantee a win.

        Raiders played solid D without fouling, much the same as the previous game. Plus when OE’s offense consists of RayJ Dennis shooting three’s you’re not going to get fouls called. Now, on the other hand, where Bolingbrook lives on driving to the cup you’re going to get fouls, and in all honesty OE should have had double the amount of fouls than they were called for. But even I wouldn’t have liked that because it slows down the game. The breakaway foul no call was egregious though and stopped a Bolingbrook run. The jacking of Yesufu, Leonard, and Cochran with no call every time in the lane definitely kept OE close.

        You should enjoy this, it was a great game. Demari balled out and RayJ showed he is legit. This was the best OE team ever and you guys won a ton of games. But now it’s time for the elite teams to face off.

        • juswatchin

          You see that’s where you fall short!! These boys have been playing together since 3rd grade.. These 2 teams aren’t elite but they have some elite players… The rest are borderline bums.. real talk!!! I’ve already rewatched this game and so much of your argument is simply not true. I know and love these kids..been around them too long so I’m happy and sad. Agree to disagree.. I’ll leave it there

          • Leegs1

            Got to be a real class act calling the rest of the players “borderline bums.” Hopefully, none of them read your comment. No “borderline” in you being a “bum.” You need to walk back that statement! Be a man, do it!

          • Just the facts

            Look buddy, OE played the perfect game they had to. Bolingbrook didn’t even get out in transition all game. And OE still needed assistance from the stripes to keep it close before losing.

            One mark of a great team is to play badly and still win against good competition. That’s what the Raiders did.

            This will be my last post on Oswego East, their season has concluded and we have Belleville West on Tuesday at Illinois State.

            I’m sorry you prefer alternative facts, just watchin, but if you pay attention while just watching you’ll see that my post contained Just the Facts.

          • juswatchin

            Wow leegs.. didn’t know your feelings get hurt so easily.. the word bum gets tossed around plenty… the kids reading it wouldn’t even care… they’ll brush it off they shoulder as they should.. don’t get your panties in a bunch it’s all fun!! My opinion.. I’m a man and very real.. taking or walking that back makes me fake!

        • juswatchin

          BTW!!! Just the facts…. come with actual facts! And not just your long drawn out opinion! Check the tape! and change your name!

    • Tomcat DaD

      3min left score 62-61 foul count 8-2 so you hold the ball.. 50 seconds left and you win 3 50/50 calls. I gotta agree it didn’t seem fair!

  • juswatchin

    Bolingbrook got ALL ..ALL the 50/50 calls.. Give Oswego East just 1 of those calls they would’ve been Sectional Champs.

  • Sad H.S Fan

    It was almost the same thing at Marshalls 2A sectional last week. Fans walking on the floor parents cursing at officials and getting personal. CPS security is a joke they are just collecting a check.

  • Daniel

    Truth- The call you are talking about could have went either way and for most of the night did. Oswego made the mistake of not coming out of that zone and let Bolingbrook waste all he time out down the stretch. And yes, demari had a outstanding game,

  • Truth

    With that being said: Probably was still the most entertaining game of the night..66-64 with a shot at the buzzer for the win! Worth more than 5 bucks..WOW!!

  • Truth

    Playoff experience..lmfao.. total b.s. The referees totally handed that game to Bolingbrook… The calls and lack of calls totally favored Bolingbrook in 2nd half most importantly the 4th and a ridiculous sequence of 3 in a row in the last minute… You had to see it !!! Btw..Demari Grant was killing his former team..

  • Tony

    AAU culture spilling over to high school.

  • Will Bradford

    Certainly a black eye for Chicago hoops. NLCP and Farragut have hurt our reputation. The CPS deserves all the blame for this travesty.

    Wanna know why the state finals are in Peoria? To prevent these kind of shenanigans with fans who have no business being in a HS gym. With incidents like this I am surprised the IHSA doesn’t move it to Springfield to further get away from this behavior.

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