Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

Curie's Ramean Hinton (23) cheers after they won the CPS championship, 65-60 over Morgan Park at Chicago State University in Chicago, Sunday, February 17, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times
Curie's Ramean Hinton (23) cheers after they won the CPS championship, 65-60 over Morgan Park at Chicago State University in Chicago, Sunday, February 17, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Curie (29-1) 1
City champs

2. Morgan Park (26-4) 2
Great tournament run

3. Simeon (16-14) 13
Throw out the record

4. Young (22-7) 4
Huge threat in 4A

5. Bogan (22-3) 2
Lost in OT at Orr

6. Evanston (25-4) 5
Beat New Trier

7. Bloom (23-3) 6
Survived Thornton

8. Orr (19-11) 12
Super high ceiling

9. Lincoln Park (20-7) 8
Lost at Morgan Park

10. Bolingbrook (19-6) 9
Beat H-F

11. Geneva (27-1) 11
Tremendous season

12. St. Viator (23-5) 20
Beat Marian Catholic

13. Marian Catholic (24-4) 7
Couldn’t handle Jeremiah Hernandez

14. Homewood-Flossmoor (19-7) 10
Lost to Maine South

15. Farragut (17-7) 16
Contenders in Class 3A

16. Oak Park (17-8) 18
Beat Downers Grove North

17. Providence-St. Mel (23-6) 21
Dominated St. Rita

18. Stevenson (23-4) 14
Retired Jalen Brunson’s jersey

19. York (26-4) 15
Beat Hinsdale Central

20. Waukegan (23-5) 22
Bryant Brown all-time leading scorer

21. St. Laurence (23-5) 22
Beat Brother Rice

22. Richards (17-6) 24
Hosts Brother Rice Tuesday

23. Benet (21-7) NR
Knocked off Stevenson

24. Maine South (21-9) NR
Red-hot at the right time

25. Kankakee (18-6) 19
Lost to Champaign Central



  • Ron

    Let’s bring back A & AA. The 4 class system has ruined what was once the greatest high school sports tournament in America. Also bring back the Pubic League Single Qualifier. The city title game deserves more respect and that’s how you get it!

    • lefty

      Wrong on both counts. Get some new arguments. Make the success factor apply to public schools. Win 1A, move to 2A for at least a year. Win 2A or 3A, move up also.

  • 50 year alum

    Leegs1 you are correct open boundary schools play their own tournament then all the teams would be even wonder if they would complain then? But to say this system right now is fair is not correct. Policing transfers would not be that difficult because there is only one league to police. Let all the public and Catholic leagues have their own tourney and let the rest of the state play on a level playing field. I’m sure not many people across the state would complain about that.

  • Leegs1

    Brost rests his starters! Never heard of that before. Geneva’s tremendous season with one quality win, similar to Oswego’s football undefeated season playing no one.

  • Sammy

    Teams should feel good about being ranked because it means you had a good season, but it doesn’t mean so much if you can’t advance in the playoffs. York/ OK. Proviso East? OK, but how far can they go? The CPS teams are not only talented, they play with heart and guts. That is why you will see them downstate…. again. I expect to see them in 2A, 3A and 4A. I know, it’s the transfers (right suburbia). This is why they dominate holiday tournaments and state playoffs while having about ten teams in the top 25, right? You can look downstate for competition, but Belleville West should’ve lost last year if the Chicago Refs didn’t swallow the whistle and corrupt the game. It’s the Era of the Public league. Just look at the last ten or 13 years of the IHSA State Championships. Gotta give it up and tell it like it is.

    • 50 year alum

      Ok Sammy you made your point maybe at the end of the season the times could put out their all transfer team! It would probably consist of all CPL teams. When you allow this many teams to approve all these transfers that is what’s corrupt but that’s the city of Chicago for you! There is no level playing field that’s why all the state championships. The other thing is putting teams that play a 4A schedule all year to be in 3A and 2A what a joke. The IHSA is to blame for that. That is why changes need to be made the system is so rigged finally people are getting tired of it. Most of the changes that need to be made is because of the cheating going on in the CPL it’s just a fact! So teams like Orr Morgan Park will continue to cheat because nobody will stand up to their blatant dishonesty. No great accomplishment to beat teams that do things the right way! I know this comment will strike some people as being bias but until the IHSA addresses these issues it will never change

      • Leegs1

        What’s your solution to the transfer problem?

