Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 Chicago-area basketball rankings

Loyola's Kevin Cunningham (1) dribbles against St. Ignatius at Wintrust Arena on Friday 01-19-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Simeon (22-3) 1
Three wins from city title

2. Curie (22-3) 2
Hosts Kenwood Tuesday

3. Orr (21-3) 3
Hosts Bogan Tuesday

4. Young (21-6) 4
Hosts Morgan Park Tuesday

5. Morgan Park (18-8) 5
Kenyon Duling is underrated

6. Evanston (19-4) 6
Played rugged schedule

7. Niles North (21-3) 7
Dominated Prospect

8. Leo (17-5) 8
Malcolm Bell can shoot

9. New Trier (19-3) 10
At Maine South Tuesday

10. Hillcrest (19-5) 11
Hosts TF North Tuesday

11. Marian Catholic (17-4) 12
Several solid role players

12. Benet (19-4) 15
Ten-game winning streak

13. Naperville North (21-2) 16
Battled through injuries

14. West Aurora (18-4) 17
High ceiling for Blackhawks

15. Marist (22-4) 9
Lost at St. Viator

16. DePaul Prep (19-6) 13
Lost to Brother Rice

17. Fenwick (16-7) 18
Had the week off

18. Oak Park (18-5) 19
Nice win vs. Downers North

19. Loyola (21-4) 20
Lost to Evanston

20. St. Viator (20-5) NR
Trey Calvin can score

21. Bogan (17-7) 22
Jordan Booker runs the show

22. St. Rita (13-10) 23
Very busy week

23. Bolingbrook (17-5) 25
Getting healthy

24. Uplift (16-8) NR
Can Titans shock Simeon?

25. Larkin (18-6) NR
Upstate Eight River champs



  • They call me coach

    Why are there no girl’s rankings? Equity?

    • Leegs1

      Suntimes has no budget to cover the girls. Buy more papers! Maybe Mikey would get a raise.

    • Don

      Not everything needs to be fair. Free market controls what is covered, There is Little interest in the girls. Not much coverage of the chess team or math team. Is that fair? Of course not, but it doesn’t have to be fair.

  • Mike "Hot for Teacher / Human Aneurysm" Healy

    Well, speaking for Tiger nation, we at Wheaton South just can’t flee the DVC and those big mean Naperville schools quick enough. First our football program goes all to heck and now we can’t even beat Metea in hoops. Thankfully it’s almost time to put our Tiger tail between our legs and run crying from the big bad DVC for the mighty DuKane. I’m really looking forward to our 2 football wins next season. On the bright side, at least now nobody can say we were overrated by Mike O’B in hoops!

  • Hoops Fan

    Chris, you’re doing a great job here! Just please get it right, it The ESCC (East Suburban Catholic Conference)!

  • OLD

    Every year the crying about ranking… In high school it really dont matter…March is right around the corner the kids playing on the court will solve all this…Great Job Michael taking the time to go the games and make atop 25 ranking…

  • Manny

    In my opinion the Catholic schools (both leagues) are getting two much credit for beating each other in games. Several of those teams have bad losses: Rita with 10 losses including a loss to Providence. Fenwick has played a great schedule, but lost to RB. Marian Catholic lost to St. Pats. All of those losses are at least as bad as WWS losses to York and Naperville Central. If you are discounting their wins over Naperville North and Oak Park at least consider that they lost in OT to JC and York. So only two other losses all year and some quality wins

  • chris

    Exactly! Life is Not Fair! The game did not go your way, the refs did not call it correctly, you did not get the ranking you earned and deserve, TOO BAD! Life goes on and be thankful there are more games yet to play.

  • SimeonAlum

    A lot of complaining about the rankings week after week yet you all come here too complain about them. Get ready for a novel idea…..stop reading!! Or publish your own. Or just be easy. Good job with an impossible task each week sir. I will continue to read and not complain Mr. O’brien

    • Leegs1

      If Mikey ranked Simeon second, would you complain? He will survive as he does every year, including this crazy basketball season. He has a hide like a rhino!

      • SimeonAlum

        He did!! Orr was the preseason #1 team. Didn’t complain not once. Just said wait and see. Nice try tho

  • Robert

    Loyola and St.Viator would have at least 8 losses in the CSL South. Seedings should reflect this. Public schools can not take players outside their area. Seeding should also reflect that.

  • Mike O'Malley

    Chris- you have way too much time on your hands

  • Coach big pete

    These ranking are a yuuuge joke! Unnaceptable that WWS is unranked after they handled Naperville North and OPRF!! WE WANT ANSWERS! New video drops tonight Mikey!!!!!

  • BighomieQuan

    Public league prediction – battle of Vincennes and battle of Pulaski (south side) in semis!

