Dominic Moore’s size, motor attracting college attention

Perspectives defensive end Dominic Moore (56) blocks Westinghouse's Darryl Smith. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.
Perspectives defensive end Dominic Moore (56) blocks Westinghouse's Darryl Smith. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

The more Perspectives defensive end Dominic Moore puts pressure on quarterbacks and offensive linemen, the more colleges will put the pressure on him to make a life-changing decision on his future.

Perspectives is a charter school in the former Calumet high school building. The school isn’t really known for churning out blue chip football prospects.

“It’s been chaotic,” Moore said. “It’s been fun, too. I’ve would have never imagined myself as an All-American. It’s been amazing having all of these colleges looking me and wanting me to play for their team.”

Moore, a 6-7, 275-pound senior, is hard to miss and he might be one of the most intriguing blue chip prospects the Public League has ever produced. He wants to put the school on the map for football much like current NBA star Anthony Davis did for basketball.

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“You got to have a motor when you play the game of football,” Moore said. I have it every time I step onto the field. I never want to calm down. It’s the love for the game. I love football so much that I can’t calm down.”

That ability to remain passionate about football helps Moore focus on the tendencies of his opponents.

“On defense, I’m watching the [offensive] tackles every move,” Moore said. “If he has he post foot up, he’s going into pass blocking. If it on the ground, he’s going to run [block]. I’m watching the tackle, locating the running back and watching the quarterback’s eyes.”

After attending a football camp at North Central Moore received a scholarship from Wyoming, his first offer. New Mexico, Iowa State and Central Michigan came calling next.

“Ever since then, they’ve been coming after me,” Moore said.

Perspectives coach Terry Jones likens Moore to Fred Evans, a player he coached when he was an assistant at Morgan Park. Evans played defensive line in the NFL for seven seasons.

“Everyone is looking to see if he can be productive college player,” Jones said. “He has the potential to do that. This is a new process for Dominic. He has to be careful and keep his grades up. That’s the most important thing right now. We tell him all he has to do is beat the guy in front of him. What we’re doing here is preparing him for the next level.”

Moore says his coaches and his family keep him grounded. Whatever the future holds, he says he will never forget the people who provided guidance along the way.

“I’m just a city kid looking for a way out,” Moore said. “I owe a lot of people. So many people have helped me out.”

Perspectives (4-2, 0-2) faces Taft in an Illini Red Bird showdown on Thursday at Lane.

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