        • 50 year alum

          First of all limit the amount of transfers when a school like Orr is allowed to have 8 transfers in one year even some one fair minded like you knows something is wrong. The IHSA is either timid or afraid to delve into the reasons why. No one can tell me that all across the state this happens it’s funny that this occurs in the CPL more than the whole state combined. You have to believe the coaches are responsible for a lot of this but CPS always turns a blind eye because winning at no cost is all that matters.When you have a player from Brother Rice that has been to four high schools that’s another red flag. But until someone stands up to these kinds of situations it will never get any better

          • Leegs1

            Lefty suggested open boundary schools play in a separate tourney. Best solution I’ve heard. Policing transfers would be a nightmare!

  • Truth

    Oak park beat Downers North St mel beat St Rita… Oswego East beat both of them so why aren’t they ranked…?

  • chris

    Brother Rice should now be in top 25 and Richards out with the big win over Richards


    Proviso East should be in with big win over OPRF

    • Aaron Janovsky

      Exactly. Proviso East won on the road and is now 22-8 over all. They have a tough playoff seed and may have to play Whitney Young at Whitney Young to advance. Smh. Still they deserve to be in the top 25

  • Ed Baker

    Give Coach Mike Oliver his due. He’s built Curie into a perennial powerhouse within 10 years. He played point guard at Curie in his high school days. The key to this team is their senior point guard. Remember all you prognosticators, this team has beaten every team in Illinois they faced this season. Go Condors! From an alumni circa 1980s!

  • Casey

    Escc fan. What team u like? Noter dame lost to st patt lol. Marian cathlioc lost a star player and is going 25-4 that’s a great job by Mike taylor and the coaching staff not many people can do that. U are just a plane hater of a very solid and good Marian cathlioc team. Keep talking but Marian cathlioc is a different Animal in the playoffs keep taking tho. Keep the same energy, we love all the haters

    • ESCC fan

      Hey Casey, Benet chewed up St. Viator rather easily yesterday. Did you send them the ‘thank you’ letter for handing Marian the ESCC title? I also see Marian may play Oak Lawn in the regional opener. Hmmm. Kinda scary. Want to see a team of the future? Check out Marian girl’s tonight vs. Kankakee McNamara. Disciplined, hard working team.

      • Marian Alum

        ESCC remember these are kids. Marian went 8-1 in conference (best record) and Beat Benet! So they won it! They are actually thanking their teammates and great coach for believing in them! They won 25 games in the reg season without their leading scorer returning! So give credit where credit is due!

  • ESCC fan

    St. Viator and Benet own Marian year after year, and it will continue in the future. Add Notre Dame to that list next year. Maybe it is because they are out coached? Marian cannot maintain their discipline and panic and play alley ball when pressed. I hope they enjoyed their run last year to the final four in “3A”. It was historic, like a White Sox world series win.

  • Coach Davis

    Once again all the crying about ranking…We should be lucky that Mike O’Brien has taken the time to up date us on high school basketball.. To me ranking mean nothing until the end of the year which we are approaching.. The playoffs will settle this all… Also the records of certain teams are misleading for instance Simeon played a nationally ranked schedule with under classman and they lost game most were close… So hats of the them for playing that schedule… All the talk and crying ends starting monday…Good luck to all its been another great year of high school ball…

  • Casey

    The good city teams have kids from the suburbs. Most of the good teams transfer kids in each year. Marian and bloom are winning without transfers.

