Basketball scoreboard: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

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  • pwayne

    To 50 year alum and WSCfantoo. Not all that serious. You aren’t in high school anymore. Grow up.

    • 50 year alum

      No it’s not but to have a fan like wcsfantoo to talk with is cool. He is only one of a few fans to actually talk about WSC so we like going back and forth the kids and the game keep us young you sound like a sour puss we enjoy the conversation and both know it’s all in good fun. So you grow up you sound more childish with your comments than we do.

  • 50 year alum

    This special comment goes out to Chris and wscfantoo Proviso East 81 Oak Park 73 tonight we saw who the best team in the wsc is by far. Oak Park never saw this coming East won despite the 3 blind mice( referees) and what did weeny DGD do scored a big 47 pts vs York I told you they didn’t deserve to be in the same sentence with East! To get a 3 seed in their own regional is such a joke but if you play soft teams you always get beat by better teams Proviso showed Oak Park a defense they don’t play against in the silver. Gold held their own winning 3 of 7 games but the most important game went to East on Oak Parks home floor. You can make all the comments you want but to have OP a higher seed than Proviso is a joke.suffocating defense and clutch free throws in the end were the difference.Oak Park coach constantly complaining to refs did no good either! But that’s the way it was so proud of those kids they play their hearts out every game. Also want to say they should have waited to seed teams in regionals because if anyone thinks OP should have gotten a higher seed than Proviso is an idiot.22-8 much better than 18-8 so we will see how fixed seeding is especially when you give a team like DGS a 3 seed what a farce this also to the writers of the sun times told you all year we were better than you think thanks again for no coverage I think I did a good enough job myself getting us recognized.

    • Wscfantoo

      lol, never said I was an OPRF fan. No coach does less with more. Put an asterisk next to another Maloney special. Good luck next week.

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