2018 Chicago Sun-Times All-City basketball team

Morgan Park's Ayo Dosunmu (11) drives toward the basket during a game against Champaign Central in the Chicago Elite Classic tournament, December 2, 2017. Allen Cunningham / for Chicago Sun Times

This wasn’t the season that Morgan Park senior Ayo Dosunmu had in mind.

The Illinois recruit was sidelined in late December with ankle injury. He missed about a month of the season and didn’t seem fully fit until a loss at Young in the Public League playoffs on Feb. 13.

“I remember sitting in my room at one point and realizing that I just had to sit out and get back to full health,” Dosunmu said. “You have to look at the big picture.”

The 6-4 guard has been excellent when healthy, often posting huge scoring totals. That isn’t what stands out about Dosunmu though, there are great guards in the city every season. Since he emerged freshman year he’s been a smart and mentally tough kid, far beyond the typical high school basketball star.

“I never pouted,” Dosunmu said. “You can’t allow yourself to do that. You have to focus on coming back stronger. Sitting out definitely made me appreciate the game more.

“This is probably the best that I have felt physically and mentally after the injury. I’m back playing over the rim and playing a complete game. It feels good.”

Morgan Park are the favorites to win Class 3A, the playoffs start next week.

“That is all I am focused on right now,” Dosunmu said. “I want to leave my legacy and hold that trophy at the end of the season.”

Back in November Dosunmu spoke eloquently about his desire to help the Illinois basketball program rise to prominence. The team’s struggles this season haven’t changed his mind.

“I watch every game and I’m into it,” Dosunmu said. “[Illinois coach Brad Underwood] is a great coach, he gets to the players. He yells at them and has the passion I like. He’s just great. I know I can come in there and be myself. I’m looking forward to it big time. A lot of people are gonna be doubting us because they are having a bad year but I’m excited for the challenge.”

Simeon’s Talen Horton-Tucker, Young’s Javon Freeman, Orr’s Dannie Smith and Morgan Taylor of Marist round out the first team. Horton-Tucker has signed with Iowa State and Freeman is heading to Valparaiso. Smith and Taylor are still uncommitted.

Player, School, Position, Height, Year
Ayo Dosunmu, Morgan Park, G, 6-4, Sr.
Javon Freeman, Young, G, 6-3, Sr.
Talen Horton-Tucker, Simeon, F, 6-5, Sr.
Dannie Smith, Orr, F, 6-5, Sr.
Morgan Taylor, Marist, G, 6-3, Sr.

Chase Adams, Orr, G, 5-8, Sr.
Fred Cleveland, Leo, G, 5-8, Jr.
Perry Cowan, DePaul Prep, F, 6-4, Jr.
Raekwon Drake, Orr, F, 6-5, Sr.
Messiah Jones, Simeon, F, 6-5, Sr.

DaChaun Anderson, Leo, F, 6-7, Jr.
Kejuan Clements, Simeon, G, 6-2, Jr.
Toraze Dobbs, Uplift, F, 6-6, Sr.
Markese Jacobs, Uplift, G, 6-0, Jr.
Adam Miller, Morgan Park, G, 6-4, So.

Cam Burrell, Morgan Park, F, 6-6, Sr.
Xavier Castaneda, Young, G, 6-2, Sr.
George Conditt, Corliss, F, 6-10, Sr.
Treavon Martin, Curie, F, 6-8, Sr.
Terrence Shannon, Lincoln Park, G, 6-6, Sr.

Honorable Mention
Rashaun Agee, Bogan, Jr.
Will Bynum, Prosser, Sr.
Jalen Carter, Lindblom, Sr.
Maurice Commander, Curie, Sr.
Demetrius Douglas, North Lawndale, Jr.
David Forrest, North Lawndale, Sr.
Myles Baker, Young, Jr.
Jordan Booker, Bogan, Jr.
Hylan Harris, Crane, Sr.
Jack Ellison, Marist, Sr.
Marquise Kennedy, Brother Rice, Jr.
Antwone Lampkin, Wells, Sr.
Javion May, Hope Academy, Sr.
Xavier Pinson, Simeon, Sr.
Teshaun Stokes, Clemente, Sr.
Aaron Strong, Farragut, Jr.
Reggie Strong, Farragut, So.
Nas Turner, Kenwood, Sr.
Marquise Walker, Curie, Jr.
Lenell Watson, Perspectives-Calumet, Sr.

