IHSA state football playoff brackets and scoreboard

Batavia is fired up after winning the Class 7A state title at Huskie Stadium. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.
Batavia is fired up after winning the Class 7A state title at Huskie Stadium. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.


  • Ralphie

    Was at the LWE GW game They are terrific I’m a big GW fan who has followed our team very closely thruout the incredible 11 year run and we have never been dominated physically like this. Both lines are huge and mobile, great defense, accurate throwing qb, big receivers, terrific running back, suoervwell coached. These guys aint losing

    • Rudi Patitucci

      I think by now it’s clear the catholic league and the escc were playing a superior brand of football this year. Notre dame and mt Carmel should have won their games today too.

  • Rick Banas

    What is the benefit of a higher rank in a bracket if the higher ranked team does not get to play at home?

  • Sue Huber

    Honestly East St. Louis is a very dirty team…we played them last year and the referees do not call anything. We had eye gouging, rough hits and our player tacked on a punt return…Why:????

    • John Reeves

      Sue Huber If The referees didn’t call those plays ……then blame the Refs…..did your team win the game?

  • IHSA

    Be honest, who else is missing the entertaining comments from “Public Powerhouses”?

  • Randy K

    Went out to watch the Bolingbrook vs Waaubonsie Valley game and the kids on Waubonsie played great, their fans in the stands not so much. Many there were totally out of control. Screaming at and taunting the referees on every play The whole crowd boo’d them on several calls. It finally got so bad that the coach left his sideline screaming at his fans to shut up, that they were not helping his kids play, to please cheer the team and stop the terrible behavior. It was really a very sad moment for High School Football. I just go out to see a good football game and that I did. But to sit among such a bunch of loud mouth misbehaving adults really ruined the evening. I did not care who won, I can watch the game objectively. I thought the calls were fair, are some missed, always but it goes both ways and is evened out. Oh did I mention while all this misbehaving was going on they were winning! These are kids on the field, to hear yelling break their legs, hurt somebody, and the likes is sickening. Those fans should be totally ashamed of themselves and I will be certain to never to sit on that side of the field again!

  • Gregory Berkley

    Congrats to all who made the playoffs and good luck

  • Bill

    Look at IHSA website. The seeding process is right there, plain to see.

  • J.smooth

    That’s all cool how it pairs out but all that needs to be said is get ready for the 6a championship which all you that’s not believers watch how my Phillips Wildcats come up top once again people think it’s Siemon nation or they are the new kings of the public league I think not trust me no other public league school is going to take our reign.WILDCATS.NATION.

  • Metal Bleachers are Best

    You need to understand the seeding completely before commenting. Seeding is based on playoff points – you opponents’ victories. The IHSA has attempted to make this objective. Your assertion that the seeding has a subjective factor based on a team’s conference affiliation is incorrect. For this year, Brother Rice is the last school in 8A, i.e., the smallest enrollment (even with the private school “equalizer”) – pretty amazing feat. LWE’s path is more predictable and less periless – pretty certain they’d rather play Maine South or Loyola than Marist to get to Thanksgiving weekend.

  • HawkYeah!

    The reason why I say that is Brother Rice path is much easier than LWE. Brother Rice gets favorite status because everyone “thinks: CCL is superior awesome amazing OMG Jesus thank you for your giving’s??? C’mon man Glennbard West would have their ASS! This measurement needs to change.

    • ESCC

      You should learn how the State determines the rankings before you show your lack of knowledge by asserting your opinion that is not based on the facts. C’mon Man! You’re making yourself look silly!

      • Burns

        ESCC, you got it bud. Too many folks are anti-reading! Nobody is a victim in this postseason. They all just need to rise to the occasion! Go Crusaders

      • Charles Kay

        I have to apologize but in a previous comment I mistakenly assumed that seeding was done by voting by coaches ( which IS done in some IHSA sports ) rather than on the “points” system which is used. If you look at teams which won their first playoff game this year about 95% of the 1 to 9 seeds in Classes 8 through 4 made it through to the second round. Obviously this supports, in a general, way this type of a” non-opinion” driven seeding process. Obviously the perfect seeding process doesn’t exist.

        By the way… one of the factors in High School football that I use to compare teams is common opponents. Many times in the high school playoffs teams are in different conferences and in geographically different areas so many times there are no common opponents. However, both LWE and Brother Rice played Crete-Monee this season both on their home field. LWE won 41-10 and Brother Rice won 42-13. Hmmm. Maybe if they both get to the finals we might see a pretty good game. We’ll see.

        • Bill

          LWE played at Crete-Monee. Brother Rice hosted Crete-Monee. It doesn’t really matter though cause both teams have had a great year and that would be a great final. I think chances are better that LWE gets to the final though.

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