Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

Orr's Ty Mosley (0) grabs a offense rebound against Winnebago in the 2A State Championship game in Peoria, IL Saturday, 03-10-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Simeon (29-3) 1
THT wins POY

2. Orr (30-4) 2
Class 2A champs

3. Young (26-7) 3
Can Dolphins beat Simeon?

4. Curie (26-5) 4
Lost to Young in OT

5. Morgan Park (22-9) 5
Dominated Bogan

6. Evanston (25-5) 6
One win from Peoria

7. Benet (27-4) 7
Redwings are red hot

8. West Aurora (25-4) 8
Jared Crutcher gets it done

9. Marist (27-5) 9
Gave Simeon a real test

10. Larkin (25-6) 12
Can Royals cool off Benet?

11. New Trier (25-6) 10
Lost to Evanston

12. Marian Catholic (24-5) 11
Another Ulis stepping up

13. Niles North (26-5) 14
Lost to New Trier

14. Bolingbrook (22-7) 17
Lost to West Aurora

15. Joliet Central (23-6) 18
Ryan Saunders can play

16. Homewood-Flossmoor (21-7) 14
Overachieved this season

17. Lincoln Park (19-10) 21
Lost to Young

18. Lake Zurich (26-7) NR
Faces Evanston Tuesday

19. Willowbrook (26-6) 17
Chris Perkins opening eyes

20. Naperville North (26-3) 12
Lost to Willowbrook

21. North Chicago (21-8) NR
Underrated all season?

22. Loyola (24-7) 20
Lost to Evanston

23. DePaul Prep (24-7) 13
Lost to North Chicago

24. Lincoln-Way East (23-6) 25
Best team in school history

25. Barrington (24-7) NR
Broncos just keep winning



  • Just the facts

    Some odd coaching decisions by Brost cost us a chance to compete, but good luck to WA @ Redbird Arena.

    • Big Dog

      Just the facts, I thought you knew Brost really can’t coach under pressure and overall is not a good coach. Brost has been blessed with good talent through out the years but when it comes down to the X’s & O’s and talented teams he is lost and it’s been that way since he’s been at the BROOK, just the truth and the facts!

  • RB

    Corliss beat Lincoln-Way East, who you say is the best team is school history. Lincoln-Way East didn’t even make it to the super sectionals yet Corliss is not in the top 25?

  • hoops hardcore

    …PS anyone who says winning any championship is no big deal…never competed for anything in their life!!!! Championships are extremely hard to come by and Orr has claimed the last two in 2A. I shouldn’t even have to write this but every fan of basketball didn’t have the privilege of playing a sport.

  • hoops hardcore

    Where is the sauce it down super-25?
    Some of us like the difference in opinions.
    Some of us appreciate another perspective.
    Many like comparing the two sets of rankings for conversation.

    Word of advice for sauce: Don’t just repeat other rankings….do your homework and rank teams according to your own specifications and structure. Many I’ve talked to say they like your rankings and would like to see you have a real platform to publish your poll. Thank you for your efforts to this point Mr. Sauce!

  • Sam 50 year alum

    Whats the big deal Orr plays a 4A schedule all year then gets to beat up on the real 2A schools in the tournament. Not impressed at all. If you play a 4A or 3A schedule all year that’s what you should play at tourney. same thing goes with teams in 3A like Morgan Pk. Bogan they play 4A all year but 3A in the tourney.

    • Craig S. Siller

      If it wasn’t such a big deal then every 2A school in CPS would win every year. But that is not the case. This is what the state has created taken away the automatic bid from CPS schools. Even when it was class A and AA the better smaller schools will always play the bed larger Schools to get better. So yes going back to back is a big deal. What those Kia’s go through and not just those kids but a lot of city kids simply trying to make it to school to home back to school and back home is an accomplishment.

    • Orr Alum

      If there is one advantage that teams like ORR, Bogan, Morgan Park and alike have… its their undying determination to use basketball as a tool to a better life for them and their family. Some of these kids wouldnt even be able to go to college if it wasn’t for athletics. Winning two state championships is a huge deal. We should encourage these children not tear them down. For a “50 year alum” you should be ashamed to be an elder and unsupportive of any student athlete. Playing a tougher schedule makes them better. Going through tough things in life makes us all better prepared for anything that comes our way. These kids exemplify strength and determination. Who are you to say otherwise?

      • CCLAlum1989

        orr recuits kids for basketball who says they leave a catholic school to go to better school for book orr is not that great of school

  • Adam

    No Farragut? They’d beat Loyola, Barrington to name a few.

  • chris

    Once again these are the real deal top 25 Chicago Area rankings. Large 4A class teams get the benefit over smaller 3A and 2A teams.
    Corliss had a great season advancing all the way to 2A Super Sectional and Elite 8
    North Lawndale still alive an in 3A Elite 8.

    • RB

      Corliss beat Lincoln -Way East 56 – 42 and made it farther in the IHSA tournament. Yet, they’re ranked lower than the “best team in school history?” Corliss also played a tough schedule during the season, so I’m not understanding.

  • Norm

    Curie is a good team. But they lost. They are out. They should have been moved down.

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