LISTEN: Public League dominance | No Shot Clock, Episode 91

No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
Jan. 29 12:29 p.m.

No Shot Clock, Ep. 91: Public League dominance

Joe Henricksen and Michael O’Brien dive into a big mailbag and discuss this season’s Public League dominance.

-Is the city championship up for grabs?
-Can anyone beat Curie?
-Why doesn’t Illinois have a burger boy?
-Are shootouts good or bad?
-Who was better, Sherron Collins or Will Bynum?
-Discussing Sean Dockery

That and a ton more…

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  • Leegs1

    Hey Mikey: get the alley plowed out yet? You need that raise so you get an attached garage with an entrance from the street. Keep shoveling!

  • jgm

    Joe and Mike, hope all well. Wondering, with the seedings being made soon, how do they decide on proper seedings? I believe coaches seed teams. Is schedule,wins,losses the only basis used. For example, Simeon, with most likely a .500 record, are they seeded based on that or their schools history and potential? Appreciate. I feel they looking at a 10-15 seed, which is scary for 5-8 seeds, maybe. Take care

  • Joker

    Have to love the CPS talk and their record vs suburban teams. No thought of all the transfers CPS receives from suburban schools. Or even yet from any schools. Take those kids off the CPS teams and put them back with their original schools. The record wouldn’t be so far off. Orr has 8 transfers this year to go to the high academic institute of Orr lol. Put DJ back with Fenwick, Put Miller back down in Peoria, etc, etc, etc. CPS is all about putting together superstar teams. How many games a year does Slaughter, Smith, Irvin, Oliver, etc have to really coach XOs? They win off talent. Which fine but dont make it a big deal MO how CPS just dominates. Highly doubt they are spending a lot of time watching film and putting together valuable scouting reports. Tired of the CPS talk without being real

    • JGM

      I will add. CCL vs CPS all-star game, one player from each team, Red for CPS, and we have a great game. Edge to CCL. Thoughts?

    • 50 year alum

      You are so correct I’ve stopped bitching about transfers used to do that every day but really who cares every single article on this site about the Public League has the word TRANSFER in it. As for. Orr being an high academic institute you nailed it right on the head look on Wikipedia you will see graduation rate that will make you LOL!

  • james

    The public league has the best teams, but primarily because they all transfer to the top 5 or 10 teams. The bottom half of the either Red conference is not that good.

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