2019 Class 4A state basketball tournament bracket


  • mike bochner

    Good job by the players and coaches, we saw some very enjoyable basketball. As an Evanston alum I was sorry that the Kits couldn’t sustain what they started in there first half. I thought that there was a possibility that they were going to get out by Belleville but Evanston had a real shot. They settled for two many 3s instead of trying to foul out Belleville’s big players. Oh well. Good season for sure!

  • Gov

    We need to go back to two class of basketball for boys basketball in the State of Illinois.

  • Gov

    We need to have only two class for basketball in the state of Illinois

  • Allan Terrell

    Go back to the old format. People are missing out on seeing some really good teams. Bring back the real March madness. Your losing money.

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