Young recovers from rough start to escape Sam Walsh-led York

Young's D.J. Steward (21) blocks from behind a shot by York's Erik Cohn in their 58-56 win in Hillside, Wednesday, March 6, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times
Young's D.J. Steward (21) blocks from behind a shot by York's Erik Cohn in their 58-56 win in Hillside, Wednesday, March 6, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times

DJ Steward is ready to declare it official.

The second half is Young’s half.

For the second consecutive game, the No. 4 Dolphins rallied back from a terrible start and halftime deficit to squeak out a win, beating No. 16 York 58-56 in the Class 4A Proviso West Sectional semifinal Wednesday.

“We always have bad first halves, so we just knew to come out in the second and dominate and just keep running,” Steward said. “We knew they were going to get tired eventually, so we just played tough defense and started pressuring them a lot.”

Steward, the first-team All-City star, scored 13 of his 17 points after the break (to go along with a team-high eight rebounds) and Myles Baker added 17 points of his own for Young (26-7).

York’s Sam Walsh easily stole the show with 29 points and 15 rebounds in what turned out to be his final career game, but it wasn’t enough to get the unheralded Dukes (28-6) over the hump.

“We really had no answer for him. … They’d throw it to him and he made moves,” Young coach Tyrone Slaughter said. “He played outstanding today, but our kids really did an outstanding job of defending and taking care of the other guys, and that was really what we wanted to do.”


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An enormous York crowd, composing at least 80 percent of the near-sellout turnout in Hillside, roared with bewildered exuberance as the Dukes (28-6) raced unstoppably to a 16-3 lead after the game’s first six minutes.

But they fell silent when senior point guard Nick Kosich left the game injured in the second quarter — Kosich did not return and coach Vince Doran said afterwards he believes it was a concussion — and the loss of the key point guard really hampered York the rest of the way.

Just like it did a week ago in a come-from-behind win over Lane in the regional final, Young turned up its full-court pressure and fast-break focus as the game progressed, with great success. Slaughter said he hoped to wait until the third quarter to play that card, so that York wouldn’t be able to discuss a counter-attack at halftime, but had to turn to it earlier; regardless, it worked beautifully.

“It was very clear to everyone that we were outmanned,” Doran said. “We had one less ball-handler against pressure, and you need all the ball-handlers you can against a team like that.”

York still had a chance in a final minute that lasted an eternity. Erik Cohn hit a three-pointer, his lone highlight of an otherwise frustrating outing, to bring the Dukes within three with 35 seconds left, and they almost forced a 10-second violation on the ensuing possession. Cohn then hit two free throws with 11.5 seconds left to make it a two-point game, but Baker made his two on the other end to seal the result.

“The kid from Fenwick is really good, [Slaughter] did a great job of recruiting him,” Doran said. “You almost feel like you’re playing an all-star team from the city and the suburbs. I’m certainly not suggesting that, but I’m proud of our kids — our kids live in Elmhurst and they came out and battled.”

That result sets up an enormous No. 1-vs.-No. 4 matchup Friday, as Young faces Curie for the first time since eliminating the Condors in the sectional finals last year.

Steward wasn’t around for that 2018 meeting, but it’s still personal for him — it’ll be his first-ever game against former Fenwick teammate Damari Nixon, now the sharpshooter in Curie’s loaded starting lineup.

“They think that we don’t have enough talent, enough guts, to go out there and beat them,” Steward said. “We’re going to prove them wrong.”


  • Charles S Bracker

    It is ridiculous that recruits come from all over the State to play in The Chicago Leagues;
    They, Chicago could dominate all four classes
    The problem they fixed with the class system has now been abused
    CPS please reign in your system
    A list of every years transfers should be posted to show the abuses
    York you had a very good season and a great team . Enjoyed your efforts.against a rigged system

  • Sammy

    Sorry suburbia, but kids have a right to transfer. They also have a right to move. If IHSA and CPS rules them eligible who are you to say it’s wrong. Their parents are doing what’s best for their kids. If a high profile team can get them a d-1 scholarship and a state championship then kudos to them for transferring. Maybe it’s the best way to get to the NBA. Basketball may be their route to a better life. A lot of kids don’t have money. If not for basketball there is no college for many.

