Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

York's Nick Kosich (3) tries to save the ball. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

It was a slow week, so things were quiet overall in the Super 25. St. Laurence drops out after losing to Montini and Orr joins.

New addition to the Super 25
Orr: It’s the season debut in the Super 25 for the Spartans. Several transfers have been cleared to play over the past few weeks, including Sherif Kenney, a 6-4 forward that last played for national powerhouse Findlay Prep. He has several Division I offers and has made an immediate impact for Orr. The Spartans play at Uplift on Wednesday.

Dropping out
St. Laurence: Montini beat the Vikings 68-64 on Friday and knocked them out of the rankings. Junior Jeremiah Williams is one of the area’s top players and he will have plenty of chances to get his team back in the rankings in the upcoming stretch against Leo, Richards and DePaul Prep.

The week ahead
-Curie beat then No. 2 Bloom in the championship game at Pontiac. Just a couple weeks later the Condors are faced with another No. 1 vs. No. 2 showdown. Curie will have a massive test on Tuesday at Bogan. This game features the Pontiac and Proviso West champs playing in one of the state’s loudest atmospheres.

-Friday is loaded with fun showdowns in the suburbs. Evanston hosts New Trier, Stevenson hosts Waukegan and visiting Romeoville should give Oswego East a challenge. Oak Park also has a chance to make a statement against York.

-There are quality slates at several shootouts on Saturday. DePaul Prep hosts five good games. The host Rams will play Morgan Park and St. Viator takes on Waukegan in the last game of the night. Bogan and Farragut headline a shootout at U-High and South Elgin and Oswego East will play at the Downers Grove North shootout.

-It is time for Simeon to win. The Wolverines are holding on to a lofty ranking considering a 6-9 record. Their only local losses are to Bogan and Curie (twice). This week Simeon has to win. It will host Kenwood on Tuesday and then headlines the Bob Hambric Shootout at TF North on Saturday against Hillcrest.

Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings
With record and last week’s ranking

1. Curie (15-1) 1
Lost to Salesian, CA

2. Bogan (14-1) 2
Hosts Curie Tuesday

3. Bloom (15-1) 3
Donovan Newby heating up

4. Marian Catholic (15-1) 4
Chris White steps up

5. Morgan Park (11-3) 5
At DePaul Prep Saturday

6. Young (13-6) 6
Split a pair in Memphis

7. Evanston (16-3) 7
Hosts New Trier Friday

8. Geneva (15-0) 8
The only unbeaten

9. Simeon (6-9) 9
Kenwood, Hillcrest this week

10. St. Viator (14-2) 10
Faces Waukegan Saturday

11. Homewood-Flossmoor (9-4) 11
Plays Fenwick Saturday

12. DePaul Prep (11-3) 12
Statement game vs. Morgan Park

13. Leo (13-3) 13
Myles Thomas is a factor

14. Bolingbrook (9-3) 14
Tyler Cochran is back

15. York (14-1) 15
At Oak Park Friday

16. Benet (13-3) 16
Dominated Marian Central

17. Oswego East (11-3) 17
Lost to Normal

18. Fremd (11-3) 18
Had the week off

19. Uplift (9-4) 19
Big win in Detroit

20. Lincoln Park (10-6) 20
Tough week ahead

21. New Trier (14-2) 22
Size advantage vs. Evanston

22. Providence-St. Mel (11-4) 23
At De La Salle Tuesday

23. Waukegan (13-3) 24
Bryant Brown can throw it down

24. Kenwood (11-4) 25
Simeon and Curie this week

25. Orr (10-7) NR
Major transfer cleared



  • Greg

    All u Simeon lifers need to stop it A 8-12 record r u serious y’all let it go ok Don’t wanna hear about no tough scheduling if they the best it comes with the territory too many losses. Please stop whining needs to drop from the rankings I think and so do others.

  • Will I am

    You cant be considered a top ranked team with a losing records. Reward those teams that are winning and more deserving.

  • simeon 4 life

    Dear Mike B if you play a national schedule against the top teams in the country , and the only teams in the city that can compete with you are the top 3 you deserve to be in the top ten .

  • Clyde the Glide

    50 year alum you are uninformed. Proviso East has brought in kids from the West side who don’t even live in Maywood a number of times. Stop crying about the CPS kids before you expose the pirates program. I don’t want to name names.

  • Bystander

    I agree, and it all comes back to the governing bodies, IHSA,and parents. The parents need to understand that a college education, and a chance to enjoy playing a sport they love,be it college,or just high school, should be the focus.

