Michael O’Brien’s Chicago-area Super 25 basketball rankings

Kejuan Clements (0) of Simeon floats past Orr's Raekwon Drake (25) at the CPS title game at Chicago State Friday 02-18-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Simeon (25-3) 1
City champions

2. Orr (23-4) 3
Class 2A favorites

3. Curie (22-3) 2
Lost to Orr

4. Young (22-7) 4
Tyler Beard is promising

5. Morgan Park (18-9) 5
Class 3A favorites

6. Leo (19-5) 8
Fred Cleveland won Lawless

7. New Trier (22-3) 9
Dominated Evanston

8. Evanston (20-5) 6
Tough sectional ahead

9. Hillcrest (21-5) 10
Survived TF North

10. Marian Catholic (20-4) 11
Three-win week

11. Benet (21-4) 12
Colin Crothers big vs. Stevenson

12. Naperville North (23-2) 13
Very consistent season

13. West Aurora (19-4) 14
Cam Donatlan is producing

14. Marist (23-4) 15
Knocked off St. Patrick

15. DePaul Prep (20-6) 16
Petitioned up to Class 3A

16. Fenwick (18-7) 17
DJ Steward won Lawless

17. Oak Park (21-5) 18
Undefeated in conference

18. St. Viator (22-5) 20
Handled Carmel

19. Maine South (20-7) NR
Beat Niles North again

20. Homewood-Flossmoor (16-6) NR
Took down Bolingbrook

21. Bogan (17-8) 21
Gave Orr a challenge

22. Uplift (16-9) 24
Hung with Simeon

23. Niles North (22-4) 7
Hosts New Trier Monday

24. Hinsdale South (20-5) NR
Zion Griffin is a force

25. Bolingbrook (17-6) 23
Potential is there



  • Bob

    26-4 Chicago Hope is very well coached 2A team.
    Will upset Orr in 3A super sectional

  • Bob

    Chicago Hope Academy is very well coached disciplined team.
    javion may would start for anybody. They will play Orr very tough in super sectional.

  • chris

    Niles North Beats New Trier today. 3 CSS teams in top 10 now?

    • chris

      Niles North 78, New Trier 65. Final. Niles North: Jamal Stephenson 30, Damaria Franklin 26, Dravon Clayborn 10. New Trier: Andrew Kilpatrick 24, Spencer Boehm 11. Griffin Ryan 10.

  • Manny

    Marian Catholic is in 4th place in their conference. I realize they had early wins over Hillcrest, HF and Rita. But the loss to St. Pats is one of the worst in the top 25. Niles North doesnt have a loss anywhere as bad as that and they have a bunch of quality wins. It is amazing we have teams that are so far down in the conference standings ranked so high. But the ESCC doesnt play a real conference schedule so it is hard to count it when you only play each team once. Who thinks that is really meaningful? beating a team at home and away is an accomplishment. One bad night and the conference title is gone.

  • B max

    Solid Rankings. CPS is elite this year.

    • lefty

      Have to agree when the better Catholic League players are transferring to CPS. At least we know it’s not about the education.

      • Bball fan

        LOL. Last night the guy announcing the CPS championship game on TV says “this is the reason Chase Adams transferred from Marian Catholic to Orr- to get to a bigger (basketball) stage”. That announcer must not have gotten the memo about transfer rules. Cause if that was the reason, the kid would be INELIGIBLE.

  • tsmith

    Can someone explain how MP always defy Newton’s Third Law of Motion? Please do not offer the classic ” only losses were Simeon, Curie, Orr…and the rest to out of State teams… Ayo (great young man) didn’t play..the ball didn’t go through the goal more times than their opponent, etc.” I’m looking for logic and rationale. If it is 99% Art and 1% Science then I’m cool with the subjectivity afforded annually to them and a select few. It defies logic that a team with a 67% winning percentage is better than the field minus 4. It says to the field minus 4 that numbers do lie. i^2 = -1= MP ranked 5th. lol.