  • Leegs1

    Hey guys, who won the York v. Young game? I didn’t hear anything about the result!!! Were there any controversial calls?

  • Ricl

    The deck is stacked against schools that cannot or do not have transferred players…. Now WY will play Currie who is another team with players that have transferred. I was born and raised in Chicago…. We all know the city struggles to do what is right. High School sports is one of the highlights the city can embrace. I hope the best for all the athletes, coaches and schools…Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!! And great job Coach Doran! A York team for the ages!

  • Sammy

    50 Year Alum you’ve been crying about CPL and transfers all year. Look at it this way, all the transfers were approved by CPS and IHSA, so what has happened with transfers is legal by those who govern high school basketball. They have done nothing illegal according to the rules. All the kids are legally eligible. You need to figure out how to get transfers to Maywood or you’ll always be on the short end of the stick. The CPS coaches are great GMs. Even the Bulls can learn from them.

    • 43 Year Leyden Alum

      Sammy. 50 Year is not only one crying about illegal transfers. We all are. When the CPS wines and dines the Crooked IHSA at Gibson’s. Everything will be approved and Legal. Anyone can use Chicago addresses and live in Suburbs and go to CPS schools for Basketball. Why they do it Is stupid. They would be the Star on all Suburban teams? The parents are the Stupid ones for letting it happen also.

  • 50 year alum

    What’s the matter Ben did you actually watch your own tape how come no one backs up your 8.9 seconds comment I know why because it’s not true can you count past ten? With all the comments today not one single person backed you up. The sun times has been exposed as a complete ally of the CPL Did you hear the whistle blow from the other referee who had the call correct you were sitting closer than we were.Too bad did you actually watch the scoreboard clock? Play started out of bounds at 35.0 seconds clock was stopped at 24.8 how did you miss that. That’s more than the 8.9 you claim before you answered the comment today you should have made sure of what you said. How come no statement from you about WY coach not shaking hands are you afraid of offending him? Thought the coverage was supposed to be honest and fair but obviously that’s not the way you described it. Have some guts and say the ref blew the call today your credibility took a big hit.

  • Rick

    And Elmhurst just notified me that they do have a snow plow but if they use it they will have to raise our taxes again!!!!

  • Tim

    Sore loser coach…heck of a role model….SEASON OVER !

  • HSbballfan1958

    The entire WY staff last night put on a clinic on how not to act during a game and after a game. WY took forever to stand in line for the anthem. The WY team was extremely chippy and the refs seemed intimidated throughout that game.
    Without a doubt WY got a nice shot on the best player for york. WY staff was nervous I didn’t sit far from them and the things they said to their kids ha I wouldn’t send my kid to play for them. A WY coach (gucci belt) actually hit a York coach after the game, it says a lot about their program. I feel for the York player who I found out was a senior and ended his career with a bag of ice on his face and shirt over his head.
    How is a dupage team even playing city teams?
    Nice job IHSA missed calls, bad coaches, and bad seeding. It was a great game though, York didnt back down and WY had some talented players.

    • Abefroman

      If you’ve ever watched Slaughter in action, you know he’s as an entitled punk as Irvin. Poor in game coach. Talks the talk though.


    I’ll stay out of the recruiting discussion and focus on the game. Simple facts. If Kosich doesn’t get hurt Whitney Young loses. PERIOD! The unfortunate hit on Kosich was just unfortunate part of the game and wrong place at the wrong time. From my view 9 rows up right in front of that play the WY player actually hit the ball first on the laub pass and the two players were on a collision course. 17 years as an IHSA basketball ref call..time out for the injury and WY inbounds right there. Right call..unfortunate part of the game. As with most city schools they struggle vs zone defense for 2 reasons. 1) the don’t see it often 2) most can’t shoot jumpers (or should I say MAKE).. MOST not ALL… DRIVE and DISH is the offense of city schools along with fast breaks…not breaking down zone defenses..WY warmed up in the 2nd half in this area of shooting/making jumpers… The 10 second violation should have stood…BUT that is a VERY tricky call with so many moving parts with something like that.. Ref counting, Coach calling time, ref seeing other ref counting and trying to hear coach and grant timeout, timekeeper hitting button to stop the clock…and all that NOISE!! GOOD LUCK without video replay which high school does not have… the non shaking of hands by WY coach was BUSH LEAGUE.. character flaw somewhere in him…and HE WON!! He should have said THANK YOU to the basketball GODS for Kosich being knocked out (literally) because otherwise he’s watching Friday’s game from the stands or not at all…GREAT year for YORK..solid well coached team that could have beaten Curie for the same reasons as above and could have gone downstate as well…too bad the injury got one of their best players knocked out..

