Marquise Walker transfers from Curie to West Aurora

Curie's Marquise Walker (15) dribbles against Xavier Pinson (3) of Simeon Thursday 01-25-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

Junior guard Marquise Walker has transferred from Curie to West Aurora. The point guard is already enrolled at West Aurora according to several sources.

Walker was happy at Curie, but has been dealing with family issues for the past year. He’s found a more stable situation in Aurora.

Walker, a 2018 Sun-Times All-Area honorable mention selection, blasted onto the scene with a terrific freshman year at St. Joseph. He transferred to Curie for his junior year, which was a successful debut in the Public League. He helped lead the Condors to a win against top-ranked Orr and drained a game-winning three-pointer to lead Curie to the title game at the Pontiac Holiday Tournament.

Walker is playing with the Mac Irvin Fire in the EYBL during the AAU season.

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  • Robbie

    Lol he’s been at Curie since Wayne Blackshear was there lol Walker is toooooo old

  • Clyde The Glide

    Is it true you can play high school in 8th grade and it doesn’t count toward the 8 semesters you are allowed for high school here in Illinois? I don’t think this is correct. They’d better check at West. I believe his eligibility is up!

    • Rita Aimms

      FINALLY, SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTANDS, YES HIS ELIGIBILITY IS UP. You are only allowed to play 4 years of high school sports. This will bhis 5th year year, wait 6th year

  • Downstate Nate

    This story is usually reversed where a quality player is transferring to Curie, Young, Simeon or Mac Irvin Fire from the suburbs or Catholic League.

    • Rita Aaims

      True, you always hearing about the transferring into Curie and its sad that they allow that to happen. Then when they get caught the coaches beg the families to go to CPS to say the transfer was hardship. That coach definitely dont care about those boys academics hw just want to win. It’s always fire under this team because the coaches are shady and it will only get worse because they are using those poor kids. If they keep allowing this boy to play ball after all the years he has played somebody will stop it and it will hurt him. I’m pretty sure his eligibility has run. But, nobody will stand up and stop it. Start from the top CPS, IHSA and work down and get rid of the unfair foolishness. The coaches are down right shady st this school you should hear the way they talk to these boys and the stupid parents dont say anything because they thinking they will get them to college. Its ridiculous just watch after he leaves another one or two will be transferring in. It happens year after year.

      • tsmith

        I was one of those “stupid” parents from 2013-2017. So stupid with my BSIM (Purdue) and M.J. (Loyola University Chicago School of Law). So stupid that my son graduated with Honors from Curie after starting 3 years for Coach Oliver. So stupid that he earned a 56K/year scholarship from Loyola University New Orleans. So stupid that my nephew earned a scholarship from Maryland after playing 1 year for Coach Oliver after being ripped off at Leo H.S. (0 Lab Sciences and Foreign Language w/3 Principal in 2 years at the time). So stupid that I need someone to help me do the math. They told me that stupidity was valued at more than 500K in educational benefits. Everyone needs to be as stupid as we were. lmfao

        • Rita Aimms

          Yep just STUPID, stupid to even send your kid to Curie thinking coach Oliver cared about your kids education this guy is only about winning

  • shogun29ppg

    Baby Mamba please, he wasn’t even the best player on his team, you must be related or have a stake in his future. West isn’t going to win state or anything, that’s for sure.

  • Pipkins

    These are kids why all the hate cause your kids not getting any recognition!Be positive he opened door for other kids at those schools he left to shine!

  • Lavar Ball

    Who is teaching this guy how to dribble a basketball? From the picture, the ball is nearly neck-high.

  • Rita Aimms

    You forgot he recertified 2x he’s 18 and will be 19 soon he should of graduated last year or year before last

  • Bob

    IHSA is laughable

  • shogun29ppg

    Who really cares, kid not that good anyway. He’s no difference maker, not much better than what they already have. This is not a cause for panic

    • Cayo xLux

      You must haven’t seen the baby mamba play before

      • Wscfantoo

        You must be kidding, he was a no show against RB and a big reason they lost to Young. If he couldn’t hook each defender as he drove past he wouldn’t even make the team.

  • Ian Barnes

    When he played hs ball in Kentucky he was still in the 8th grade which is legal. He is has played high school ball for only 3 years in Illinois. It is legal to play 5 years of varsity basketball if you’re good enough to make a team in the 7th or 8th grade kids do it all the time.

  • Timothy

    You guys don’t know his situation.

  • Rita Aimms

    I agree, how many schools will he transfer to. Are they sure it family issues or recruits. Why is he allowed to continue to play he has played like 5 years of basketball already. This should definitely be looked into, somebody isn’t doing their research. May I ad CPS. This should have been stopped years ago. His eligibility should have not been approved all this moving around this should have been a red tag. His dad whining and said it was hardship, really now all of a sudden he was promised a deal and hes leaving. This kid lemives out of district at every school he attends but yet they unfairly find a way to clear him. It’s not fair for those that have transferred and sat out, CPS should be stopped!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    How many different schools has this kid been at? One in Kentucky before Joe’s then Curie and finally West Aurora. Red Flags?

    • unknown

      Why does the number of schools he attended, bother you?

    • Be real

      No red flag!! If you move, you move!!!

    • Rita Aimms

      I agree he should be graduating or already should have but yet he keeps playing. Not fair, hes already played like 5 years

      • Rita Aimms

        There is limits and eligibility to transferring he shouldn’t be playing hes played 5 years already

        • mikenike

          He played on a varsity team in KY in 8th grade which you can do there, not in IL. He played his freshman and soph years at St. Joes, junior year at Curie, now his senior year at West. He’s played 3 years on varsity in ILL.
          I don’t understand the preoccupation with transfers some people have or the cries of ‘Red Flags’. Red Flags about what? You don’t know what his family situation is. And he’s far from the first player who’s been at different high schools. Back in the day I attended school in 3 districts and 2 high schools. Didn’t have anybody pointing a finger at me yelling ‘Red Flag! Red Flag!’

          • Paul

            Red Flag. Can mean a number of different things. All not good for the kid. why would any college waste a scholarship on the kid?

          • wscfantoo

            In all fairness, 11th grade barely qualifies for KY varsity basketball

  • al william

    Here we go! Transfer season is upon us!

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