LISTEN: Public League playoff preview | No Shot Clock, Episode 92

No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
Feb. 5 12:01 p.m.

No Shot Clock, Ep. 92: Public League playoff preview

Joe Henricksen and Michael O’Brien dive into a big mailbag, give their Two Takes and preview the Public League playoffs.

-Who is the best suburban player this century? Best suburban team?
-The .500 teams that could make a run in the state playoffs
-This season’s late-blooming senior prospects
-Things are looking up at Oak Lawn
-Revisiting Geneva’s playoff chances
-Simeon vs. Belleville West, what did it mean?

That and a ton more…

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1 comment;

  • George

    Thank you for answering my question on residency in the Chicago Public League. Clearly it is easier to transfer from one school to another in the CPL than it would be to transfer from one Suburban school to another. In the suburbs, a student wishing to transfer would have to move from one suburb to the other. Not the case in the city.

    So, if we are talking strictly about sports, schools like Whitney Young have an advantage over suburban schools and neighborhood Chicago High Schools. And that should be acknowledged.

    However, I have come away from the position that Chicago student athletes should always have to reside near the high school they attend. If a student has an opportunity to improve his life or his future by attending a better school then we should not deny him that-or her. We will just have to beat them anyway,

    Which brings me to the point that since 2010, RB has a 21-11 record against public teams and has beaten teams like Kenwood, Marshall, Farragut, Orr, and Lane.

    In conclusion allow me to thank you again for your response to my question and permit me to recommend the hands down best HS team basketball website in the area to you and your readers.

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