    • 43 Year Leyden Alum

      BBall since you were a ref. Would you have Huddled up with other refs to discuss the 10 second Non Call ? Like I said 2 other times. I was rooting for Whitney but York got ripped off by ref who blew whistle for 10 seconds but acted like he didn’t when other ref also blew his a second later and jumping up and down for Time Out.

    • Keven Farmer

      Losers always have excuses
      Look at the scoreboard

      • Abefroman

        How’s the scoreboard now? Nice defense at the end. Were you thinking someone would take the shot? Putz.

  • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

    I was rooting for the underdog Dukes and believe the outcome would have been different had York not lost Nick Kosich. Now I am not sure who refused to shake hands, but Doran & Slaughter have a bit of dark history going back to the infamous WY practice in Burr Ridge when Doran coached @ Hinsdale South, so not sure it wasn’t a mutual refusal. Either way, I thought Doran’s post game comments were unfortunate and reminded me a great deal of Bo Ryan’s very salty comments after the Badgers lost in the title game to Duke back in 2015. I think his emotions got the best of him and although I can understand it, he should not have stooped. For the record, Doran only coaches at York as he teaches at Hinsdale South. He was let go as HSHS hoops coach in 2012 and then got the York gig, and I believe he does not live in either Elmhurst or Hinsdale for those accusing him of being elitist.

    • 50 year alum

      His comment was right on the mark. Finally someone with enough balls to speak the truth. Wonder how many coaches would have loved to say that but just don’t. It’s left up to fans who know that it’s wrong people make comments like that’s the way it is I believe they just don’t care about the cheating yes it’s cheating when a school is allowed to have 8 transfers in one year that is cheating but CPS says nothing because winning is everything let’s see what happens when the rules change in two years. IHSA should investigate to the fullest extent still waiting for sun times to actually address the problem but they probably won’t they seem to want to protect the CPL Good for you coach Doran I respect the truth more than that’s the way it is. ps when is the times gonna announce their all transfer teams?

      • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

        50 year alum – As a Proviso East 34 yr alum, I know you didn’t complain when Jamal Robinson transferred from St. Joseph (I know I didn’t). On Proviso!

        • 50 year alum

          IN 51 years of watching Proviso BB I can tell you of only 2 transfers in 1991 Jamal Robinson and in 2012-13 Paris McCullom from St Pats I have an excellent memory of transfers Proviso East had 2 transfers in 28 years is not as ridiculous as 8 in one year no I didn’t complain never said East never had a transfer its pretty blatant today but seems to be the norm today. I won’t even get into the thing about players out of district because I don’t know enough about it to comment. Know for a fact Willowbrook has at least two and I’m sure you know one of them won’t mention any names!

      • Keven Farmer

        Suburban schools have all the advantages and still whine we they lose. The city teams just have more talent. Period

    • Rick

      If you are insinuating that all people living in Elmhurst are elitist — I am smirking!!!! My 48 years of full time work and my aching joints are smirking!! My tax bill and water bill, smirking!! My “does Elmhurst own a snow plow? Smirking!! You are damn right we are proud of our town!! Elitist??? Love it!!! Smirking!

      • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

        Always look B4 you leap, I was not insinuating that all people living in Elmhurst are elitist, simply rebutting a prior comment about Doran’s pricey Elmhurst home.

