Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 Chicago-area basketball rankings

Orr's Ty Mosely (0) gets a dunk in the second half against Young Thursday 02-01-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Simeon (20-3) 1
Had the week off

2. Curie (20-3) 2
DaJuan Gordon emerging

3. Orr (19-3) 3
Never won city before

4. Young (19-6) 6
Tyler Beard is back

5. Morgan Park (16-8) 7
Ayo Dosunmu is back

6. Evanston (18-4) 10
Not young anymore

7. Niles North (20-3) 4
Lost to Wildkits in OT

8. Leo (17-5) 12
Fred Cleveland wins

9. Marist (21-3) 9
Lost to St. Rita

10. New Trier (19-3) 11
At Niles North Friday

11. Hillcrest (18-5) 13
Big win over Lemont

12. Marian Catholic (15-4) 15
Nice win against Carmel

13. DePaul Prep (19-5) 16
Hosts Brother Rice Saturday

14. Lincoln Park (14-7) 17
Tricky first two rounds

15. Benet (18-4) 18
Hosts Carmel Friday

16. Naperville North (19-2) 19
Three-win week

17. West Aurora (18-4) 20
Jared Crutcher is a force

18. Fenwick (16-7) 8
Lost to Riverside-Brookfield

19. Oak Park (17-5) 14
Lost to Evanston

20. Loyola (21-3) 24
Held Shamrocks to 11 points

21. Prospect (16-4) 21
David Swedura gets it done

22. Bogan (15-7) 22
Wants a shot at Orr

23. Aurora Christian (21-0) 25
Proved it Saturday

24. St. Rita (13-10) NR
Beat Marist, Brother Rice

25. Bolingbrook (16-5) 5
Three-game losing streak



  • chris

    New Sauce it Up Top 25 – H-F, Bolingbrook , and LWE need to sort it out

    1. Simeon 2. Curie 3. Orr 4. Young 5. Morgan Park 6. Evanston 7. New Trier 8.Niles North 9. Leo 10. Benet 11. Marist 12. DePaul 13. Loyola 14. West Aurora 15. Fenwick 16. Marian Catholic 17.Hillcrest 18. Lincoln Park 19. WWS 20. Naperville North 21. Aurora Christian 21-0 22. Maine South 23. Prospect 24. St. Viator 25. Corliss

    On the Verge: H-F, Bolingbrook, LWE , Larkin, Barrington, Joliet Central, Stevenson, Lake Zurich, OPRF, Bogan, St. Rita,

  • chris

    How is Marian Catholic 3-3 in the East Suburban Conference and ranked at #12 ahead of Benet which is 5-1 and St. Viator which is 6-0 in same conference?????

    MC is overrated here!

  • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

    Doh, more fuel for the bitter WWS fans as they handle NCHS at home w/ a wee bit of help from the zebras. Hats off to the Tigers, it’s ugly, but effective.

    • Mike "Hot for Teacher / Human Aneurysm" Healy

      Thanks – we knew if we got them at home and ran our perpetual moving pick offense while playing defense w/ our hands instead of moving our feet there was no way the officials could possibly call all the fouls we commit each time we, or our opponent has possession.

      It’s really too bad that was the last time we play Central in the DVC. Thankfully, it’s almost time to put our Tiger tail between our legs and flee the big bad DVC for the safety and 3 or 4 wins we’ll get in football next year in the mighty DuKane.

      • MiChAeL oBrIeN iS sMaRt

        “might dukane” the conference that has the returning 7A state champion. sounds like someone is salty that their team can’t hang with the tigers on the court

  • chris

    Sauce it Up Top 25

    1. Simeon 2. Curie 3. Orr 4. Young 5. Morgan Park 6. Evanston 7. New Trier 8.Niles North 9. Leo 10. Benet 11. Loyola 12. Marist 13. DePaul 14. Marian Catholic 15. West Aurora 16. Fenwick 17. Hillcrest 18. Lincoln Park 19. WWS 20. Naperville North 21. Aurora Christian 21-0 22. Bolingbrook 23. H-F 24 LWE 25. St. Viator

    On the Verge: St. Rita, Prospect, Corliss, Larkin, Maine South, Barrington, Joliet Central, Lake Zurich, OPRF, Bogan, Libertyville

  • Manny

    Bolingbrook is clearly a much better team that Marist. Even with the 3 losses. if they played today no one in their right mind would pick Marist. Marist has wins over Marian Catholic and Brother Rice and losses to St Rita and Benet. If Marian Catholic if your big win you are in trouble – they lost to St Pats who managed 11 points in their next game. Brother Rice is OK but now has 6 losses. So Marist staying at 9 after losing to a 10 loss Rita team is crazy. Lets move Marist to about 25 and everyone else up a slot.

    • chris

      to be real, Marist belongs somewhere between #12-#20
      Totally agree with you that Marist certainly does not belong in top 10 at this time

  • Geprge Chiropolos

    Fenwick a great team. I am biased but that is OK. I saw them take down St. Ignatius Friday night.

  • NT FAN

    Mostly irrelevant because they play this Friday again, but I have a hard time understanding how Niles North is ranked ahead of New Trier. They have the same record, NT beat NN head to head, NT has the better overall resume with wins against NN, Loyola, Maine South (who also beat NN) St. Viator and Larkin. Granted, NN beat Evanston but they also lost to Evanston as well. NT lost to Evanston in OT. Totally nitpicking but I was just wondering what I am missing.