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  • Cinque Peoples Sports Reporter Raleigh, NC

    You guys really need to watch out for Junior Fred Cleveland at St. LEO. He is a real triple threat point guard, he can shoot the rock, run the offense, and he plays great defense. He has really come into his own the last two years of his prep career!

  • Terrance Craft

    Terrance Craft Jr is missing

  • Pam McElvane

    I cannot believe Josh Boulanger did not get an honorable mention when this kid showed up everywhere for Brother Rice. He played as hard as the second and third teams but I get it they have played BB longer. At least JB walks away with all time Blocks and leading rebounds; not bad for a kid who never got to play his real position……..good looking out ST on everything else.

  • anonymous

    no dj stweard?

  • Samatha read

    I’ve watched all the games also and I’m a huge fan of that Simeon kid Messiah Jones he should of definitely made 1st team. His talent strength and multitasking on the court speaks for itself. The kid is pure relentlessness and deserves that first team position not one of the players other that THT can hold him. He plays his position to help his team and is defending players twice his size. Which doesn’t seem to matter one bit the kid is amazing to watch and is an all around player.

  • Craig lawrence

    THT best player in the state top 10 nationally

  • Duke Carnoustie

    Ayo is a great player and congratulations to him. Can’t wait to see how he helps our state school – the Illini – get back to prominence. Congrats to Ayo who is an amazing talent and thank goodness he is playing close to him so we can enjoy him for four more years.

  • hank johnson

    Michael, great job with the list. You do a superb job of covering the area for HS Basketball, your work is greatly appreciated. Keep it up!

  • Marcel Jones

    I think Messiah should have been on the first team and X Pinson should at least made second. Messiah had 12pts and 10 rebs in the city championships game, he only play 15 mins also. (Questionial calls by the referee) As far as X goes, he’ll be averaging 30 or better on any other team.

  • gary dangerfield

    Lincoln Park’s Terrence Shannon might be the first player to earn All-City in football and basketball for the same year in a while. Phillips had a player do it back in the 70’s. Hard to believe he has not attracted more interest from mid-majors and local schools like Loyola, DePaul and UIC. Chicago State and Lewis are the only locals offering.

  • Ty

    No love for Curie huh? Treavon 4 team and no tyree Martin and Daquan Gordon .

    • tsmith

      The Curie Condors aka Black Sheep of the CPS. Recall that the City of Chicago Council never recognized them when they won State in ’16. The Cook County Board had to step up. When they defeated WY for the CPS title with Big Cliff, Mayor Rahmmie Rahm sat cheering with WY and left before the award ceremony. This media outlet even failed report that Curie was in the process of having that title restored by Barbara Byrd Bennett before she was indicted by the Feds. An investigation later revealed that several other schools, including the runner-up WY, did not have the remediation plans on file with the incompetent CPS sports dept. Curie had to bite that bullet. Let’s not even talk about the Michigan City fiasco in ’16. No mention of those bball Seniors (5) all graduating with honors and accepted to Bachelor Degree granting institutions. Are you really surprised now?

  • Jay

    Ayo is a great player and will be on the next but he should not be spotlighted as much as was this year with THT emergence of a future super star before our eyes. The fact that we continue to read you talk about how THT isn´t a lock for POY shows your admiration of Ayo . Love your work though Mike. You are spot on 95% of the time

  • Black

    Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity. There will be quite a few kids next season who will get their opportunity, to show what they can do. Many have had to wait in the shadows although if they were at different schools, they would probably already be in your discussions. Many will get the opportunity to spread their wings in a few short months, when AAU season begins. You wouldn’t know many of them can play, based on how they were or weren’t being played by their High School coaches.

    • March is coming

      Please…AAU is the worst thing to happen to high school basketball. I know so many players who have gotten destroyed by the AAU system. Give me high school games over AAU games any day of the week.

      • Duke Carnoustie

        Back when I was in school, you earned your reputation on the playgrounds. These kids don’t understand that history of those games on the asphalt.