  • Casey

    Escc fan u are very funny. Over rated lol. Very underrated. U just said Morgan park is the best team in the state is a very stupid comment. They could not touch Evanston or Belleville west. If u had a conversation talk with someone about high school basketball not many people talk about Marian catholic. If anyone over rated it is Morgan park. Marian catholic is going to the final four if they Play like how they did in Quincey. Sorry but Simeon is not beating brother rice at brother rice sorry watch basketball.

    • Lefty

      You are kidding right? Brother Rice over Simeon? Simeon would not be my choice at #3, but at least name a quality team.

      • jgm

        Br Rice Losses: Up ten on road at st. Rita, slipped away(-6), Up nine on St Mel(-2), Uplift, up on(-2), Marian Catholic cut to 2 on road,refs blew it(-10), Wheaton North(-2) throw out, RB(-4) tough call on road, Fenwick on road(-2), sT lAURENCE(-3) on road,up 11. Sure, need to close out but those are all quality teams. BR scary.

        • lefty

          You sound like the residents in Shawshank-couldn’t win, refs f-ed us. One man teams don’t get it done. And Rice is a one man team-average at best. Frasor should be getting results. Lots of teams you list without great guard play, too.

          • jgm

            Hopkins of Fenwick, Ulis of Marian, Jacobs of Uplift, Rita/Laurence/ RB/Mel/WN, all have nice point players. Ok

        • lewis

          So, Rice lost all these games, right…?
          Oh, I get it. The refs screwed them…lol!

          • jgm

            I guess I have to keep simple. Out of 8 games, I mention 2 that refs played a part in, and you focus on that. Hmmm. So all those teams I mentioned, believe 5/8 are 20 game winners, all stink. Frasor won Regional 2 out of 3 years as coach, boy, lets fire him. Hopefully, we can square up on March 1st. They are more than a one man team. Jabari, Derrick, Ben…… really?

      • jgm

        Don’t get me wrong, huge task awaits BR if both get there March 1st. BR a well coached team.

    • SeeZeees

      That’s laughable Simeon almost beat Bel West. Bel West lost to a team down there that they shouldnt have. Curie is the best team in the state and they needed mistakes in crucial moments and questionable calls to beat MP

  • ESCC fan

    I am not a Simeon fan, but I flat out agree they can play. I have no problem with them being rated so high with all of those losses. They have played by far the most difficult schedule in the state. They are peaking/healthy at the right time. Ask anyone who has played them recently. Kudos Mike for having the gonads to rate them highly.

  • ESCC fan

    Casey, Marian has been over-rated all year. They are about where they should be now. I have not taken a close look at the seeding, but Marian will be pressed to get out of the regional (they should win). Most likely Simeon will be waiting for them in the sectional semifinal, and that will be it. Too long, athletic, and talented for Marian. And you are lucky the Richards game was postponed due to weather. I would have been spot on about them being hard pressed to win one of the three versus RIchards/Benet/St. Viator on the road. One other point. St. Viator will not beat Morgan Park in 3A. Morgan Park is the best team in the state. I am not a Morgan Park or Nick Irvin fan, but they got horrible call after horrible call in the CPS Championship. They should have won that game.

    • Leegs1

      Springfield Southeast?

    • Wscfantoo

      Refs didn’t hold them to 5 points in the quarter. If anyone can mess it up, it’ll b Irvin. That said, MP-Bogan-Laurence in the same 3A sectional is cruel.

      • BigHomieQuan

        I believe this will be the 5th year in a row that Bogan and MP will play in a sectional final if they both get there…something like that anyway. Flat out ridiculous, esp when you look at the other sectionals.

        Also, dropping Bogan from 2 to 5 seems harsh for a Double OT road loss at Orr in the qtrfinals…oh yeah, they were on the road b/c they finished third in the hardest conference in the state. Oh well.

        • Fan

          Definitely looks like it’ll be Bogan-MP in the final this year. But that wouldn’t be five in a row. Bogan did not play in the sectional final two years ago, in 2017 Bogan lost to Rita in the sectional semifinal.

        • jgm

          Don’t dismiss Laurence, fine team.

