No Shot Clock, Ep. 75: Diving into the mailbag

Joe Henricksen and Michael O’Brien’s weekly Chicago high school basketball podcast. It is mailbag time. We do our Two Takes and then hop into a massive mailbag full of listener questions.

Some of the topics:

-What are the top three supersectionals?
-Is Talen Horton-Tucker the toughest player to guard?
-What will Simeon have next year?
-Who are the top five players in 2019?
-What happened with Illinois recruiting after 2005?
-Why is O’Brien watching Momence?
-Sectional dark horses
-Could four DVC teams win regionals?
-Is Niles North underrated?
-Where should CPS hold the quarterfinals?
-Can anyone knock off Providence-St. Mel before the super?
-Will Belleville West or Normal West come to Chicago next season?
-Which Illinois coaches have hit the 800-win mark?

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That and much more…

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  • Terry O'Rourke

    St. Charles North has knocked five teams out of the Top 25 (Bogan, St Charles East,Batavia,Benet and this week Larkin) yet never been in the Top 25. St. Charles North is three games ahead of St. Charles East in Conference, may be four by Regional time but East is seeded ahead of North. Thanks coaches. Hope you finally give H-F the love they deserve this week.

  • Manny

    great stuff – really enjoy the podcast

  • The South Shore Tar

    You sound ignorant.

  • The South Shore Tar

    Here’s a topic for you to discuss. “Why is the IHSA a bunch of hypocrites?” Why do they claim to be for the communities, etc., yet they shut them out at tournament time, by having all the championship games on cable? This hurts the inner-city kids and disadvantaged who do not have cable and can’t afford it. I guess it’s all about the money. Used to be the games were on regular television, but I guess no one wants to televise them because there is not enough money in it, huh? Even public television won’t do it, or U-Too, who televises regular season football and basketball. Where are you IHSA? You’re a bunch of phonies!!

    • Michael Altman

      Who doesn’t have cable?? And what do you mean by regular television? Do you mean with an antennae?? Regular local television is also on cable. Are you worried that you will miss some games?? Who are these disadvantaged and inner city kids who don’t have cable?? Do you mean homeless people?? They don’t even have TV(s)…
      Your post sounds pretty lame and petty…

      • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

        Mike Altman –

        FYI, 17 percent U.S. TV households rely on “broadcast-only” television reception. Concurrently 25 percent now have no cable and satellite reception.

        Your post was very lame and petty and it reeked of tiki torch fuel

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