Beth Long’s Chicago area Super 25 football rankings

Naperville Central's Jack Jopes runs against Homewood-Flossmorr, November 3, 2017 Worsom Robinson/For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Lincoln-Way East (11-0) 1
8A: vs Oswego

2. Prairie Ridge (11-0) 2
6A: vs. Willowbrook

3. Maine South (10-1) 3
8A: vs. Naperville Central

4. Phillips (11-0) 4
5A: vs. Lemont

5. Loyola (10-1) 5
8A: at Marist

6. Marist (11-0) 6
8A: vs. Loyola

7. Lake Zurich (11-0) 8
7A: at St. Rita

8. Oswego (10-1) 18
8A: at Lincoln-Way East

9. Naperville Central (8-2) 15
8A: at Maine South

10. Nazareth (10-1) 12
6A: at Sacred Heart-Griffin

11. Batavia (10-1) 13
7A: at Lincoln-Way West

12. Lincoln-Way Central (10-1) 16
7A: vs. Benet

13. Glenbard West (9-2) 7
Season over

14. Minooka (9-2) 20
8A: at Edwardsville

15. Homewood-Flossmoor (9-2) 9
Season over

16. St. Rita (9-2) 25
7A: vs. Lake Zurich

17. St. Charles East (8-3) 17
Season over

18. Barrington (10-1) 10
Season over

19. Lincoln-Way West (9-2) 19
7A: vs. Batavia

20. Willowbrook (10-1) 24
6A: at Prairie Ridge

21. St Charles North (9-2) 11
Season over

22. Hinsdale Central (8-3) 14
Season over

23. Huntley (8-2) 23
Season over

24. Mount Carmel (8-3) NR
7A: vs. East St. Louis

25. Benet (8-3) NR
7A: at Lincoln-Way Central



  • Joseph A Myers


  • javajoe

    For your your info East St Louis lost to Bethel Christian

  • LZ Mike

    Lake Zurich is not Libertyville or Buffalo Grove. That being said, nothing better than an overconfident opponent coming in to our house and seeing its keester handed to it. So bring it on. First things first, and that’s the next game.

    • John Reeves

      LZ Mike…….you obviously don’t know much about the East St Louis Football team …..because you haven’t seen them play any of their games. East St Louis is not overconfident …they are the defending Class 7A state champs (14-0) last season… and they are the 2017 State Track and Field Champions .Thats who you are playing against. And if anyone is going to get their keister handed to them… will be Lake Zurich. East St Louis has too much speed for Lake Zurich. Ask Libertyville(Lost 62-7) and Buffalo Grove (Lost 40-18). so go tell the Lake Zurich team to bring their track shoes….but it won’t do them any good. I have been to ALL their games…so I know what I’m talking about.

      • Rhino70

        Two very good programs, but one thing I know about LZ having both lost and won against them, they do their talking on the field. A very class program. Everything you say about ESL is true. They’re having a really great season and deserve respect and recognition. But LZ is consistently good and you would probably do better not to give them any more blackboard motivation. Good luck. Should be a great game.

        • Chris

          LZ is a class program…lmao…rofl..!!! Ya they are a class Rhino…..they pee on there teammates and make them perform oral on each other…..this is a disgusting program that hazes it’s players….I hope ESL smokes them and embarrasses them at home!

          • John Reeves

            Chris…..Lake Zurich might have class…..but Class is not going help them when they play East St Louis….they need SPEED….and that’s what they will compete against when they play the defending State Champs. 11 teams in Class 7A have lost to East St Louis (some were blowouts) because they get on the football field and have no idea they are playing against guys with 4.3 and 4.4 track speed. East St Louis broke 6 state records on their way to winning the State Track Title…….and that’s who these 7A teams are playing against . I have been to ALL their games and have seen the look on the kids faces when they lose by 30 or 40 points . Even EdgyTim said East St Louis is the best team in Class 7A.

          • Joseph A Myers


      • ShawnJ

        E. St. Louis didn’t win a state championship in track in 2017. Edwardsville did. E. St. Louis won in 2016.

  • Blue_Rule

    Chris, seen PC play this year? I’ll hang up and wait for your answer. StL’s Clinton is a gifted athletic kid. Great moves and speed however one kid doesn’t make a team. PCs line will dominate on both sides of ball. PC D has already shut down very good RBs from Richards and Normal West. If PC takes another 14 penalties like they did Saturday then StL will win. Crap team you say? Can you provide some more details behind what is crap about them? Will they win 6A – most likely not. SHG, Naz and PR are better teams but we are enjoying the run so far at the Emerald Isle.

  • ccl1989

    really providence isn’t rank

  • Blue_Rule

    Beth, 1800 Lincoln Hwy in New Lenox. Colors are green and white. Look them up sometime. Geez.

    • Chris

      Providence should not be ranked!!…I hope Tori Clinton runs for 400 against that crap team!

