Beth Long’s Super 25 Chicago area football rankings

Phillips receivers Jahleel Billingsley (9) and Fabian McCray (7) celebrate after one of McCray's touchdown receptions. Allen Cunningham/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Lincoln-Way East (12-0) 1
8A: vs. Maine South

2. Prairie Ridge (12-0) 2
6A: at Hoffman Estates

3. Maine South (11-1) 3
8A: at Lincoln-Way East

4. Phillips (12-0) 4
5A: at Sterling

5. Loyola (11-1) 5
8A: at Edwardsville

6. Lake Zurich (12-0) 7
7A: vs. Mount Carmel

7. Marist (11-1) 6
Season Over

8. Oswego (10-2) 8
Season Over

9. Naperville Central (9-3) 9
Season Over

10. Nazareth (11-1) 10
6A: at Providence

11. Batavia (11-1) 11
7A: at Benet

12. Mount Carmel (9-3) 24
7A: at Lake Zurich

13. Glenbard West (9-2) 13
Season over

14. Minooka (9-3) 14
Season Over

15. Homewood-Flossmoor (9-2) 15
Season over

16. Benet (9-3) 25
7A: vs. Batavia

17. St. Charles East (8-3) 17
Season over

18. Barrington (10-1) 18
Season over

19. St. Rita (9-3) 16
Season Over

20. Lincoln-Way West (9-3) 19
Season Over

21. Lincoln-Way Central (10-2) 12
Season Over

22. Hoffman Estates (10-2) NR
7A: vs. Prairie Ridge

23. St Charles North (9-2) 21
Season over

24. Providence Catholic (8-4) NR
6A: vs. Nazareth

25. Raby (11-1) NR
4A: vs. Morris



  • Public Powerhouses

    Mount Carmel’s luck will run out on Saturday against Lake Zurich. MC has won lucky games by 1 point and by 3 points —-they will lose big to LZ just as overrated Rita did. Loyola was lucky to beat New Trier by 3 points. They will have trouble with Edwardsville.

  • Nashtin

    Computer Top 25 after quarterfinals
    1- Lincoln Way East
    2- Maine South
    3- Lake Zurich
    4- Prairie Ridge
    5- Loyola
    6- Phillips
    7- Marist
    8- Naperville Central
    9- Batavia
    10- Homewood-Flossmoor
    11- Barrington
    12- Oswego
    13- Nazareth
    14- Mt. Carmel
    15- St. Rita
    16- Providence
    17- Lincoln Way Central
    18- Hinsdale Central
    19- Benet
    20- Wheaton North
    21- Huntley
    22- Glenbard West
    23- Minooka
    24- Palatine
    25- Warren

    Other Notables:
    27- Hoffman Estates
    35- IC Catholic
    45- Raby

    • HS Football Fan

      Nashtin, yours is a way more realistic ranking that seems to properly take into account class and strength of schedule. Would like to know the details behind it. The only questionable rank to me is Phillips. I do not see Phillips beating many of the teams in the top 25, and maybe none in the top 20. I don’t mean to bash them, but they just have not faced defenses the level of 6A-8A teams. I am not counting the depleted LA team they saw in week 1.

      • Nashtin

        HS Football Fan, you may be right about Phillips, but the computer doesn’t know that Loyola played at less than full strength, and it’s too much work to try to statistically factor things like that into the algorithm. The basics of the program are who played who, who won, and margin of victory. I started doing computer rankings in 2006 after being frustrated with Bob Sakamotos Tribune rankings having a bias against north/northwest teams. I then used the program in 2007 in Bob Sakamotos pick the winner challenge for every state playoff game that year and it came in 1st out of over 600 entries.

    • Ghost of Virgil Livers testicle

      Nashtin it looks ok except for Lake Zurich and Praire Ridge. Both seem overvalued by your criteria. Neither plays in particularly tough conferences and if I am not mistaken between them the only top 25 wins they have is Huntley and St Rita. In hs football it’s all about quality of opposition. Neither of those teams should be rated ahead of teams 5,6,7,8 due strength of schedule or quality victories.

      • Nashtin

        Ghost of Virgil, the computer doesn’t lie. LZ and PR belong where they are. When we get to this part of the year there have been too many games played among teams from supposedly “strong” and “weak” conferences. And the computer algorithm can factor for class size from all the crossover games played throughout the year. So the human bias has been all but eliminated.

  • Public Powerhouses

    When will Loyola fans finally acknowledge that Phillips was the better team when they beat the Ramblers 20-14 in the first game of the season?Phillips had about 6 or 7 sacks and could have and should have won by more. Loyola should be about 4-5 places below Phillips.

    • CCLB

      My prediction is New Trier won’t play this weekend.

    • CCLB

      Did you watch the LA v. Phillips game? LA had half of their starters out. LA would beat Phillips by at least 3 scores if they played this week. When will you admit that you’re actually Beth Long and the reason why you post such nonsense is to increase the number of clicks on this site. 😉 GEPreps…

      • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

        Name the 11 LA starters missing from that game. Yes, LA was a little shorthanded
        (no Jones & a limited Bullie), but make no mistake, 528 kid Phillips (technically a 3A school) beat 2047 kid 8A Loyola.

        • Clueless

          Loyola, which had as many as 14 players injured this offseason, started Saturday without senior left tackle Charlie Gross, senior running back Hamid Bullie, senior defensive lineman Jordan King and junior receiver Noah Jones. Senior linebacker Peter Kennedy and senior cornerback John Gierut both got hurt early in Saturday’s game and didn’t return.