    • Manny

      NN looks better on the court. They dont play better, but they look like better athletes. Its the reason a lot of teams stay high in the rankings. But both are very good teams and either could win on any given day.

      • NT FAN

        I understand your point, but for the sake of argument, there really does not seem to be any reason to rank NN higher other than thinking that they “look better on the court”. NN has 3 losses.. (NT, Maine South and Evanston) Not only did NT beat NN, but they also beat Maine South. NT has 3 losses (Evanston, Hillcrest and Proviso East) Both teams lost to Evanston in close games… NN’s win against Evanston is literally the only advantage resume wise that they have over NT. NT’s overall resume is much better than NN’s though in my opinion

        • Norm

          I agree with you. NN has played an easy schedule. They wouldn’t have 20 wins otherwise. But it will all be decided in the sectionals. That’s if NT, NN and Evanston make it to the sectionals

        • chris

          totally Legit. And let’s also remember that the NT loss versus Proviso East was a consolation bracket game at the PW tourney and that loss really has not much meaning and very little weight according to MikeO. So….. move NT ahead of Niles North to #7 for now and we see how rest of season goes!

          • Leegs1

            Yep, NT played their sophomores against Proviso East in the consolation bracket loss because the game was meaningless.

        • James

          Manny was agreeing with you.

  • John

    It’s too bad that we don’t get an Aurora Christian vs West Aurora game. An intercity tournament like Bloomington/Normal has ever year would be a nice addition for these area schools.

  • Juswatchin

    Unfortunately Bolingbrook did not have their big Joey Serraco for 2 of those 3 losses…. oh well…. come sectionals..Big Joey and Kaleb Thornton will be back !!!

  • James

    Rita should not be ranked. They are living off the bolingbrook win. Now that doest even look good. . Give those bitter WWS fans some love and put them in. Their OT loss to York is better than Bolingbrooks loss to Lockport.

    • chris

      agree, Mike O holding on to Bogan , Prospect , St. Rita and OPRF which are all fringe and dubious top 25 Chicago area teams. These 4 really don’t deserve top 25 status at this time.

      Fenwick and Bolingbrook are fading fast by the game.

  • chris

    No Cherry Pick Top 25:

    1. Simeon 2. Curie 3. Orr 4. Evanston 5. Young 6. Morgan Park 7. Niles North 8. Leo 9.New Trier 10. Loyola 11. Benet 12. Marist 13. DePaul 14. Marian Catholic 15. West Aurora 16. Fenwick 17. Hillcrest 18. Lincoln Park 19. WWS 20. Naperville North 21. Aurora Christian 21-0 22. H-F 23. LWE 24.Bolingbrook 25. St. Viator

    On the Verge: St. Rita, Prospect, Corliss, Larkin, Maine South, Barrington, Joliet Central, Lake Zurich, OPRF, Bogan, Libertyville

    • Norm

      I’m a huge Evanston fan and they have been amazing this year. But top 5 might be pushing a little. Thanks for the recognition. I hope they prove me wrong

      • chris

        recognizing Evanston Wildkits earned accomplishments and victories. “All Glory is Fleeting” – George Patton

      • Michael Altman

        you may be right, they have had some very close victories, and they are overachieving from the pre-season picks.

        Go Kits!!!

  • Ray

    Will Fred Cleveland father continue to coach while the Leo basketball coach is suspended

  • tigers fan

    When you cherry pick what wins and losses matter and which ones don’t, that’s how you get 3 teams with 7 losses, 1 team with 8 losses and one team with 10 losses in the top 25. I’ll stop paying attention to these rankings now, as there is very little logic or justification behind them.

    • Aquagod92

      I see what you’re saying….but record isn’t everything. That team with 8 losses deserves to be where they are. MP’s losses were to ranked teams (some nationally ranked) and without the team’s top two players. But Ayo is back and Pearson is returning. Watch what happens now.

    • chris

      in state loses for Simeon = 0 for Curie =2 for Young = 3 for Morgan Park = 3
      Fenwick and LP both have 7 and are on bubble. Bogan and St. Rita have too many loses and not enough good win to stick around in top 25 right now.
      WWS should definitely be in top 25.

  • Hoops Fan

    Saint Viator gets no respect but just keep trucking along. You can’t use a couple bad loses against them anymore because most outside top 5 have had some sort of bad or tough loss. Lambesis, Calvin and Hernandez as good as any trio in the State!

  • Educated basketball fan

    Just don’t put WWS in your ranking ever again. They don’t want your uneducated ranking.

  • chris

    These are ok rankings. WWS 20-4 and beat Naperville North belongs in top 25 discussion
    along with St. Viator 18-5 who beat Prospect, Benet, and Marian Catholic 6-0 in East Sub. Catholic.

    LWE and H-F out and they can get in in near future

    St. Rita very dangerous even with a ton of loses. Rita more of On the Verge team right now.

    Yep, Fenwick at #18, not so hot. And the Brook just hanging in.

    How about Evanston Higher , like #4

    Ok, Leo gets the Love into top 10. That is good.

    Let’s see if Bogan is left top 25 – perhaps they are. We about to find out in CPL playoffs.

  • James

    ranking are impossible this year. But i would have dropped Marist out of to 15. Not enough good wins.

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