  • Steve

    Solution for the ihsa. Let the schools transfer in one kid per two years for varsity basketball that are allowed to compete immediately. Any additional transfers are ineligible for state competition. Solves the lebron miami heat problem.

    The york coach is unprofessional. There are classier ways to go about this than complaining about a personal problem after a season ending loss.

    • Leegs1

      One transfer per two years for all sports?

      • Steve

        No. Im not sure about the other sports. Maybe one per year for soccer. Two per year for football. Roughly one for every 10 starters in a team sport.

        That would be for kids who dont move zipcodes. Might need a separate set of rules for kids who move, maybe allow another of those. Something has to be done to stop the aau circuit of playing with friends instead of where you live. Especially private schools in football and city schools in basketball. If you are going to recruit you have to get them as freshman.

  • Will Bradford

    Not the best example the York coach is setting for his kids and community. We can assume his salary and benefits are better than the CPS coaches out there.

    The fact is his kids played a great game and should be commended. Doesn’t really matter whether they are from Elmhurst or outer space.

    The rules are the rules and recruiting is part of what high school and college basketball is all about. No one complains when Mike Krzyewski recruits players from all over and makes millions off of them but when a Ty Slaughter or Rob Smith do it they get vilified despite getting paid less and dealing with far tougher circumstances than the York coach in his pricey Elmhurst home.

    If there was a disgrace out of this game, it was not from the side of Whitney Young – a school that produced an outstanding woman of character by the name of Michelle Obama.

    • CCLAlum08

      Was he wrong nope cause it pretty certain that he did recruit him

    • 43 Year Leyden Alum

      Will you don’t even make sense? I was rooting for Whitney to win. But I do think Sergeant Slaughter was wrong by not shaking hands. That’s showing the wrong things to the kids on his team. The York coach only spoke the truth about the cheating going on by CPS COACHES. He is teaching his kids right from wrong. That’s what your supposed to do to your kids when there growing up.

      • Will Bradford

        Did you read what I wrote? Tell me why coaches like Mike Krzyjewski and Roy Williams can recruit and Ty Slaughter and Rob Smith cannot. Tell me why the first two coaches are multi-millionaires and the other two are not and then maybe you can understand what I said.

        The York coach makes more money than Ty and Rob. Facts.

        • 50 year alum

          Maybe the first two coaches are multimillionaires because the work for major universities who make millions of dollars. No comparison. Colleges are nothing but a meat market for athletes who receive nothing but room and board that’s a sin! As for the York coach making more money how would you know have you seen his tax returns? Just so you know he has two jobs one coaching at York and one teaching at Hinsdale South. Coach Smith received offers to coach at different colleges but didn’t. Maybe if had he would be making more money. I will not say anything negative about him he has helped so many kids to him it’s more than just basketball. So when you make such foolish comments I’m sure a lot of people are laughing at you

          • Will Bradford

            Way to twist my clear as day point that coaching York pays more than coaching Simeon.


        • 50 year alum

          No one twisted your point when you make stupid comparisons of college and high school coaches you twist your own points write something that makes sense once in a while and maybe people will take you serious. Still like to know how you know who makes more money. You have no facts unless you have seen Coach Dorans tax forms. You showed today on both your comments that to you race is involved in everything you say and think! So sad you seem to be the only one who brings race into your comments you’ve done this before!

  • M Moody

    White suburban boys played well against non-white city boys. Nice game. All should quit complaining about refs. One call did not win or lose game. Move on. Takes away from ability and performance of the players. Chicago is a big city and anyone living in Chicago must attend CPS school or pay (or get recruited) to private schools. Every suburban Catholic school recruits too – just more for football. Should we complain to IHSA for that too? York played great, but that’s what March madness is about. Some win and some go home. WY vs. Curie should be a great game. City schools will win all 4 classes of basketball state championships this year.

    • Rick

      If Chicago public schools win all 4 classes and you dont see anything wrong— Oh well!! The CPS also have the worst teams too! Hmmm… coincidence? I am glad for York… Glad Doran called out obvious cheating back then…. Glad he implied cheating now! Maybe standing up for right is a lost art! I just dont know!

