2018 Public League playoff scores/schedule

Curie's Marquise Walker (15) dribbles against Xavier Pinson (3) of Simeon Thursday 01-25-18. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

First Round
Orr 73, Foreman 42
Lane 48, Harlan 40
Farragut 65, Westinghouse 50
Bogan 71, Julian 58
Curie 88, Hubbard 32
UP-Englewood 62, Marshall 57
Kenwood 70, Dunbar 59
Lincoln Park 68, Collins 50
Simeon 114, Longwood 65
Corliss 60, North Lawndale 58
Hyde Park 80, Brooks 62
Uplift 75, Payton 63
Young 82, Clark 54
Vocational 70, Crane 58
Prosser 66, Von Steuben 57
Morgan Park 98, King 54

Second Round
Orr 72, Lane 51
Bogan 64, Farragut 44
Curie 57, UP-Englewood 49
Kenwood 57, Lincoln Park 42
Simeon 81, Corliss 51
Uplift 92, Hyde Park 78
Young 88, Vocational 79
Morgan Park 86, Prosser 71

Feb. 13
Orr 59, Bogan 57
Curie 77, Kenwood 64
Simeon 86, Uplift 77
Young 69, Morgan Park 66

Friday at Chicago State
Orr vs. Curie, 5
Simeon vs. Young, 7

Sunday at Chicago State, 4



  • Zephyr Slaughter

    Can someone get back with us regarding times for both Chicago State games?

    Congratulations to Uplift HS for an awesome playoff game against Simeon. That would have been the best upset of the year.

    • Mark Farina

      Curie vs. Orr at 5:00 p.m.
      Whitney Young vs. Simeon at 7 p.m.

      Championship Game on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. It will also be Televised Live on The UTOO

  • Mike Bochner

    What time is the championship game on Sunday? Is there a consolation game as well? Anybody know?

  • Clyde The Glide

    You never appreciate things until they’re gone. A lot of people didn’t agree with Calvin Davis but one thing he did well was bring the CPS quarter finals to one site so it was a big show. The Pavilion used to be jumping! he also brought the 4 quarter final games to Chicago State. I miss it. Another thing he did was buy championship rings when teams won state. He wasn’t that bad.

  • COTY

    I wish it was like the old days all quarter finals be played in one gym I would love to see all those games smh

  • Coach Mike

    I miss the days when quarterfinals were played at UIC on a Sunday

  • Will Tickel

    Planning on coming down from ND for the Feb 16 & 18 games. Do you know what times they would be? Thank you for the schedule.

  • Jamieta Jones

    Are junior varsity brackets available for cps playoffs

  • Sammy

    The forfeit means something was wrong. Probably an eligibility issue or a disciplinary issue.
    Okay, somebody on the West side tell us the deal with the Farragut-North Lawndale forfeit.

  • Todd

    The North Lawndale Farragut forfeit is like an Alfred Hitchcock mystery.

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