    • Clueless

      Public Powerhouses
      “Loyola will get a much tougher draw this year because of its loss to Phillips in game 1. It will probably be seeded about 10th and will exit early as it will be confronted by a Public Powerhouse early.” Still waiting for the Loyola early exit?

    • Broad Perspective

      Who cares about the Loyola / Phillips game now… the only thing that matters is how a team plays this week, and next week

  • Public Powerhouses

    All three of the CCL –Blue teams will lose this Saturday. The path is clear for my Championship picks :Maine South in 8A; Lake Zurich in 7A; Prairie Ridge in 6A; and Phillips in 5A.

    • CCL Power

      Lol gotta love the Public school lovers and jumping on every bandwagon because you’re too stubborn to admit the dominace of the CCL buddy. Mt. Carmel will be just fine against Lake Zurich this Saturday….Do me a favor and look up when Mount Carmel played Zurich a few years ago in the title game. Pretty hard to stop that offense and keep up with actual athletes and the football that the CCL, and Caravan play.

      • ESCC

        I think Providence has the best chance to win this weekend. I rank Providence close to Marist and Nazareth had a tough time against Marist.

  • Train

    Nothing from Boogie, which quite frankly is a privileged I’ll gladly enjoy. Seems as though logic and testimony shut down the silly. Either that or dude can’t figure out how to find his way back to the page. I suspect the later. The ghost of Virgil Livers? I’m so jealous of that handle. Thinking about switching to “Hamptons broken pinkey finger” or “Ditka’s Mustache” or “the ghost of Willie Gault’s 4.3 40” They all seem so weak in comparison. Best handle I ever read Virgil.

    • Ghost of Virgil Livers testicle

      Glad you like it Train. Happy thanksgiving to you and all the hs football fans out there.

  • Broad Perspective

    Public Powerhouse will comment only again if one or more of the CCB teams lose..Pretty good track record this year for CCB no matter what happens in the Semis….

  • Train

    Hey KBoogie, There is no privilege in the weight room. No privilege in starting next years season the day after this one ends. Nope, privilege does not win football games. To be fair it wins tennis and golf but that’s not what your talking about. Mt Carmel is not Loyola, they are not Lake Forest. East St. Louis Lost because the played an undisciplined game and were out coached. Oh, one more thought to consider, what would your 2016 state championship team say about your comments. East St Louis has a proud and well deserved reputation of being great. Stop tarnishing it. And teach your players to flip the ball to the ref after a touchdown and run back to the huddle after a tackle. Another reason MC won yesterday. Discipline.



  • Enginist

    Hey Boogie-Woogie, I grew up in Englewood, one of four kids with a single mom, and we didn’t have the kind of privilege that you’re talking about. But I did take 63rd St. bus from Racine to Stony Island just so I could have the privilege of going to Mount Carmel.

  • Mack Sykes

    Good job MC.Track and Football are two different sports.Its football ladies and gentlemen in November in Illinois.Here we go!!!!!!!!

  • Ralphie

    KBoogie that’s so pathetic. A black team loses its racial discrimination. There are dozens of close judgement calls in every game. My team lost on some close calls so if the other team was black, or the officials were, it must have been racial. Can’t we get beyond this?

  • KBoogie Englewood

    Mt Carmel only won because of at lest 5 questionable calls by the refs. They didn’t beat East St Louis, the game was stolen. But I guess when somebody is used to privilege, they’ll believe they are better.

    • Mack Sykes

      Dont believe the hype.MC should of made state last year.Nobody cries when Phillips and Simeon recruits MC players.Like Coach Jimmy Johnson said dont give them any doubt if you trying to win.

      • True Football Fan

        You can’t be serious about public league schools recruiting kids from Catholic League Schools like Mc, Sr or any CLBlue teams. The catholic league recruits kids as far Indiana and Wisconsin. Why would any kid stay at a CLBlue, when the playing field isn’t level. That’s not empty rhetoric that’s the truth. I grew up in the Suburbs and moved to the City of Chicago for my job and have personally witnessed and observed kids thrive after leaving the CLBlue atmosphere. Now watch Lake Zurich a suburban school pound Mc go Burbs I love when the best kids play not because of family, legacy or money.

  • Rhino70

    So much for East St. Louis. Maybe shouldn’t have been looking past Mt. Carmel. Turns out maybe football players are more important to have than track stars. Congrats, Mt. Carmel. Good season, ESL.

  • CPS beliver

    Well Beth that is pretty sad that a CPS school the semi final and barely reaches #25 unbelievable very disrespectful

    • ESCC

      A #25 ranking for a 4A team is a gift to Raby. If you want respect move up and play with the big boys.

      • Raby Fan

        Raby played Phillips (5A) and scored more points against them than any other opponent this year, including other 5A teams.

        • Craig S. Siller

          As a Phillips alumni you are absolutely right. But to get that respect in football our young men have to keep winning.

        • ESCC

          Losing to a 5A team doesn’t earn mush respect when you’re compared to 6A, 7A and 8A teams. Play some top ranked 6A and 7A teams and maybe a middle of the road 8A team to earn respect.

  • Blue_Rule

    Thanks Beth! You found the Emerald Isle!

  • Vic Hedges

    This is for PublicLeague Powerhouse.
    How do you like that three teams from the Catholic League Blue that made it to the state semi-finals in three different classes? You were so confident that Mt Carmel was going to lose to ESL and they didn’t. How do you like that you BLOWHARD! Spewing out empty rhetoric just for the sake of being obnoxious shows that you don’t know anything about football and probably sports in general.

    • Public Powerhouses

      The MC upset of ESL puts them on the road at Lake Zurich where they will not succeed. Having the home field against ESL was huge since they had to travel 280 miles.

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