Mount Carmel star Alek Thomas: “Frank Lenti did not retire”

Mount Carmel's Alek Thomas (27) fakes a hand-off and gets a first down against St. Rita. Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

Alek Thomas, the Caravan’s star football player, had a lot to say about Mount Carmel pushing out legendary football coach Frank Lenti. His comments, in full:

“I couldn’t believe it. After all that he’s done for Mount Carmel and what he’s done for the program this is truly shocking to me. He didn’t retire. He wouldn’t retire. He would have kept going until he physically couldn’t coach anymore.

“I don’t know what actually went down but I do know that he did not retire. Coach Frank and I have a good relationship and it’s sad to see what happened after all he’s done for Mount Carmel. I’m honored to be on the last Mount Carmel team he coached and I surely will never forget what he taught me as both a football player and person.”



  • Tim Cavanaugh

    Train… You would have played against Bill Barz at your age.. Not Frank Lenti

  • Pistol Pete is a Jagoff Troll

    First off this Pistol Pete guy is a jagoff troll. As far as the St Ignatius coach, he was on MC staff previously. He is also a counselor at the school. There will be more to this story I would imagine.

    • Pistol Pete is a Jayoff Troll

      Did you ever notice that when I call someone a Troll it is because I do not have a good answer for them.

      • PistolPete44

        I agree Troll caller…you skirt the subject and call out Trolls. You are nothing but a fakeTrollCallerOuter

  • Duke Carnoustie

    I have seen stories on Frank Lenti now in national media. It is amazing how much press this move is making. Wonder what Donovan McNabb has to say. I think we should start a Kickstarter or Go Fund Me page for some new leadership at Mount Carmel. The school has simply lost its way. You can’t get rid of a man with integrity in this fashion.

    Also happy new year

    • PistolPete44

      I agree. They have lost their way, just like the majority of current NFL guys that have brain dementia from playing a game that needs a helmet on to play, and then it is still going to damage young brains. Go root for your team and so you can get a real feel for the game when the game is over go home and have your friends take a rubber mallet and put a board up next to your head and hit it about 75 times just enough your eyes get a little blurry. Then you will be able to experience all the joy of that big touch downs and, late hits, and also the big bad blindside never saw it coming thriller.

      • PistolPete44

        Now that is telling the truth about football

        • Duke Carnoustie

          Whether football is safe or not has nothing to do with firing a legendary coach in this manner. IMO there should be a statue of Lenti at Mount Carmel.

          Happy new year to you, Pete

  • Public Powerhouses

    As a direct result of this firing, Mount Carmel will lose more enrollment very rapidly and will become either another Leo in five years or be closed. In the meantime, Frank Lenti will become Head Coach of a Public Powerhouse and win more state titles.

  • reason

    OK so what now Lynch was on staff at NIU Lenti was still on the MT.Carmel payroll doing something is he gone from that position what is Lynch going to do at MC he needs a job is MC going to just hire him as the football coach I love the Catholic League and stuff like this makes me love it even more good for the Catholics if the Public league can wheel and deal year in and year out in HOOPS let the Catholic League get equal time for football I would really like to know if Lenti got waxed.

  • Train

    I’m 52, I have been watching Frank Lenti coach since I was on the field with Holy Cross getting my ass handed to me by his great teams. He is a legend. He is a HS football legend that should have and probably would have been carted off the field in a wheel chair 20 years from now when he simply couldn’t do it anymore. Pushing his chair would have been a lineup of current and x NFL players, college players and players that never had that level of talent who’s lives he positively effected. All with tears in there eyes because they knew something perfect was NOT going to be at Mt. Carmel anymore. It also shouldn’t be the situation that Lynch is put in. Frank Lenti, at a press conference, with all the world to see, should have put his arm around Lynch looked at the camera and been able to bow out with grace and class. Why? Why does the institution that is Mt Carmel Football do this? Seems like another shoe is going to drop. Is it really about missing a playoff a couple of years ago and “only” making it to the semi’s this year. Coach averaged a state title every 4.4 years. I’m from Batavia, we are trying to get to the final level of HS football. In doing so, we all say, what do we have to do to get to the “Mt. Carmel level”. Something is very wrong with this. There is something going on that may never come out. It makes such little sense that there has to be more. I actually hope not. Good luck to Coach Jordan Lynch, a great player put in a bit of an uncomfortable position. Perhaps

    • PistolPete44

      Tell me if you had the players wear see thru helmets, and we had skulls that were see thru, we could all see the hidden secret, the back and forth banging of the brain against the skull, back and forth, back and forth as the sub concussive hits bruise and damage the not yet fully developed brain. This is what we now know for a fact. It ain’t good for the brain. Doctors now know you do not need a concussion to get CTE. Football is not what we all think it is, a great game. Jocks like you and others need to be thinking on how to stop the culture of football, the peer pressure to play, the dads reliving the game thru their son, the towns and schools that push the game as the end all of pride. Sit back, the real story is not who is coaching but who is stupid enough to continue to play this game.

    • Oh no you didn't

      If you are 52 y/o you didn’t play against a lenti team. You are too old

    • Tim Cavanaugh

      You would have played against Barz… I call BS

  • Wilhelmi

    Alek is a good kid with a solid head on his shoulders, and he is right. I know the new president and principal are not honest from personal experience. I think this was calculated long before Lynch became available. The writing was on the wall when they put the former St. Ignatius football coach on staff over the summer.

    It’s a shame what they are doing to that school both academically and, now, athletically. Actions within the last calendar year have irreversibly diluted a storied legacy I was thrilled to be part of.

    Good on you, Coach Lenti, for refusing to bend to the wishes of the misguided.

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