  • Basketball fan

    For all those saying that Slaughter skipped the handshake: it was actually Doran who refused to shake hands after the game. Slaughter clearly had some choice words for him after that, but it was Doran who refused to shake hands. Not the best display of sportsmanship from either side

    • fan

      where did you get this from? did you not read in the article saying that the wy coach refused to shake hands

      • Basketball Fan

        I see nothing in the article about he handshake. I’m getting my information from being about fifteen feet away from the handshake lines and watching Vince Doran turn out of the line before he reached Slaughter. Slaughter started giving it to him then as Doran headed to the locker room and some York assistants yelled back

  • The Voice of Reason

    I agree with all of you on the 10-second call. I officiate H.S and College basketball, this is why at the College level three years ago they change the rule that coaches can only call a timeout on dead ball situation ie violation, foul or after a made basket. The players can only call a timeout on live ball situations. The other thing is at the college level we don’t use a physical 10-second count anymore unless the shot-clock is off and its more than 10 seconds left in the game with the ball in the backcourt. We use the shot clock to count down the 10 seconds. H.S No shot clock no using the game clock. If they would change the rule we would have less confusion on plays like this. my physical count will be faster or slower most of the time then the game or if college shot clock that’s why the NCAA/ NAIA and NJCAA changed the rule. Just a little info for everyone.

  • Bernie Patina

    Good for Doran. Slaughter is a scumbag. If the PG doesn’t get hurt, Young loses that game.

  • Just saying

    I would stop way short of calling WY, an Allstar team. DJ is the only one with a plethora of D1 offers. Tyler has a few,and after the slim to none. That is not typical of an Allstar team.

  • Just saying

    Is it the misuse of the transfer rule u want to stop,or just the kids, u perceive to be difference makers? The kids who may stand in the way of ur school getting to State? There are kids that transfer every year that no one cares abt because they are not perceived as difference makers. Then when that school starts to win,and win alot,and start beating top ranked teams,now everyone wants to kno how he got there.

  • West sub fan

    The IHSA really is a farce of an organization
    Look at that sectional
    Then look at the others
    Downers Grove north is in the finals lol lol
    Please don’t say it’s about location
    Two years ago
    Oak Park went to Edwardsville for a playoff football game!! Also teams like Orr and Morgan Park are in Lower classes come on man
    It’s not just about Whitney Young

  • Leegs1

    Everyone complaining about transfers, but what is your solution? How would you police it?

    • 50 year alum

      Forget about transfers for a minute go and watch last minutes of York game and see how they got robbed! It’s IHSA responsibility to do something about it not the CPL more background checks need to be instituted when a team like Orr is allowed 8 in one year clearly something is wrong

      • Leegs1

        Not interested about robbery. You, who watches basketball pretty often, know it’s part of the game. Just ask the Saints. Was it done intentionally, who knows. Back round checks for every student athlete who transfers would be hard to accomplish.

  • 50 year alum

    43 year Leyden alum and I sitting right there we saw it as clear as day 10 second call made by other ref was over ruled seems like refs should at least get together and discuss it especially at such an important time of the game. Ut Oh do I hear a call for replay in high school ball that for sure would have been the right time to use it. WY coach poor winner Go Curie ( can’t believe I said that!)

    • Ben Pope

      It was 8.9 seconds, going off where the clock was when Young inbounded and where it was when the timeout was granted

      • 43 Year Leyden Alum

        Ben You have it clocked your way and I have it my way. I think your wrong and you disagree with me. You were sitting couple rows in front of us. You didn’t hear referee blow whistle on other side?

      • 50 year alum

        Just watched your final minutes it was closer to 11 seconds I watched the official game clock when they took the ball out of bounds the clock said 35 seconds when they called the time out the clock was at 24.8 to me and many other people that’s more than the 8.9 you claim stop trying to make excuses for a terrible call by that referee the other ref had it right watch your own tape and count! So many people can’t be wrong and you right. Why hasn’t anybody disputed the ten second call in your favor because you were wrong that’s why!

