Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

Corliss's Dhashon Dyson (1) scores against Curie during their 80-69 loss in Chicago, Tuesday January 22, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times
Corliss's Dhashon Dyson (1) scores against Curie during their 80-69 loss in Chicago, Tuesday January 22, 2019. | Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun Times
Feb. 3 2:55 p.m.

Super 25 additions

No team played its way into the rankings with big wins this week, so the Trojans sneak in based on how well they have been playing recently. Corliss beat Simeon, lost to Morgan Park by six points and Curie by 11. Senior Dhashon Dyson is one of the city’s most productive unknown players. He’s averaging 19 points and 3.7 assists. He scored 39 against Morgan Park, 34 against Kenwood and 25 in the win against the Wolverines.

Richards: The Bulldogs have won six of their last seven games and the loss was to St. Laurence in overtime. Trevon Jones is one of the area’s best rebounders and Paul Zilinskas, KaJuan Wines and Marquel Porter can all score.

Dropping out

Notre Dame: Kevin Clancy’s young team lost to Maine South and squeaked past Nazareth. The Dons have the big rivalry game at St. Patrick on Friday. The Shamrocks are better than their record indicates and should provide another solid test.

Lindblom: The Eagles dropped games to Oak Lawn and Glenbrook North this past week, ending an 18-game unbeaten run.

The week ahead

-This week is all about the Public League playoffs. The first round is Tuesday, second round on Thursday. Westinghouse at Corliss and Crane at North Lawndale could be the closest first round games.

-The Jesuit Cup, Loyola vs. St. Ignatius, is at Northwestern on Friday. It is the first high school game at the revamped Welsh-Ryan.

Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings
With record and last week’s ranking

1. Curie (24-1) 1
DaJuan Gordon a POY contender

2. Bogan (20-2) 2
Can Bengals win city?

3. Morgan Park (22-3) 3
No one is playing better

4. Young (20-6) 5
Beat Iowa City West

5. Evanston (23-4) 6
Beat Oak Park, Loyola

6. Bloom (20-3) 4
Shorthanded, lost to Urbana

7. Marian Catholic (22-3) 7
Fancy new scoreboard

8. Lincoln Park (17-6) 8
Survived Naperville North

9. Bolingbrook (15-6) 9
Beat Lockport

10. Homewood-Flossmoor (16-5) 10
Handled Lincoln-Way East

11. New Trier (21-3) 11
Beat Glenbrook South

12. St. Laurence (20-3) 12
Jeremiah Williams gets it done

13. Geneva (23-1) 13
Mitch Mascari bombing away

14. Orr (16-10) 14
City playoff underdogs

15. York (22-3) 15
Dominated Oswego East

16. Simeon (13-13) 16
Jeremiah Stamps producing

17. DePaul (15-7) 17
Beat St. Joseph

18. Stevenson (18-3) 18
Squeaked past Libertyville

19. Waukegan (21-4) 19
Big season from Jaylin Cunningham

20. Providence-St. Mel (19-5) 20
At Racine shootout on Saturday

21. Farragut (15-6) 21
Colleges noticing Aaron Strong

22. Oak Park (14-8) 23
Anthony Roberts can play

23. Kankakee (14-5) 25
At Crete-Monee Friday

24. Corliss (14-7) NR
Dhashon Dyson can score

25. Richards (14-6) NR
Hard-nosed team


  • George chiropolos

    Go New Trier and go proviso west

  • Just the facts

    Still think Bolingbrook is too high. Losing to Lincoln Way East and Simeon is too much.



  • Hollywood

    So Paul, St Rita beat Brother rice,beat Loyola, beat St Joe’s, beat De LaSalle., beat Fenwick !!! So just want to know, what does that say about The CCL Blue ? I just want to know !!! Peace

    • Paul

      What was the score of this year’s Laurence vs Rita game? I’m not saying their not a good team. We’ll see in the next 2 weeks.

  • Basketball Mom

    Paul, get your facts straight before you shoot off your mouth.