  • Bystander

    50 year alum, I feel your need to fix what you think is not fair play. However, What bothers me is that coaches seem to be able to leave ,and go to programs they think are better opportunities , and no one has a problem with it, just like colleges. If a kid is exceptional in math or science, they put them in class with other high performing students. If a kid is exceptional and serious about getting to the next level,and he has a coach and teammates without a clue, nor a desire to get better,shouldn’t he be allow to go elsewhere? That in part is why some kids go to prep schools. I’m all for it, assuming education is not sacrificed.

    • 50 year alum

      You are 100% correct bystander maybe if they made coaches sit out a year with no pay to be eligible to go to another school maybe they would think twice. A lot of coaches promise kids I’m gonna be here and then bolt on the kids. What I was saying some schools are so blatant with transfers that it’s a joke. The system is at the point where many kids whether it’s high school or college are left high and dry. What really bugs me are the dishonest coaches who commit serious violations get fired or quit but still have a line of schools beating down their doors to hire them. You know who they are the high profile ones. All I am saying is when a school is allowed to have 10 transfers in 2 years something is wrong with the system prep schools most people would agree are basketball factories but if a kid really wants to learn and gets grades to qualify I’m all for that. Level the playing field and cut out this BS transfer system and then we’ll see better and more competive sports in high school. Answer this why are the majoritiy of transfers occurring in the public league? Because their blind eye to winning is all that matters always has always will.

    • Basketball fan

      When education IS sacrificed something is really off. 8 basketball players transfer into Orr in one year? They basically transferred in a whole team.

  • CP3

    Some valid points being made here. The rankings are FUN! Fun to dissect, celebrate, and being some recognition to teams involved. Because they do help with RECRUITING….on all levels grammar school through college. Just a fact.
    Simeon is the gold standard, even when it doesn’t necessarily look like it. 9 losses is ALOT, to whomever they have played. They need to flip the switch asap. The only tanking that truly matters is is the last one. Nice to show consistency if a program is constantmy at the top throughout the season. The transfer thingy….not gonna touch it. Success brings that about. Let’s see how it plays out. Gotta respect all these top teams playing competition on a national level as much as possible. WY dies it better than anyone. Only 2 goals for the BIG 3(MP,WY,Simeon)…..City/state championships. They accomplish 1 or both, nobody
    will care how many losses they have.

    Same with some suburban teams such as Evanston, win conference, get ready for state run.
    Bloom,MC are in similar situations this season.

    Win enough locally, you get complacent I imagine.

    • Norm

      If Evanston doesn’t beat NT Friday there is no winning conference or getting the top sectional seed. The seeds come out before the two teams play again so Friday is big.

  • Bystander

    Why do rational people allow rankings at the high school level to consume them? At the college level, it means national attention that leads to TV exposure. At the high school level,especially at the local level,it is designed to keep us engaged in the basketball discussion throughout the season,nothing more. At the end of the day it is any one man’s opinion. Teams that have won titles understand, that winning titles are all that matters. I doubt that Simeon cares abt these rankings. That is why they go out and play powerhouse teams ,so they can come back and dominate the playoffs. However, I do not think that will happen because unlike past seasons ,they are not that good.

  • Greg

    Post the comments please I understand u a wolverine fan and it’s ok just not feeling them this year the talent just not there right now as a whole not clicking right now hello

  • Greg

    Garbage is still garbage u feel me a lost is still a lost no excuses u in or u out they had their run for years A few teams in the rankings they can’t beat everyone know it.

  • Grrg

    Can someone please tell me why Simeon is even ranked this year don’t wanna hear about no schedule face it they not as talented as last year they will lose more games real talk Wow

  • Will Bradford

    Not sure some of you people commenting really understand basketball regarding Simeon.

    Maybe you should use a thing called Google and look up players named D.J. Jeffries and Chandler Lawson. I know they don’t played in the hallowed Chicago Catholic league but then look up the schools recruiting these players – Kansas. Kentucky. Florida Oregon – schools that have been in recent Final Fours. Then maybe realize that Simeon lost to two teams with these players by a total of eight points.

    Then maybe you will understand that Jeffries and Lawson make E.J. Liddell – the likely Mr. Basketball in this state – look like a middle school player. Simeon is forced to play these games because the competition is so weak here – have they lost to a non-CPS team?

    Simeon has lost 3 games to area teams, all in the CPS, that’s why they are ranked where they are. I see the same stupidity like a few years ago when R.J. Barrett destroyed Evanston and all of you complained that they should have fared better! I guess Barrett is a scrub since he never made a bucket in the rough and tumble Central Suburban League.