  • gary dangerfield

    Is it recruiting or does the player’s family no longer have the means (if the scholarship covers half and not all) to pay for a private school tuition cost? Yes public league schools are free and why would you not; want your student/athlete to receive a great education and compete at a high level like Young offers. Crazy stuff!

    LTC (Retired)
    Gary Dangerfield
    3RD U.S. Cavalry
    Lincoln Park High School 83′ grad

    • Seanhoops32

      That’s the problem Gary….the word scholarship should not be used when it comes to high school sports. All students have a high school where it is a free education. A Public school in the burbs is not allowed to give a scholarship to a kid from another town to attend their Public High School. Two different set of rules. Something has to change and everybody should want that so that it’s an even playing field.

      • Rick

        I am sure many suburban kids would love to go to York if allowed………. The 10 second non call was a mistake by the refs, sh*t happens. York should be proud of their year , big time! Don’t fool yourself, the city schools get a separate set of rules but hell, Elmhurst residents aren’t changing places lol.

        • Seanhoops32

          They shouldn’t have to change places but they also shouldn’t be penalized for doing things the correct way under IHSA rules. The problem starts with the IHSA and there being two different sets of rules but expecting everybody to play in one tournament…..crazy!!!

  • joe matalone

    Not the time and place to complain, you had a chance to win and lost. The IHSA has not given a rip about recruiting for years because it has gone on forever in Basketball with the city schools, same goes when you hear these suburban coaches complain about losing to private schools and they have so many zip codes blah blah blah. How about this why dont you trade your paycheck and go coach in the Public League or in a private school so you could recruit??…right didnt think so

    • Seanhoops32

      So are you saying that if one coach is making more money then it’s ok for the other coach/schools to cheat and not follow the IHSA rules? That does not make sense at all. Shame on the IHSA and shame on Whitney Young for allowing this to continue to happen. There’s a different set of rules for City and Private schools compared to Public Suburban Schools. For some reason…the IHSA always looks the other way.

      • joe matalone

        You proved my point right there. There is basically open enrollment in the CPS, you can get any kid into almost any school as long as they have a city address and there is no penalty when you transfer – NONE. If a kid is at a private school and says I cannot afford it they can go to a Public School in their city with no penalty – NONE. These guys in the city are just using their ability to “recruit” becaus eit is basically unenforceable. These suburban guys make a lot of dough being teachers and complain ye tif they were in the city at these jobs and had the ability to get these players no doubt they would do it to

        • Seanhoops32

          So if it’s about money, how come the City coaches aren’t getting jobs in the burbs where they can make more money? It’s good to hear about the schools who do it the right way and don’t fool yourself….CPS teachers make good money….maybe better than a lot of York teachers.

        • Will Bradford

          Joe, you hit the nail on the head.

          Coaches in tony suburbs like Elmhurst and Glenview do not have the guts to coach in the city and deal with the problems in these communities and not for lesser money. The CPS coaches are making a bigger difference to these kids than some Elmhurst kid born in a segregated community with a silver spoon in his mouth anyway. We know what’s up.

          • 50 year alum

            Finally what you really feel no one but you brings up race but that’s what’s in your heart terrible with that comment now people really know what’s up in your mind.

  • Falcon

    When York coach was at Hinsdale he called out Young for having a practice in the burbs to recruit a player. I think the Young coach may have been suspended for that. Young has had plenty of surburban players playing for them over the years and still do.

  • sportznut

    Coach absolutely correct with his comment of playing a city school all star team!!! What ….. a few years ago Whitney Young team held a practice at Burr Ridge Middle school for the purpose of recruiting! WHAT A JOKE!! Great job Coach Doran and York!!