    St. Laurence barely escaped defeat by 6points, at Bremen during the 2017-2018 season. December 22, of the same season, St Laurence was crushed by St. Rita 57-37. Christian Henry earned the respect of St. Laurence at both match-ups and the sophomore head coach responded after the Bremen game, that he hoped to never have to face Christian later in the season.

    Christian Henry, during the 2018-2019 season, played during the varsity game. As usual, he was able to shut down the St. Laurence guards, but being a sophomore he is not responsible for his minutes played. If the coach made better decisions and played him more the outcome probably would have been different. He’s a player that makes his teammates step up .

    • Paul

      Who won that game this year between Rita and Laurence in December? Ok I get it that you’re proud. But I know the coaching staff at Laurence and I’ll ask the coach. Please. Your boy did nothing in this years game if he was so dominating then why did Rita lose that game? Also for your information Laurence’s Junior Point Guard Finn Walsh just missed a triple double in that game this year against Rita. So please. 11 points,10 boards and 9 assists doesn’t sound like he was shut down.

    • Paul

      If he’s so good then were are his minutes? Rita vs Laurence scores varsity and sophomore in 2017-28 and 2018-19
      Laurence won both varsity games 75-65 in 2018 and in 2017 80-73
      Laurence Sophomores 65-50 and 44-32 in 2018 and last year they split 59-53 at Bremen and you’re right Laurence lost at Laurence that same year 57-37.

      If you want I’ll post the youtube link for the 2018 varsity game and I never seen you’re kid play in that game. Also in that game Donovan Slater who’s a guard hit some big shots in that game.



  • chris

    Best of the Rest:

    St. Rita 18-7, 8-1 and Leo 18-6 , 8-3
    St. Viator 18-5, 5-1 and Benet 18-6, 5-1
    Riverside-Brookfield 20-4, 8-1
    Fremd 16-4, 7-1
    Oswego East 18-6, 6-0
    Thornwood 16-6, 8-0 and Thornton 16-6 , 6-1
    West Aurora 20-4 , 13-0

    • jgm

      BR right there. Eisenhower Sectional: Bloom, Marian,HF,BR, St Rita,Simeon,Thornwood,Thorton, Richards, Oak Lawn, Stagg,Sandberg, Marist….. loaded.

  • 50 year alum

    Where is this weeks schedule?

  • Basketball Mom

    Paul, Christian Henry faced St. Laurence on the Catholic League champion sophomore team and was a major reason why St. Rita defeated them. He positively contributed on the varsity teams scheduled meet this season. You,obviously, don’t follow high school basketball, as we as you thought. Watts shares guard duty with Millendar and Henry. St. Rita will be in the thick of things at the end of this season.

    • Paul

      What are you talking about? St Laurence schooled Rita last year on the sophomore side. In last year’s CCL tournament Laurence lost to Fenwick in the championship game. I know this year Laurence has defeated Rita 2 twice on the sophomore side at Bremen and at regular season game at Laurence. So please.. Again he didn’t play in the varsity game this year.. I’m sure he’s a good player. As far as your claim, I think Darius Wilson who’s a sophomore at Laurence has a little to say about whose a better point guard.

  • Paul

    I agree with Mike on Richards. The Jones kid is a hoarse on the inside. Also the Wines kid is good as well. Nice team. They have a nice matchup against Rice I believe the last game of the regular season at Richards.

  • Ron

    Farragut will shock Morgan Park when they meet downstate. I’m calling it now. Irvin will blame the refs i.e. “For whatever reason we didn’t get the calls tonight. Whether it’s jealously or whatever, we were robbed tonight. The better team lost”

    • Paul

      Just think how good that team would be if Reggie Strong didn’t transfer to Joe’s

    • Aquagod92

      Please be prepared to offer Nick Irvin a formal apology when this doesn’t happen. Didn’t happen at the Big Dipper and it won’t happen anytime this year….. Only way Farragut can beat Nick is when they have Garnett. I love this time of year!!!!