    • Ronald Talley

      This comment makes no sense. EJ Liddell is a top 50 player in the nation, higher than Lawson and had big D1 schools recruiting him. How does he look like a middle school player to them? I’m lost. And I know Simeon has had a tough schedule but there not even winning against cps schools. Lost to Curie twice and Bogan. With a record of 6-9 they shouldn’t even be ranked honestly.

    • words of wisdom

      Will Bradford, I completely understand your point with regard to tough schedules. However, If I choose to take classes above my ability level and fail (i.e., lose) should my teachers (rankers) give me a high grade (A or B)? My answer to that question would be ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

      You mentioned Simeon has not lost a game to a non-CPS team from the Chicago area. They played two non-CPS teams from the Chicago area (Lockport and St. Charles North), which has a combined record of 12-11 and they beat Lockport in overtime and SCN by 4. Those wins and scores suggest that’s who Simeon should be ranked with. I apologize, I failed to mention they also beat H-F (who has a 9-4 record) by 3 points.

      My point is they have played teams outside of CPS who are average and so are they. Either H-F, Lockport, and SCN should be ranked high or Simeon should not be ranked at all (even if they beat Kenwood this week, who had a running clock put on them by Riverside-Brookfield). I get this is MOB opinion and as they saying goes (everyone has one [you complete the rest]). I like what I like and tend to be loyal to my brand, but I will never be accused of saying my Chevy is a Bentley…that would be lying to myself and others. I have no respect for that type of character.

      • Dave

        H-F is ranked right below Simeon. If you want Simeon not to be ranked, why would you rank H-F. Mike should cut the poll to top 10 to get you morons off his case. There are only about that many good teams in the area.

  • Hater alert.

    Jack Hannigan, did u hear the man? A fake team Montini, knocked St. Laurence out of the top 25. Montini beat them last year too. Keep looking ahead, and they will lose more games. It was not an accident. Bless his soul, Dary Thomas was building something. They have their football players back,and their big man is getting healthy. They are young,but gaining experience. I will throw a name at you. Kai Matthew Evans 2021. Ask Meanstreet, Team Rose, Y&R. Illinois Stars, Illinois Heat, Chicago Demans, Reggie Strong, DeAndre Hagan, Conner Glen ,Alijah Nelson, Ray J Dennis,Ahmad Bynum, Boopie Miller, Max Christie,, Bryce Hopkins ,Tyler Cochran etc. And now Jeremiah Williams ,knos. Do not look passed Montini.

  • Anonymous

    How is Orr being cleared for all of these transfers. No one can say they are going to Orr for Academics. They are transferring for Athletics and its a overload.
    Tijuante- Lincoln Park
    TBaby- Harlan
    Light skin dude – St. Pats
    Splunge- Michelle Clark
    Sherif- Findlay
    Outlaw- Bogan
    Darkskinned dude – Team Englewood
    *Last year
    Adams- Marian Catholic
    Black dude- Lincoln Park

    • 50 year alum

      Do you really have to ask WHY or HOW it’s all politics you should know that. Transfers in the CPS has been going on for years! But the IHSA is helpless or useless allowing this to happen they for some reason have no control over this. But you are correct it’s not for academics that’s why I say CPS stands for Corrupt Political System! And I’m not envious that teams like Proviso do not get transfers. What would happen if teams were only to recruit their areas I guarantee CPS would not win all these state titles level the playing field for all schools then let’s see what would happen. I’m sure some one will make a stupid comment that I’m biased or something but cheating in the CPS has been going on for years. And not just in basketball wake up IHSA you have let transfers go on long enough have you no guts? 10 transfers in 2 years what a farce to the rest of the state.

      • John Hogan

        Hey Norm, maybe pay attention to Simeon’s strength of schedule and get educated. They could just play all local suburban teams and route them, but who in the world would care to watch some slow, short white kids get blown out?

        • Norm

          I understand that. But in the past our top teams would do better than 6-9 against the other top teams. My point is that our best doesn’t stack up like it used to

        • Leegs1

          Hogan: I don’t know if Lockport is slow or fast, short or tall. I believe the team is all white except for two black players. They beat Lockport by two points in overtime at Pontiac. I guess, if it wasn’t for those two black players, they would have routed Lockport. Great that you brought up the race thing!

  • Mike B.

    Don’t reward Simeon with a top ten ranking because of their schedule, the rankings of individual players, or the history of the program. Their team this year is not producing wins and they don’t deserve to be ranked right now…if they keep winning and advancing in the state tournament, then give them their ranking…but not before

  • Ernest

    How is Leo not in the top 10?

  • Norm

    The Chicago area has fallen a long way when a 6-9 team is considered one of our best

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