Morgan Park put on season-long probation, players suspended for on-court fight

Morgan Park wins the Class 3A state championship game over Springfield Southeast,Saturday 03-17-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

Morgan Park’s basketball team, the two-time defending Class 3A state champions, has been placed on probation until the end of the season according to Chicago Public Schools.

Players from Morgan Park and Mayfair, CA had an on-court fight during a game on Nov. 24. The game was called in the third quarter.

“Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and the district took immediate action in accordance with IHSA bylaws,” said Emily Bolton, a CPS spokesperson. “Inappropriate behavior diminishes the spirit of athletic competition and swift action was warranted in this instance.”

Star juniors Adam Miller and Marcus Watson, junior Isaiah Burrell and seniors Deshandre Washington and Kyel Grover sat out against Longwood according to a source. CPS does not disclose discipline taken against individual students due to student privacy laws.

According to Tiffany Burrell, Isaiah’s mother, the players were initially suspended for one game but now CPS has expanded it to two games.

“They randomly create these rules and try to implement them on the spot,” Burrell said. “They suspended them for one game. Now all of a sudden they want to suspend them for a second game. You can’t say you are going to do one thing and then go back and change it.”

“They are being more strict than the student conduct code says. They are randomly doing this and created it themselves. And they are not allowing any discussion.”

The Mustangs face Goode tonight and have a high-profile game agains St. Louis Vashon at the Chicago Elite Classic on Saturday.

Morgan Park coach Nick Irvin and athletic director Michael Berger declined to comment.


  • Gregory Rudolph

    How about the players conduct themselves better than this then you won’t have to worry about how many games they are getting suspended.

  • Pathetic

    How do you complain about a 2 game suspension vs 2 teams that MP would win easily (even though they almost lost) CPS and IHSA are a joke and have been for the last several years.

  • Armando

    So you are complaining that your son can’t play for 2 games but you aren’t appalled at your son’s behavior well you are part of the problem let me remind you mother that actions require consequences and he should have been kicked off the team .Shame on your son and Shame on you

    • Walter Jones

      Your son either must be an water boy or doesn’t get any time. because if you were at the game you have known no one from mp side started the fight.

  • Steve Pajak

    What happened to knowing how to act. Parents complain about suspension and length but not about the behavior of these players. That’s what should be talked about.

  • Clyde the Glide

    The CPS could have come down harder. It’s good nobody got hurt. It gives the city a bad name and doesn’t teach sportsmanship to the young kids. CPS Sports Office is weak. Back in the days when they had a strong executive director people knew better because they would get multiple game suspensions for this. Coaches too. the guy from brand Jordan who ran the event should be fired because he had no security.

  • Donnie L Gardner

    What exactly does season long probation mean, at least make the kids and parents understand the meaning of season long probation. I would like to know.

  • Harold K.

    Good job Nick. Way to teach sportsmanship.

  • barry vanderken

    The fish stinks from the head.

  • James W Fanning

    I was going to see Miller play this season…if they play away in a safe location (MP would call for a bullet proof vest!) By safe: Out of the city!

    • Chris

      I live up the street from Morgan Park High School…no, it isnt Winnetka, but you also sound like a complete candy

  • CCLAlum08

    typical of a cps team no discipline like the catholic schools lol

  • John Tribble

    Exactly what does the probation mean, no participation in CPS and/or State Championships for the basketball team???

  • Bring back the days of good civility

    Mrs. Burrell, I was at that game. And I was appalled at the behavior. I think 2 game suspension is fair. That situation could have become a lot worse. There were people coming from the stands on to the court to try to fight the other team from California. Players. I saw one player step on a lady that was sitting in the front row during the fight. I understand he’s your son, but what about the young entrepreneur who was hosting the event at his facility for the first time and had to deal with that? Do you know how hard it was for him to convince Nike / Jordan to have that event there and all the stigma he was dealing with of having the event in an urban area? The first two games were great, it was a family atmosphere and then to have the conclusion end like that. I do hope that you have some sympathy for owner of the XS sport, the young children they were there watching? Again, I know he’s your son but there was much bigger picture than a two-game suspension. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Jimmy Rodriguez

    CPS is a joke. Suspend the kids for 2 games or whatever but probation?? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

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