IHSA Class 8A state football playoff bracket

Oct. 20, 2018 9:21 p.m.

The higher-seeded team hosts in the first round. Game times and dates will be announced Monday afternoon.


  • South Side Johnny

    LWE better come prepared!! Mentally, physically and with the right range of cleats for Duchon Field – especially if it’s a mud fest next Saturday. The Griffins barely survived a similar situation last year on the road against St. Charles East winning 15-14. Griffins are best 8A team but under sloppy conditions on the road GW is the worst draw for them….

  • Ralphie

    Lincoln Way East at Glenbard West. Could be interesting

    • Bill

      Can Glenbard West throw the ball? If not, they have no chance. No one has been able to run on LWE all year.

  • Randy K

    It was quite simple Brother Rice had 45 opponent wind, LWE had 44, the rest will be determined on the field

  • Recap

    Gee…..where’s St Pat’s?

  • West sub fan

    Oak park could surprise Br Rice

  • Red Skin Fan (shhhhh)

    Go Red Hawks of Marist!!!!!!!

  • CV deepaza

    BR will go down early, haven’t played anyone!

  • IHSA

    Grouping and Seeding the Brackets
    Once the 32 teams in a particular class are determined, the teams in Class 1A through 6A are grouped by the IHSA Office into two halves of 16 teams each, based on the general location of the schools within that class. In Class 7A and 8A, the teams are not grouped.

    Then the seeds are determined by sorting the teams by some of the factors used to determine playoff berths:

    Total wins
    Combined wins of all opponents, and
    Combined wins of defeated opponents
    If two or more teams are tied for a particular seed, the following tiebreakers are applied:

    Head-to-head record (if exactly two teams are tied)
    Random selection by computer
    Then the teams are paired according to a standard bracket. In a 16-team field, the pairings are #1 vs. #16, #2 vs. #15, etc. In a 32-team field, the pairings are #1 vs. #32, #2 vs. #31, etc.

    A school’s ranking in the Associated Press poll has no bearing on its seed in the IHSA Football Playoffs. The only criteria used to seed the teams are those mentioned above.

  • Charles Kay

    Look…. as a Brother Rice Alumni I was slightly surprised too. But at the end of the day as long as Rice and LWE were 1 or 2 doesn’t make any difference as it puts them on the opposite side of the bracket so if they both out they will meet in the final and there is no advantage in being 1 or 2. They were clearly the best 8A teams to this point . I assume the seceding is done by vote of the coaches and coaches in different conferences and sometimes coaches have their own “agenda” for what they do and why. Hey….I could imagine a scenario where the coach of LWE voted his own team down so they ended up #2 to motivate his own players to not get complacent. I’m not saying that happened….. I don’t know. But again…. as long as your #1 or #2 it really doesn’t make any difference. So ease up a bit.

  • HawkYeah!

    It’s just not right that a Catholic league gets 1st rank when we all know LWE is CLEARLY 1st rank – we need to evaluate how IHSA place seeds.

    • ESCC

      The IHSA has a set formula based on the team’s record and the strength of the team’s schedule. Br. Rice had a tougher schedule.

      Seeds are not based on opinion, only wins and opponent’s wins.

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