2019 Public League playoff bracket


  • Spartan Nation

    The Quarterfinals SHOULD be held at one location!!!! Does CPS NOT see these crosstown matchups????? Jesus!! Talk about a draw!

    • Coach Mike

      I really enjoyed spending an afternoon at UIC watching quarterfinals. It was a long day, but very entertaining. I could have done without the PA announcer. Those days are gone, too much money to rent pavillion I guess.

  • Jerome

    Can Junior Varsity get a little more coverage. Them young men play real hard and they are vary smart.Check out Orr Academy High School in Chicago Illinois

  • Sammy

    I like Whitney Young and those 3 skilled wings they have, but to win it they need something from their big people. Otherwise I think Curie will win it.

  • Sammy

    Good lookin bracket. Should heat up second and 3rd round. I wish they were at neutral sites like Davis and Cyrus used to do it. Then you could see all 4 quarter final games. I guess you need finances for that.

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