Basketball scoreboard: Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018

The Sun-Times will provide scores and schedules throughout the high school basketball season. We will update the scoreboard live everyday as games end. You can click on the grey drop-down menu below to search for results by school. Please send scores and any corrections to



  • 50 year alum

    Proviso East beat Thornton 64-58 despite missing 22 free throws refs were again the story way too many fouls called against both teams.Almost a fight after the game emotions high. Seems like pressure defense gets you nothing but fouls. Let the kids decide the games not the refs.

  • Leegs1

    Lincoln Park, who beat Young Friday, beats Milwaukee Science by one tonite. Milwaukee Science is now 2-4 for the season. Record courtesy of max prep. A win is a win, I guess

  • Leegs1

    Pearce, Texas, who beat Simeon by one, is 8-4. Pearce lost to Timberview Texas ranked one in Texas and third in the nation. Pierce also lost to Allen, Texas, ranked four in Texas and eighth in the nation, twice by a total of three points. Just the facts, provided by maxprep. Congrats to Simeon!

    • Norm

      The issue is, is that Belleville West is the only great team in the state. They are the only one in Maxpreps top 25. No one else is close. Therefore all season we will be having rankings that are a toss up because any of the top 30 or 40, except for maybe Curie and Bloom, can beat or lose to each other on any given night.

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