Orr beats Bogan in double-overtime thriller

Orr's coach Louis Adams is shocked after the 2OT win over Bogan, Tuesday 02-12-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.
Orr's coach Louis Adams is shocked after the 2OT win over Bogan, Tuesday 02-12-19. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

Bogan’s city championship hopes wound up resting on an off-balance, very difficult leaping shot attempt by Antione Bloxton, a junior playing his first game of the season and his first ever game for the Bengals.

That’s the kind of strange game it was on Tuesday at Orr.

Bloxton’s attempt rimmed out and the host Spartans beat No. 2 Bogan 77-76 in double-overtime in the quarterfinals of the Public League playoffs.

Orr will face Curie in the Final Four on Friday. The venue for the Final Four hasn’t been officially announced yet but it is assumed the games will be at Chicago State.


Bloxton, a transfer from Julian, was just ruled eligible when the semester ended a few days ago. He was the Jaguars’ leading scorer a year ago and made an instant impact, scoring 15 for Bogan.

It was another transfer, Sherif Kenney, who was the hero for the Spartans. Kenney drained a three-pointer with five seconds left to tie the game and send it to overtime.

“Just shoot was all I thought,” Kenney said. “I just let it rock. My teammates were telling me to shoot even though I wasn’t having the best game.”

He tied the game with another three late in the first overtime. Then he opened the second overtime with a confident, nasty step-back three-pointer to give Orr a 73-70 lead and the momentum. He scored a minute later in the post to keep the Spartans in front.


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Kenney plays slow, but seems to see how things are going to develop before other high school players. He’s 6-4 and wide, effective as a point guard and a post player.

Orr (19-10) was unranked to start the season. Spartans coach Lou Adams didn’t seem to mind, hinting that once he had his full team assembled it would be a force.

Kenney has lived up to the hype for the most part. He finished with 20 points and five rebounds. Greg Outlaw added 14 points and five rebounds for Orr, he’s a transfer from Bogan.

The other piece Adams was waiting to get back was junior Demarius Splunge. He missed all of last season with an injury and eligibility issues after transferring from Clark. Then he was hurt to start this season. He’s healthy now and came off the bench to score 14 points.

“The [Public League] is tough,” Kenney said. “Nothing is easy. “We are definitely going to take care of business now that we are all back. The chemistry is getting there. Before everyone was back things were a little a shaky.”

Tujautae Williams added nine points and 10 rebounds for the Spartans and Terry Williams scored 10.

“This is such a big win,” Kenney said. “Playing Curie is going to be such a challenge but I think our guys are going to thrive off this one.”

There was a 25 minute delay with 2:15 left in regulation and the game tied. An Orr cheerleader passed out and an ambulance was called.

Jordan Booker led Bogan (22-3) with 21 points. He also had a chance to win it on the Bengals’ final possession but couldn’t get his drive to the basket to fall. Rashaun Agee had 18 points and 18 rebounds for Bogan.



  • HoopsGuy

    Orr the last two years was a heartfelt story, a small school on the verge of shutdown in a rough neighborhood on Chicago’s west side. Goes on to win two back to back state titles in class 2A. Now, the spartans are extremely talented and i’m rooting for them. But my thoughts on the school winning another title would seem less impressive knowing they picked and chose so many kids from other school’s. It’s not the “neighborhood hero’s” story we had last year with Dannie Smith, Ty Mosley, Bubba O’Neal and Raekwon Drake. Now it’s Sherif Kenney (Findlay Prep) Tujuatae Williams (Lincoln Park) Terry Williams III (Simeon) Greg Outlaw (Bogan). I’m not hating, I just think it’s unfair to every other public school that school’s like Simeon, Morgan Park, Curie and Orr recruit so openly and get away with stacking their teams just to play against regular local high school’s for 90 percent of the season. People complain about eligibility, why not just keep your son at the school he’s at if he is such a talent?

    • Lions98

      Don’t forget Chase Adams transferred in last year from Marion Catholic…
      Maybe a rules change is in order for the IHSA…

  • Zach

    Antoine Bloxton is the best scorer in the state

  • reason

    If you are good someone will find you you dont need to go to another school.As a matter of fact those studs who play on teams that are not loaded stand out more so the argument that they need to transfer in order to be discovered doesn’t hold water. The Public league for decades has had a revolving door but since this AAU crap it is criminal. Teams load up with kids from all over they play together then some coach puts the thought into a kids head that we would be better better if you were here and them poof the kid ends up playing for a bandit coach who just wants to out recruit some other bandit coach and it is only going to get worse.

  • Karl99

    Orr, a team full of transfers.

    It will be interesting to see how they do in free agency over the summer.

    • 50 year alum

      How many times in that article was the word transfers said? Same old thing they were not ranked because all their TRANSFERS weren’t in place. If anyone thinks there is not blatant cheating going on then you are out of touch with reality. Every single article about every single team in CPL has the word TRANSFER in it.

      • Aquagod92

        Transfers happen. You’re beating a dead horse. The only problem is that everyone judges the transfers as cheating…..there are sometimes legitimate reasons to transfer. And as a parent, I would not apologize for putting my child in a better position to get recognition and a chance to go to college for free.

        • brad

          Eight basketball players transferred to Orr to play basketball this year. The fact that they have to go to class is really more of an afterthought, considering the low academic performance rating of Orr. A lot of transfers into CPS schools for basketball are kids who actually live in the suburbs, but use someone else’s Chicago address to “prove” residency. That’s why many are considered “cheating”. Like you said, it happens. Doesn’t make it right.

  • Mattie C. Coppage

    Great team work Spartans from a #1 Alumini

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