No Shot Clock, Ep. 80: State finals rewind, listener mailbag

No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
No Shot Clock, the Chicago high school basketball podcast.
March 21, 2018 12:55 p.m.

Michael O’Brien and Joe Henricksen’s weekly Chicago high school basketball podcast.

The season is over, but there is so much to discuss. We take a look back at the Class 3A/4A state finals last weekend in Peoria. Then it is all questions as we tackle a huge mailbag of listener questions.

-A look ahead at next season’s top teams
-Who will the top five players in Chicago be next season?
-What impact will Ayo Dosunmu have at Illinois?
-Could Orr and Morgan Park have beaten Belleville West?
-How does EJ Liddell compare to Quentin Richardson?
-Who wins a game of one-on-one between Dosunmu and THT?
-What was this season’s biggest surprise?
-Are people getting bored watching the same CPS teams at state?
-Which game this season do we want to go back and watch again?

That and so much more. Thanks for listening this season, thanks for all the questions and thanks for loving high school basketball.

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  • David Howard

    Kids need to understand the college team you play for won’t be what makes you a pro prospect. It’s your own skill set! So pick a program where you will have a chance to shine..

  • Craig S. Siller

    I believe the retired Morgan Park jersey is Levi Cobb’s.

  • The South Shore Tar

    Drake coach leaves for Colorado State. Messiah Jones de-commits. Bad move on Messiah’s part. Drake has a great class coming in and he could have been a big fish in a little pond and help build something big. Now, I guess, Drake will have to see what Danville’s Kendle Moore does.

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