    • Coach Mike

      Isn’t this the same person that said Marian would not beat benet, or something in that fashion. Go away dude! You need to stop trashing this Casey kid. I use to like Benet, but you make me not like them. You obviously are a hater.

    • KBC

      It was a great game between Curie vs. Morgan Park. It was true that MP was leading most of the game, but Curie clearly outplayed MP down to the last few minutes of the game when it mattered… and they won! Stop blaming the refs and give the Condors their respect. Curie always gets poor officiating calls and no one says anything!

  • jgm

    Thanks Mike for the rankings. Its just a picture of who to watch for. Yes, just like the college selections, some teams make, others do not. Well we all make the playoffs and we will see how it shapes up. Mike’s top 20 will, most likely, be playing for Regional titles. Majority will be playing for Sectional titles.( exception to Eisenhower loaded bracket). As in all tilts, unless team your playing uniform’s read Harlem Globetrotters, you got a shot. Cinderella going to find the slipper? Some teams will surprise! Also,thanks Joe for all your insight and hard work. Take Care

  • casey

    my confusion to these rankings is how dose a win bring u down and a loss brings u down to. that like saying Duke lost to syrucuse and they were 2 at the time. so your telling me they should of dropped down to 9 seed? they lost at there place lol. st viator beat marian cathlioc at saint viator. and st viator is going to win the 3a state chapionship if they played like they did againts marian. and saint viator went up 8 spots and juped over marian because they beat them that just plane disrespect.

  • Caroline Lee

    Based on your thinking any team lower then #3 could be in that spot as any team has the capability to beat anyone on any day. a 500. team shouldn’t be ranked that high.

  • Norm

    I wasn’t expecting Evanston to drop this week but that’s ok. Lance Jones has been taking over games when he needs to these days. Definitely an all-area player!

    • Leegs1

      Should Evanston, who lost head to head against Bolingbrook, be ahead of them in the rankings?

      • Norm

        Based on that game, no. They were ranked ahead of Evanston after that game actually. But after Bolingbrook dropped 3 straight what do you do? It’s probably that Evanston win that’s keeping them up there. Bolingbrook is a tough team to figure out. Looking great at times and then other times not so much

        • Leegs1

          Yea, that loss to Lincoln Way East really hurt them. Their three out of state losses were to teams with a combined ten losses on the season. Also lost to Morgan Park by two and Simeon by ten. In my opinion, a tougher schedule than Evanston. Also, a tougher sectional. Thanks for your reply

          • Norm

            I don’t think Evanston’s schedule was real tough either but Maxpreps actually has it ranked pretty hard so I don’t know

  • Coach Pittman

    Having Coach several years in the Public League Simeon will always get in because they are the only program in Chicago thats still striving since the 70s, all the new kids on the block congrats, Curie is a great story because they built that program from the ground up, I watched Oak Park they very scrappy but they can be beat, Downers Grove North is better but the guards don’t play together, St Viator is like Mendel in the 80s, representing the catholic league , Leo as well. Morgan Park reminds me of King the way Nick let those kids play, no greater freedom than when a kid is not afraid of being yanked because he make a mistake, thats whats wrong with the suburban school the Coaches over Coaching kids thus have them looking like robots. Over all Basketball is at a healthy state and I would like to see more scouts going to high school games, its just the right thing to do

    • The Truth

      Coach Pittman 100% right… Some of these suburban coaches are there just for the check they not putting in the time to coach or scout… They falsify kids because they played in there feeder program and reward them instead of the kids that work… Buddy Buddy with the parent cuz they either spending money, went there or had another sibling that played there.. They have held back kids afraid to play the young kids with talent.. Its become a joke in the suburbs..

  • gk1

    What these ranks do not seem to honor is conference play, where decades worth of rivalries may exist, and where winning these games is especially hard.

    The prime example is St Rita, which has clinched the best record in the Catholic League at 13-2. (And please note that the CCL is essentially one conference as each team plays the all of the teams from both divisions exactly once.) Also, St Rita’s 22 overall wins include a victory over #9 Lincoln Park.

