LISTEN: Upsets? Discussing a season of parity | No Shot Clock, Episode 90

No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
Jan. 15 11:41 a.m.

No Shot Clock, Ep. 90: Upsets? Discussing a season of parity

Joe Henricksen and Michael O’Brien dive into a big mailbag and discuss this season’s wide-open feel.

-Breaking down the Player of the Year race
-Is Kenwood’s Seryee Lewis a high-major prospect?
-Why West Aurora hasn’t cracked the Super 25
-Why Bogan, not Bloom is ranked No. 2
-Who are the area’s best young coaches?
-Could Benet win the state title?

That and a ton more…

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  • Cooley

    Food for thought: No Shot Clock needs diversity in their analysis as does the high school basketball and sports media coverage in general. It would be nice to have an African American voice and opinion. Joe and Mike are okay but if you look at the NBA they have a diverse group analyzing the league. We are missing the thoughts, knowledge and analysis of a person of color. Just food for thought.

  • The Guru

    POY candidate outside of the City? Why not Lance Jones? Leader of Evanston team, that is a state contender that finished 3rd a year ago. Right back in the thick of it this season. Expect his personal numbers to soar through the CSL conference and any showcases.

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