      • Cdubb

        Man who say’s Farragut will even make it downstate

        • Coach Mike

          If farragut and Morgan Park both make it too Peoria, that Friday afternoon session will be the lowest attendance in IHSA history. IHSA might be refs ear on Tuesday March 12, encouraging them to not allow that to happen. Not saying that’s right. Can you imagine?

    • Mark W

      You must haven’t seen the bracket. You must really hate the mustangs. Don’t forget they have to prepare for us Again !

    • wscfantoo

      What a waste of time 3A always seems to be. Just start at the sectional level.

  • Ashawn

    Joliet Central deserves to be in there without a doubt

  • chris

    Special Shout out to Chicago Latin 17-2 , 8-0 in Independent School Conference
    Just beat Westmont 20-4 by 1 point

  • Casey Taylor

    st rita not very good. havent beat any big team. dont understand how marian not in top 5

    • Smokey joe


    • ESCC fan

      Casey, your Dad’s team will have a hard time to even win two of their games versus Richards, Benet, and St. Viator on the road. Nice team, but maybe, maybe top10 quality. Too bad they lose Chris White next year. Lack of height will hurt them badly.

    • ESCC fan

      Hey Casey, make sure to wave to the television screen Friday on the U while Benet is dismantling your beloved Spartans. There will be a packed house (something Marian with their new scoreboard witnesses once a year vs. HF). Benet owns Marian yearly, and this year will be no different.

      • Casey

        Yah alright bennet dose not school is every year. Ahron better than the pg, and Chris is better than ur big, joe better than the other pg. al they play is a high low game. Marian cathlioc wins by 10

      • Casey

        What u have to say now huh? Beat bennet at bennet. Top 5 Marian cathlioc- Ahron Ulis top 3 best pg in the state

  • HS Hoops fan

    C’mon @Hollywood, St. Rita is not a Super 25 team! They have only a few good wins, but a few bad losses as well. With that formula, no 18-7 is going to be in the Super 25. Also, if you play out of state, at least play teams that are either well known or are competitive…

    • Willie BRADLEY

      You come on HS Hoops Fan Christen Henry is the best point guard on this team when that dummy Coach plays him they can compete with anyone.

    • CCL fan

      St. Rita is not a super 25 team, but Corliss is?!? The rationale behind the ranking is ridiculous, outside of the the top 5 teams, it’s whoever tickles his fancy that week. The logic behind adding Corliss is laughable. The quality of DePaul’s wins and losses are no different than the quality of DePaul’s.

  • Hollywood

    St Rita is 18-7 and not ranked,come on Mike. Also watch out for St. Rita savvy point guard Christian Henry class 2021, what a player..

    • Paul

      Christian Henry? I never saw him play against St Laurence. You keep mentioning this kid and I’ve never seen him play. Joel Watts is Rita’s point guard. I’ll agree with you Rita is playing well even though they’re in the weakest division within the Catholic League League. They have some tough games coming up against De Paul Prep and Leo.

      • WILLIE Bradley

        Yeah Paul you are tripping Christen Henry is the best point guard on the team Watts will shoot you in and shoot you out when that dummy Coach will play him.

      • CCL Fan

        The weakest division?!?! You lost credibility with THAT statement for real. Rita, Leo, DePaul, which one is more competitive, I’m seriously confused.

        • Paul

          There are 2 divisions. De Paul Prep,Rice,laurence,Loyola along with Iggy are in the same division which is the blue division.. Please follow the game. Rita is in a different division so please. There is the Blue Division and the White Division. Do you want me to post the divisions?

        • Paul

          Chicago Catholic White Division
          Rita,Marmion,St Mel,Leo,Montini,Mt Carmel,Providence and St Francis De Sales
          Chicago Catholic Blue
          Laurence,Rice,De Paul Prep,Fenwick,Loyola,Iggy,De La Salle and St Joe’s.

          Sorry De Paul Prep isn’t in the same division as Rita.

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