  • West sub fan

    There’s no question that the York coach has a point !!
    I’m very very surprised nothing was said about the Whitney Young coach not shaking hands after the game !! Everyone knows they recruit that’s not news !! Well maybe it’s news to the IHSA

    • 50 year alum

      After going back and forth with west sub fan all year yes I did notice no hand shake by WY coach after the game put him in the Mac Irvin dept. total lack of class all the kids shook hands and assistant coaches like wise. Guess he feels entitled! You are not a good example for your team what did he think they should have won by 20 refs gave him majority of calls especially when Kosich got hurt. Maybe he gets offended when people talk about transfers. Interested to see if he shakes Mike Oliver’s hand after they get beat by Curie tomorrow night. Or is it just a city vs suburbs thing. Let’s see if they get down to Curie by 13 pts if their a second half team.I watch games closely and from half court to watch both teams and coaches all he did last night was complain to refs while York coach didn’t say much except for that fantom 10 second call there is no way WY should have been given a time out great job York lots of class to your coach and players Elmhurst a little bit smaller area to recruit from than city of Chicago.

      • West sub fan

        50 Year Alum
        We saw the same thing .
        I wonder if anyone from WY saw that display.
        Coaching high school sports is as much about setting an example for young men and women as it is about winning!!
        I would bet he shakes the curie coaches hand Friday night. Their paths cross on the recruiting trail a lot

        • 50 year alum

          Sitting right behind scorers table five rows up at half court you see everything coaches,players and it’s the best spot to watch. Clearly York was under dog last night but I thought they really played well despite losing Kosich he got hammered but no call thought they might have won with him in line up.York coach did great job despite subs that looked nervous.WY coach embaressed his team and school by being a poor winner. Just my opinion city teams have no respect for suburban teams.You are probably correct about the hand shaking with Curie coach but we will see if game doesn’t go WY way we might see a repeat of no handshake. I’m telling you it’s clearly a city vs suburb thing.Will be in my same seat tomorrow night watching I personally think Curie will not lose they play much better D than WY plus if they get up by 13 like York did it could be over at half time York deserved better clearly a 10 second violation at the end of the game.again great job York to your coaches and players!

          • 43 Year Leyden Alum

            i was rooting for Whitney to win. Not a Big York fan. But after reading York Coaches comment I am Now a Fan of his. Its a shame that more is not done about the Transfers. IHSA has NO Balls to go after City schools. I wish the Sun Times Writers would make mention of it every day in there sports stories. As to how many transfers on the team there writing about. 50 Year is correct about Refs blowing the call for 10 seconds. We were sitting right there and ref on other side of court blew his whistle first before other ref blew his for Time Out by Sergeant Slaughter. Somehow the 2nd ref overruled the first ref without even talking about it??

          • Kreaky Knee

            50 year alum
            You’re right. The other refs were calling 10 second volation. They should have over ruled the time out that came after the violation. Also agree with you, if York’s starting guard Kosich, who is a 4 year varsity player, is playing the second half we’re talking about York vs Curie right now.
            Congratulations Dukes on a great 29 win season!

          • 43 Year Leyden Alum

            If you watch Ben Popes video you can clearly see ball thrown in at 9:54 and whistles blown at 10:06. The ref on other side of court knew he was wrong and went over to other ref to probably tell other ref He Blew his whistle first. Ref jumping up and down should of been overruled?? York coach should of got in face of first ref across court?? Ref was to afraid to man up and say 10 seconds?????

  • Ron

    Does the York coach have a point? re: transfers etc

    My only issue is that he said it and then denied that he was saying what was clearly implied. If you’re going to make a statement, make it. Don’t back out halfway through.

    • 50 year alum

      Yes he has a good point about transfers! been saying it all year. Finally a coach that says what a lot of people and coaches are thinking. Thank god it wasn’t Orr they were playing then it would be 8 fold! Actually the 10 second call should have been called. Sat right behind scorers table last night WY took ball out of bounds with 35 seconds got trapped in back court and got time out called with 24.8 seconds ref made huge mistake one ref actually called 10 sec one ref gave WY time out l have a lot of respect for York that I didn’t have before being a Proviso East fan. They played great game when Kosich went out game completely changed he was hit hard and no foul was called Great job Dukes you have gained a fan in me wish outcome was different. So now I’ve seen both Curie and WY on consecutive nights if Curie doesn’t win by double digits on Friday I will be shocked.

  • Hamilton

    Young ain’t gone win playing like that,

    Once Curie get the lead up to 10, it’s over because that lead only become bigger, ain’t no coming back from no 10-20 point lead against Curie 💯💯💯

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