Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

Marian Catholic's Joe Green (0) makes a finger roll. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.
Marian Catholic's Joe Green (0) makes a finger roll. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.


Ottawa: The Pirates are unbeaten behind the talented backcourt of Wyatt Hill and Myles Tucker.

Simeon: The win against Homewood-Flossmoor gets the Wolverines back into the rankings after just one week away. Antonio Reeves has been consistently good this season. There is a ton of talk about the younger prospects, but Reeves is the rock that Robert Smith has really been able to depend on.


Riverside-Brookfield: The rollercoaster team so far this season. The Bulldogs fall out again after losing to Richards.

Glenbrook South: The CSL South is a total meat grinder. The Titans lost to Maine South and fall out for now.

Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings
With record and last week’s ranking

1. Curie (10-0) 1
Excellent shooters

2. Bloom (11-0) 2
The top seed at Pontiac

3. Bogan (9-1) 3
Took down Dunbar

4. Young (9-4) 5
Went 2-2 in Las Vegas

5. Evanston (11-2) 6
Handled Zion-Benton

6. Morgan Park (6-3) 7
Heavy favorites at Rich South

7. St. Viator (10-1) 8
Hoping to win Wheeling

8. Benet (11-1) 9
Solid dark horse at Pontiac

9. Marian Catholic (9-1) 10
Beat Brother Rice

10. DePaul Prep (9-1) 11
Beat Leo in OT

11. Leo (9-2) 4
New addition at Proviso West

12. Simeon (3-6) NR
Antonio Reeves is rock solid

13. Homewood-Flossmoor (5-3) 12
Lost at Simeon

14. Oswego East (8-1) 13
Took down Oswego

15. Bolingbrook (6-2) 14
Heading to Florida

16. Uplift (7-2) 15
Could surprise at Proviso

17. St. Laurence (11-1) 16
Handled Marist

18. Lincoln Park (8-4) 17
The Habib brothers can play

19. New Trier (11-1) 18
Champs in Arizona

20. York (9-1) 19
Beat Downers Grove North

21. Providence-St. Mel (7-3) 20
Solid win at Loyola

22. Waukegan (9-2) 21
Two good wins this week

23. Geneva (9-0) 23
Major threat at Wheeling

24. Kenwood (8-3) 24
New addition in Bloomington

25. Ottawa (10-0) NR
Great gym, undefeated team



  • Daniel burford

    I get to go see almost all these teams and I am surprised at your rankings. If a team like Bolingbrook loses in Iowa to the state champs without their best player ( Tyler Cochran) and you drop them but you keep Simeon,Morgan park and young up there, We have a problem. I don’t see many teams in this 25 being able to hang with Curie or Bolingbrook at full strength. Start judging what these teams can do and head to head games instead of their past and names, these Christmas tour should show a lot

  • Craig Siller

    These comments are hilarious!!! The rankings are good for conversation I guess. It’s all about at the very end.

  • Ramik

    I love Simeon’s hoop program, but to be ranked in the top 25 with a losing record is laughable.

  • Coach Davis

    Once again all the BEEF about ranking….Michael you doing a great job keeping us posted on high school basketball….Ranking only matter to me at the end of the year… 2A 3A 4A teams and Michael only post a top 25 it is what it is…

  • Norm

    Problem is that Chicago area is so weak. Curie is the best. Bloom looks good but is a young team. So there are very few truly signature wins. Simeon beats HF and that’s considered a signature win because HF is ranked. HF really isn’t a signature win. Hanging close and losing to a good but young Bloom team that is a rival doesn’t mean they are a top team. The whole area is sadly weak. If Bellville West stays healthy nobody is beating them

    • sica east 89

      Bloom is not young. They have a ton of juniors that have played Varsity since they were Freshman. They are veterans now…

  • CP3

    Evanston goes 3-1 in Kentucky taking down 2 ranked KY teams, 1 ranked team from Miami and losses a close a one to NYC champs.
    Should be ranked #4. WY lost 2 in a week, rega5dless of where and to whom.
    NT, wins tournament in AZ, and falls a spot???
    where do they do that?
    Simeon…gets rewarded for beating an HE team at home that Marian Catholic already beat?

    Dust will settle in a few days.

    • Michael O'Brien

      So where and what Evanston does matters but where and what Young does doesn’t matter? Young also won two games this week.

      And H-F beat Marian Catholic in Chicago Heights.. The Spartans were without Ulis though.

    • Leegs1

      Who, besides Madison Central did Evanston play from Kentucky? Where did you get their rankings from? I didn’t see any of them ranked very high in their respective states. Madison Central lost by nine and are 3-4. S. Miami lost by thirteen and are 7-2. Brooklyn South Shore won by eleven and are 12-1.

      • Norm

        Evanston beat University High by 32. They were #7 prior to that. The 11 pt loss to Brooklyn was deceiving as Evanston was up 8 in the second half. It was FT’s at the end. That Brooklyn team isn’t currently ranked as high as Belleville West but they are at that level. That said Kentucky is weak. All of the out of state teams in that tournament beat up on the Kentucky teams

      • CP3

        That NYC team had a athletic frontline as BIG or bigger than NT. Evanston can shoot with ANY team in the state. Just hope we get the Belleville vs Evanston matchup.

        • Norm

          We will get it. No good teams at Centralia this. Evanston would have to play terrible to lose before BW

          • Basketball fan

            Do your Evanston players have the same overconfident attitude you have? Seems like there was at least one other good team at Centralia after all. Never underestimate your opponent.

