Chicago club basketball team brawls with referee in Georgia

R.A.W. Athletics, a Chicago club basketball team, was in a brawl Sunday morning with a referee at a Gatorade Association event in Georgia. The video has gone viral.

Howard Martin, the coach of R.A.W. Athletics, tweeted and then deleted the following: “A ref actually walked up on one of our players and attacked him. Everyone tried to break it all up, then the ref’s father (who was working a game on a different court) ran over to our court and rushed our guys..everyone in the gym, the other team and the directors saw everything.”

Here’s another video of the event that was sent to the Sun-Times, it shows how the fight may have started.


  • Basketball Junkie

    An official was just headbutted last night in a Men’s Pro/AM Summer League. The official was busted open and the player was a former NBA player and current Head Coach at a Chicago area small college. This is really getting out of control. I think when somebody gets 5 or 6 years in jail for putting hands on an official and it makes national news it will stop this crap.

  • PistolPete44

    These games are not in a high school setting with consequences that can come down from a school administration or IHSA. It is my understanding that the IHSA has issues keeping refs. Wonder why? These games are nothing more than 3 point set shooting, dunking, or one on one stuff the whole game.

    • Basketball Junkie

      Great Point that is another reason I let it go. The EYBL has more structure and hold coaches and teams accountable because most of the teams have all the high D1 players on them and they have mostly college officials doing the big events.

  • Basketball Junkie

    3 other coaches of the final four teams were interviewed by Yahoo Sports and they all confirmed Chicago RAW was upset they were loosing arguing among themselves before the player who was issued a technical bumped the official. We see officials being attacked in all sports and we wonder why no one wants to be an official for youth sports. I have officiated college and H.S basketball for 11 years I stopped doing Travel Basketball Officiating after year two. A team attempted to attack my partner and I by his truck but didn’t know he was a police officer and he drew his badge and gun which made them do the matrix after running up on us. Many of these non-sanctioned travel ball events also don’t have the best officials. Many of these officials are not licensed or certified in the state they work. They use these officials because people like myself won’t work 6 or 8 games for 20 bucks a game. I’m not saying these officials are not licensed, just letting people know whats happening at most of these unsanctioned AAU money grab events.

  • M

    Coaches like this are the problem. “Everyone tried to break it up”?????. Right coach that’s exactly what the video shows isn’t it?

  • bobby

    Clearly started by R.A.W. Should be banned for life. Refs must be protected from these thugs.

  • reason

    Again,another statement made by AAU ball. Bandit Ball

  • Rich

    This doesn’t show how he ended up on the ground…it’s very unfair..the real video is out showing the ref initiating the fight b4 this bs video starts

  • Gov

    Sorry, but pictures do not lie. To me, the fight was started by three players from R.A.W.

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