    • B max

      The Public League this year is phenomenal this year. You will see when the CPS teams win 2A 3A and 4A. Put any suburban team below MP in the Red South or Red North and I bet their record would be worse. It’s about Strength of schedule.

      • NT FAN

        The Public League is great, no argument here. However the CSL South is legit too. NT, Evanston, Maine South and Niles North are all for real and they all have to play each other twice. Morgan Park would not skate through home and homes with any of those teams, let alone ALL of those teams.

      • tsmith

        I understand your point. I guess we will never know for sure. I don’t think that the majority of these schools are “dodging” CPS teams. MP leadership is strategic and borderline slick. Good coach and players though. MP remains in Class 3A and avoids Class 4A like the plague. However, one could say that they might have more than 9 losses if “forced” to play the top CPS teams twice (Home and Away) this year. So would you ignore an 15-12 record and go with that same argument or just call it what it is?

        • NT FAN

          I just think that the CSL South is legit this year and that any team in the state would have a tough time winning that conference. NT, NN, Evanston and Maine South can play with anybody (aside from maybe Simeon). The CSL South has 4 teams in the top 25 so I’m not saying it’s underrated by any means, I just think the spread between the public league and the CSL South is much smaller than most people think

          • Norm

            As an Evanston and CSL South fan I appreciate your optimism. But I’m still skeptical as to how good the team’s really are. Last year’s Evanston team is superior to any team in the conference this year and all those top city teams are basically at or better than last year’s Wildkits

  • John Thorne Sr

    Michael, got to pick on the WWS fans when you can… I believe they don’t even get out of their regional this year. Tough game 3 with Wheaton North and if they win that they play Batavia. Batavia has the shooters to knock them out. Tough draw for the tigers. Might be decades before they become relevant again after these two past classes. To only come away with possibly a regional title and all those wins… just seems like another team anywhere in the state. Props on their success and I do like the way they play. Unfortunately all good runs come to an end.

    • Manny

      they haven’t lost yet. Yes it was a tough draw. But WN is not that good. Naperville North beat them shorthanded without a problem. Batavia is good, but seems to have really struggled down the last month. If WWS can keep the games under 40 points they always have a chance. Assuming the Healy’s head does not explode. He is a bit too crazy for my taste. I do think Benet will kill them with the similar style and better talent if they do make it out of the regional. There season will be made on Wednesday if they can beat Naperville North. On paper NN kills them, but they always have a hard time with the Tiger cubs…..

  • Norm

    Pretty harsh on NN dropping them to 23. Interesting that they are the 3 seed in the sectional and will probably face 6 seed St. Viator for regional title yet Viator is currently ranked higher. And Loyola the 4 seed is out of the rankings while 5 seed MS is now 19. Unusual stuff

    • Michael O'Brien

      Yeah, this entire season is a headache. I just couldn’t bring myself to have Niles North above Maine South after the Hawks beat them for the second time.

      It is late February and I honestly don’t know what the best non-Public League team is.

      • Anthony

        I attended both NN vs MS games and the officiating at those games were the worst I’ve seen in a long time. I’m an Evanston graduate that wanted to see a good game. Not to take any credit away from MS but they had a sixth and seventh player on their side in those games. If there is a copy for you to see check for yourself.

  • Manny

    Crazy year. I think this year is setting up for a lot of upsets. I would like to hear guesses for the number of 5 and higher seeds that make it to the sectional finals in 4A. Of the 16 teams I would guess we have at least 6 teams with a 5+ seed that make it to the sectional finals and only 4 #1 seeds make it to the super-sectionals.

    Niles North, Bolingbook and Romeoville – all the hype coming into the season. Now is your chance to turn it around…….

  • chris

    Solid Rankings MikeO. Thanks for letting me post the sauce it up/ down 25 on your Notebooks.

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