      • ccl1989

        catholic school > public school o and the dude that wishes providence get smash by saint lawrence fat chance of them actually beating providence lol

  • JK

    Nostradamus look out, Public Powerhouses is making predictions again. I’ll add to your predictions by saying Marist or Loyola will lose too, that’ll make ya happy.

    • Ghost of Virgil Livers testicle

      He was close on the score last week. It was all those weak defenses in the ccl blue that got an amazing 80% of the league in the quarter finals. It seems like the league has a much easier time in playoffs than playing each other.

  • Public Powerhouses

    St. Rita and Mount Carmel will lose on Saturday : make it East St. Louis 40-10 over Mount Carmel and Lake Zurich 31-0 over St. Rita.

    • John Reeves

      Public PowerHouses……You have made some good predictions regarding East St Louis defeating Mt. Carmel . Lake Zurich will be next and they are no match for the speed of East St Louis. They better bring their track shoes……. because they are competing against the 2017 State Champion Track team. Ask Libertyville and Buffalo Grove. I have been to all their games this season.

  • Leslie Kneel'son

    Lemont’s only loss is to #11 Batavia yet they didn’t crack the top 25? Surely they are better than Benet… and don’t call me Shirley. 🙂 After they beat Phillips will they finally get the attention they deserve??

  • Public Powerhouses

    Maine South , Lake Zurich, Prairie Ridge and Phillips are playing well and are on course to take the 8A, 7A, 6A and 5A titles, respectively.

    • Chris

      Loyola/Marist winner will be the 8A champion.

      • JK

        I hope you’re right, but MS will definitely have something to say. They are a true public powerhouse.

        • Rhino70

          And LWE might have something to say, too. I’m kinda rooting for Oswego (underdog and they’re surprisingly good), but never count out LWE. Another great team.

          • JK

            No doubt, a rematch of MS/LWE would make a great semi final game to see. If LWE were to beat MS a second time this season that would be most impressive…assuming they both take care of business, I don’t mean to dis the other two teams that have a say. On the other side of the bracket, Minooka seems to have some special mojo working, not sure how long it will last. I wish all these kids luck.

    • John Reeves

      Public Powerhouses …….the Class 7A will be won by East St Louis….not lake Zurich . East St Louis is the defending State Champions. I have been to all their games this season and they are just too FAST for Mount Carmel and Lake Zurich . Most of the East St Louis football team are members of the State Champion Track team . They broke 6 State records this year . The running back is the 100 meter state champ.( 17 touchdowns from scrimmage) East St Louis Front Line is massive 6ft 5 340 6ft 5 320 6ft 4 300 6ft 4 290 and they open big holes for the running back. So Mt. Carmel and Lake Zurich better bring their Track shoes…. if they want to keep up with East St Louis. Ask
      Libertyville Lost 62 -7 and Buffalo Grove lost 40 -18 . Libertyville coach said they could nt match the speed of East St Louis.

    • John Reeves

      Public Powerhouses …. Lake Zurich wont win 7A …..East St Louis will win . If they play East St Louis… they better their track shoes. They will be competing against the 2017 State Champion Track team . Ask Libertyville Lost 62-7 it was 55-0 at halftime and Buffalo Grove Lost 40 -18 it was 33-0 at halftime . I have been to all their games .

      • Rhino70

        Trust me John. LZ is so beyond Libertyville and Buffalo Grove. They have a long history of being in these big games. And track ain’t football and last years state champion is old news. And don’t let score comparisons fool you. Class teams like LZ (and most others) shut it down after the score starts to get too lopsided. No disrespect to ESL because they are definitely playing great and are a force to deal with. But I wouldn’t worry about LZ being ready to give you a good game. They’re fine.

        • John Reeves

          Rhino 70……you are right… Track ain’t Football…..But it makes the football team have an added advantage when you put SPEED on the football field…and that’s what these 7A teams are finding out when they try to compete with guys with 4.3 and 4.4 track speed. Lake Zurich might have Class…..but all that class will be gone when they see the other team crossing the Goal line repeatedly …..and they can’t compete with that SPEED. Ask any coach that has played against East St Louis and the main thing they talk about is their team speed. I guess Lake Zurich will have to see for themselves what I already know. I have watched it happen 11 times this season….But I wish Lake Zurich the Best.

          • ShawnJ

            LOL JR you’ve mentioned several times on here that E. St. Louis won a state championship in track last year, but that’s just not true. Not to mention you seem to be over doing it a bit with their wins in the Southwestern conference this year. The Flyers struggled with Alton and Belleville West this year. I’m a big fan of the Flyer’s but, you’re going overboard in here. Congrats to Mount Carmel on the victory over Eastside tonight. I really wanted to see the Flyers play LZ, but it won’t happen now. The Flyers will be tough again next year.

      • all4trojans

        John Reeves – you blow hard! What happened to your all mighty East St. Louis?

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