    Winning this tough conference doesn’t get them ranked in the top 25??

  • gk1

    St Rita gets surprisingly bounced by Providence – St Mel, but bounces back against DePaul the next night, and this costs them their top 25 slot … #16 Farragut loses their quarterfinal by 44 points, and now they are #15 … got it

  • EP

    there has to be some weight to body of work though. #3?

  • chris

    Downers Grove South 22-6 , 10-2 another best of the rest

    • 50 year alum

      Hey Chris you. Must be the coach of DGS how many teams with a record over .500 has your team beaten? Your school played a schedule that is so soft you don’t deserve to be near the top 25 majority of your wins have been against teams with a losing record. Why didn’t you schedule any CPL schools I know exactly why having the regional at home you figured lets get the best record possible so we have a higher seed what a joke! How many top 25 teams have you played this year 1 and I know it was York BIG DEAL your pansy schedule is to laugh at. You couldn’t compete with Proviso East but you beat up on all the bottom feeder teams in the Gold I checked out your schedule on max preps so I know what I’m talking about. Start making your average team play against competition that is worthy of being anywhere near a top 25 team. Oops I forgot you are gonna play York again in the crossover game this week you will go home with another loss. You must be afraid to play teams with a winning record that could be the only reason why your team has 22 wins! Yes I’m a Proviso East fan you thought your team was gonna come into our gym and beat us but you didn’t we knocked the cocky right out of your team and sent you home with a loss!

      • Wscfantoo

        Come on already. The WSC is so average it’s not funny anymore. When York’s comment is ‘beat Hinsdale Central’ you know there’s not much there. The Gold was ever worse than the Silver this year.

        • 50 year alum

          Thanks for making my point for me DGS played mediocre schedule to think that they are the best of the rest is a joke.never once said gold was stronger if you set up your schedule to have a winning record by not playing any top teams they should win that many games. I guarantee you Ive seen them play this year more than 5 times they set up schedule to get better seeD in their own regional THATS A FACT try getting out of you comfort zone book some CPL teams see what kind of a record they have play in a Christmas tourney that has. Some quality teams not the below average Jack Tosh and see how far they get. York played decent schedule but had so many home games it was a joke!

      • chris

        Proviso East should be in the Best of the Rest also. 20-8, 10-2 tied with DGN
        PE to meet Whitney Young regional championship at WY will be all Whitney Young.

        York to see OPRF at York for regional ship. Chance for OPRP to move up.

        • 50 year alum

          Of all the comments I’ve made this season not once have I said PE deserves to be in top 25 they have played tough schedule 7 Public Laegue teams 5 from Chicago 2 from out of state 1 from Minnesota 1 from St. Louis their 7 seed is a little questionable but no complaints from me. So if they should lose its no embaressment but your initial comment about DGS holds no water with me. Easy regional at home if you think they would get out of WY regional you are nuts. Loaded PW sectional makes it difficult for anyone but WY or Curie to win.tomorrow night PE vs OPRF that should have been considered the 6 or 7 seed. Still East will show up vs WY and not be intimitaded. Because their coach hasn’t shied away from any team all year unlike the coach from DGS. East record is 21-8 OPRF 17-8 but that’s how the seeds were picked no whining here we will play tough schedules every year and win or lose I will be proud of them. Makes no sense to complain about seeding but some regionals and sectionals are top loaded.

  • casey

    so st vitor was 20 last week. marian was 7. marian dropped to 13? thats just very iddiotic. and then u put st vitor 12. trey calvin and hernandez could not miss. how could they not stop them they were making there shots and marian did not lol. so can u please answer what u look at? record? comp? or what because these rankings are really bad.

  • Aquagod92

    No problems with these rankings. I’m glad Simeon proved what you’ve been saying all along. Go CPS…..let’s bring home three state titles.

  • Aquagod92

    No problems with these rankings. I’m glad Simeon proved what you’ve been saying all along. Go CPS…..let’s bring how three state titles.

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