  • Bballfan

    How does Viator fall behind 3 conference teams they beat – Benet? Marist? Marian Catholic? The ranking makes no sense.Rita with 10 losses at 22? How does all this compute? 2 of Viator losses were to ranked teams New Trier and Loyola.

    • chris

      LOL! Imagine Marion Catholic and their coach reading these silly Mike O rankings and saying, hey we are 3-3 in the EECS and currently in 5th place . No Worries though, Mike O has us ranked #11 in the Chicago Area and ahead of 3 EECS teams we lost to! Haaa!

  • chris

    Benet which lost to St. Viator, Marion Catholic which lost to St. Viator and Marist and Marist which lost to St. Viator can ALL have the fancy Mike O top 25 higher ranking right now.


    The St. Viator Lions are going to be the EECS Conference CHAMPIONS not Benet, not Marion Catholic and not Marist! Winning Conference Championships is not easy. You have to be ready to bring your best game every time out for conference games. You can get hot in a tourney, you have to be consistent over course of long season. Congrats to St. Viator and Congrats to Benet for 10 game win streak.

  • Jeffrey James powers

    St Rita is 13-10. For the love of all that is holy Michael, I almost said S my C. Way to restrain yourself Jeff that was close. Nonetheless, that is one of the more head scratching rankings of my 52 years watching high school basketball. Can I get an explanation why they’re ranked over WWS?

    • chris

      Yep, these MO top 25 rankings are becoming an embarrassment and insult to players and coaches across Chicago area. Talk about MO pet teams: Marion Catholic, Hillcrest, and now St. Rita.

  • Where is the love?

    Mike, you state that Viator joins the ranked list for the first time this season. Viator was in your rankings prior to their Wheeling Tournament losses. Remember they beat Benet, Prospect, Marian Catholic, Conant, and Libertyville?

    And not sure if you forgot but you saw them beat Marist last night and yet you still rank them ahead of Viator. But then again you implied in your story that the Marist loss was due to their poor play.

    And then in your sectional breakdown you skip right over Viator and sing the praises of Norte Dame who Viator beat just two weeks ago.

    Starting to wonder if you have some kind of beef with Viator.

    • chris

      How does a Marion Catholic deserve to be # 11 right now?????
      17-4 overall and in the EECS they are 3-3 in 5th place BEHIND St. Patrick 4-3
      MC lost to St. Patrick!, Marist, Lincoln Park, and St. Viator.
      MC beat Hillcrest.

      #11????? Really and ahead of Benet, Marist, and St Viator????? NO WAY Sir!

    • Hoops Fan

      There is beef with Viator. The beef is Viator has been better than the “basketball people” want to admit. Some people hate when they can’t put you in a box and make you predictable.The fact that MO also said that Viator enters the ranking for the 1st time this year is moreproof there’s beef? We’ll make this biblical though and still rejoice. The word says that there are more for us, than against us. Go Lions!

  • chris

    Sauce it Up Super 25

    1. Simeon 2. Curie 3. Orr 4. Young 5. Morgan Park 6. Evanston 7. New Trier 8.Niles North 9. Leo 10. Benet 11. St. Viator 12. WWS 13. Naperville North 14. West Aurora 15. Fenwick 15.Marist 16. Marian Catholic 17.Hillcrest 18. OPRF 19. Loyola 20. DePaul 21.Bogan 22. Joliet Central 23. Uplift 24.Bolingbrook 25. Larkin

    On the Verge: Prospect, Maine South, H-F, LWE , Corliss , Aurora Christian, Stevenson, St. Rita, Hope Academy, Timothy Christian

  • Educated basketball fan

    They have 10 losses. 10! 3 games over .500

  • chris

    Benet on a 10 game win streak and is better than Hillcrest and Marion Catholic right now
    WWS on a 9 game win streak
    H-F , Bolingbrook, and LWE need to sort it out Bolingbrook at H-F this friday

    • Barron Von Wildcat

      Hillcrest would SMOKE THE PANTS OFF OF WWS & BENET 😂… MO knows CONTENDERS FROM PRETENDERS, good season for you guys tho… Keep dreaming, maybe you’ll get there one day.

  • Rod Blagojevich

    WWS is still unranked what a corrupt and broken system

    • chris

      Yep! Just like the Democratic Party, Broke and Corrupt as get up! LOL! Liars and Cheats.

      • George Ryan


        Please don’t forget me and why Rod became our Governor, corruption is not a partisan problem in IL.

        IL – Where our Governors make our license plates!

  • Curious

    Why is Fenwick ranked behind Depaul Prep? I think their spot is justifies after the RB loss but they just beat Depaul Prep and Brother Rice

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