  • Leegs1

    Why is Ottawa, eighty three miles from Chicago, in the Suntimes rankings? Where you at, Pirate? Young drops two in one week and moves up one. You must be relaxing.

    • Michael O'Brien

      Ottawa has always been fringe coverage area. We have covered Ottawa Marquette state football games before. They do get the paper in Ottawa, so seems to make sense to let them in.

      Everyone keeps focusing on Young’s two losses. They also won two games.

      • Leegs1

        Do you even know who Ottawa has beaten or just that they’re undefeated? Very, very weak schedule compared to Chicagoland teams not rated. Young beat a Colorado team by eight who is 5-4. They lost by nine to a California team who is 5-3. Courtesy, max prep. Keep plugging away. Appreciate your effort.

    • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

      Out of town for the Holidays, just got back this morning and opened the site. I’ll take a pass on commenting till the Christmas tourneys are over, things will shake out this week.

  • No credability

    So you mean to tell me that say if a team like Oak Park played that same schedule as Simeon and had the same record but then beat HF at home to get to 3-6 that they would go from NR to #12???? That’s a complete joke, you want to make them #25 I would still have a problem with it but could see your point. You are not suppose to take previous years into account. Simeon will win games this year and continue to get better as they are very young but lets be honest Mike you wouldn’t have done that for any other program in the area.

    • Michael O'Brien

      I am not taking previous years into account with Simeon’s ranking. The Wolverines lost at Bogan in OT and lost at Curie by 12 without Bynum. They dominated a decent Westinghouse team and beat ranked H-F this week. Simeon isn’t going to get punished heavily for losing games at a national shootout when it has clearly demonstrated it is one of the area’s best teams.

      Simeon beat H-F by three points. Bloom beat HF twice this season: by two points in overtime at Bloom and by four points at H-F. If you don’t think Simeon is a ranked team I don’t know what to say to you.

      • Just the facts

        I don’t think people are saying Simeon isn’t one of the top teams, they are saying let them earn it. They have the schedule to do it. One win over H-F isn’t earning the spot.

      • West sub fan

        Come on
        This is clearly Chicago basketball politics
        Say nothing and it goes away
        Like when they get transfers
        Or kids playing there that live in the suburbs
        Now say you don’t know anything about that

    • I am so smrt

      Hate to say it, but you lose all credibility when you use credability instead of credibility. For the love of Jebus, the site checks your spelling.

      Kudos to MO”B for kindly not pointing that out, but I just couldn’t let it go.

      Merry Holiday and Happy Christmas.

  • LaVar Ball

    I’m pretty sure MO’B is putting these bad rankings up to (1) click-bait us and (2) kiss more CPS-butt.

  • Phil

    Ottawa Pirates strong 3A
    solid group 7 deep

  • gregory

    Same teams almost every year ranked if they get a couple signature wins so u day their records don’t really matter look at Simeon this year. Curie beat them and bogan 2 and more loses to come their team left last year.

  • gregoryberkley

    All your rankings suck teams ranked on their past rep u gotta be kidding me how about this no rankings you have teams out here better than your top 25.

  • Fan

    The ranking is garbage there’s a lot of teams 3-7 and they not rank. That goes to show people how really bad Chicago Basketball is. The pass is the pass for Simeon we in the future let them earn their way. Thank you.

  • ViktoriousVik

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch.. these are opinions of teams playing December ball…. Its the late February rankings I concern myself with.


  • Leegs1

    Facts and Norm: RELAX. Wait until the Xmas tourneys start with two good teams playing in the consolation bracket, and the results are not considered in the rankings. It’s his poll. Don’t mean nothin! Remember to check out max prep to see the strength of Bolingbrook’s opponents in Florida. As you told me a couple of weeks ago, RELAX!

  • Just the facts

    WY lost 2 games, they should have dropped about 12 spots. Also, RB and Glenbrook S have better wins than Simeon and a better record. Finally, Bolingbrook is not at HCHC, they’re in Ocala, Florida.

  • Norm

    My second attempt at a comment. I’m surprised as well that New Trier fell a spot. Also that WY moved up a spot after losing two. I thought the rule was two losses in a week and you drop? That’s what happened to Bolingbrook.

  • Ron

    How does New Trier drop after winning a tournament in Arizona? Granted it must have been a weak field for them to dominate the way they did but they should have been moved up a spot or 2.

  • West sub fan

    3-6 Ranked 12th
    With all the transfers they get
    The schedule they play is no excuse
    That ranking is embarrassing

  • Bobby Bonahan

    Bolingbrook isnt at hinsdale central this year

  • Andy

    Not ranked one week…ranked 12th the next week…c’mon man!! I appreciate your rankings, but Simeon is 3-6 currently they can’t be ranked that high.

  • Norm

    A little surprised. New Trier looks dominant and loses a spot? WY loses twice in a week and moves up? Bolingbrook was dropped hard for 2 losses in a week and WY moves up? Besides that, Merry Christmas!

    • Michael O'Brien

      Young also won two games.

    • Daniel Burford

      Bolingbrook was dropped after losing to Iowa state champs with boilingrooks best player Tyler Cochran. Rankings need to start respecting the strength of these teams and not what they USED to do. Come see all the teams before you rank them and use head to head cause I don’t see many teams beating Bolingbrook or curie at full strength, and I see too many weaknesses in Morgan park, Simeon and Young

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