  • Coach Cano

    Great job on this list and thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

  • guru

    Dont think Ayo should have been first team , he didnt even play the whole season, plus the coach leaves him in games when they r killing teams so he can get those big numbers, give other kids a chance. Dont get me wrong he is a ok player but there are better players out there, open yall eyes

    • mattb74

      That’s exactly how he got hurt in the first place. Up 30 with 4 minutes left against Butler in the Dipper.

  • Eric Richards

    This article should’ve spotlighted Simeon’s Talen Horton-Tucker,’s Amazing Season and winning City for the 3rd time in 4 years. Morgan Park is favored to when because all the tough teams are in 4A. Even Uplift and Orr have to battle it out for state in 2A.

    • tsmith

      Agreed. Makes perfectly good sense to anyone with an IQ over 75.The power of the media is amazing. Unfortunately, the average reader does not realize that they are always trying to be “sold” something. With all the amazing CPS play on demonstration the past week. With all the amazing CPS players on demonstration this past week and all year, we get recycled info. This is why there is not a strong argument against “fake news.” I would’ve loved to see a lead up to THT’s imminent POY, but here comes the Kanye West override story. Hilarious.

  • Michael Tate

    Must be a popularity contest. True journalism is dead, how many of these players have you seen this year? Or are you truly going by word of mouth. I would love to see your list compared to the CPLCA all-city team. At least the coaches don’t go by who has a big name. Don’t be the problem be part of the solution.

    • Michael O'Brien

      Are you seriously asking me how many of these players I’ve seen play? Guess you aren’t paying attention. Thanks for reading though.

      • Michael O'Brien

        I don’t wanna squelch the debate, please feel free to have it if you disagree with the selections. But I think most of you realize I’ve seen 99% of these players play more times than I can count.

        • Tim

          Don’t worry about the negative comments Mike.
          You’ve been doing a great job all season

          • Michael O'Brien

            Thanks Tim, appreciate it. I’m fine with negative comments and debate. It’s a tough list to come up with, had to make a lot of hard decisions. But somebody claiming I didn’t see the guys play…

          • mikenike

            Agree 100%. Can’t believe someone would actually ask O’Brien of all people “how many of these players have you seen this year”?

      • Manny

        It is clear to those of us that read mike regularly that he is using this to highlight one great player who was the favorite for player of the year and will not get it. He knows there will be a much bigger write up coming when Mike announces THT as player of the year. Nothing wrong with spreading the love and talking about what a great Career this young man had. It is a big story and a big story that he is staying in the state. THT has all the awards coming and everyone knows it..

    • tsmith

      The lead story says it all. Gotta do the final MP/Ayo story before reluctantly awarding THT POY.

    • lefty

      I think the coaches are much more prone to a popularity contest. Look at how school reps seed teams. I would have a small beef with Ayo on the first team due to injury and agree with Guru, but not going to lose sleep over it. Would be nice if teams that thought themselves ‘elite’ would elect to play up–Orr, Morgan Park, Fenwick last year etc. Thought the last time I looked Simeon had a 3A enrollment and I know they’d never hide from the challenge. DeLaSalle used to play up as well, I don’t think so this year.

      • Michael O'Brien

        Agree Lefty, I wish the 3A and 2A powers would move up as well. But when Simeon was in 3A they didn’t move up. Lost to Marshall in the state title game.

        Dosunmu on the first team was a difficult decision based on the games he missed. When I went to the Young-Morgan Park game I really had no idea where he would be on All-City. He was very good in that game, made my mind up for me. Also, I couldn’t really make a credible case for anyone replacing him.

        • Leegs1

          Mikey: if I were you, I would consider being accused of representing “fake news” a compliment in the text it is used today. I don’t always agree with you, but this old fart looks forward to your insights. Press forward!

          • tsmith

            Leegs1, you are slick. lol. You know that Mike was never being accused of “fake news” but rather “biased news” with his position on Ayo regardless of how we see THT with our lying eyes. Reread the comments posted. His Freudian Slip of “replace” [AYO] tells you that the first team spot was his to lose. It strongly suggests that the gap between the young man and any player on the 2nd-4th team was so vast that their full-season didn’t measure up to his partial season. If we are talking past performance, potential and talent, then I’m with Mike 100%. If we are talking 2017-18 productivity and impact, then Mike has some splainin’ to do.

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