2017 IHSA football playoff scores, schedule

Orr's James Mason carries the ball against Phoenix, September 30, 2017. Allen Cunningham / For the Sun-Times.

Title games

Class 8A
(1) Lincoln-Way East vs. (6) Loyola 7, Sat.

Class 7A
(4) Batavia vs. (3) Lake Zurich, 4 Sat.

Class 6A
(1) Prairie Ridge vs. (6) Nazareth, 1 Sat.

Class 5A
(1) Phillips vs. (1) Dunlap, 10 a.m. Sat.

Class 4A
Rochester 24, Morris 21

Class 3A
IC Catholic 35, Pleasant Plains 0

Class 2A
Gibson City 38, Maroa-Forsyth 32

Class 1A
Lena-Winslow 21, Tuscola 20

Class 8A
(1) Lincoln-Way East 24, (5) Maine South 14
(6) Loyola 17, (26) Edwardsville 10

Class 7A
(4) Batavia 23, (17) Benet 13
(3) Lake Zurich 14, (18) Mount Carmel 7

Class 6A
(1) Prairie Ridge 42, (7) Hoffman Estates 21
(2) Nazareth 24, (13) Providence 7

Class 5A
(1) Phillips 27, (2) Sterling 14
(1) Dunlap 21, (3) Washington 0

Class 4A
(5) Morris 43, (2) Raby 8
(1) Rochester 31, (2) Highland 14

Class 3A
(5) IC Catholic 7, (3) Byron 0
(16) Pleasant Plains 41, (3) Anna-Jonesboro 2

Class 2A
(2) Gibson City 14, (1) Newman Central 8
(4) Maroa-Forsyth 25, (6) Shelbyville 14

Class 1A
(1) Lena-Winslow 12, (3) Forreston 8
(1) Tuscola 21, (6) Athens 14

Quarterfinal scores

(1) Lincoln-Way East 31, (9) Oswego 0
(5) Maine South 39, (13) Naperville Central 28
(26) Edwardsville 28, (15) Minooka 25
 (6) Loyola 30, (3) Marist 10
(17) Benet 14, (9) Lincoln-Way Central 10
(4) Batavia 20, (12) Lincoln-Way West 10
(18) Mount Carmel 21, (7) East St. Louis 18
(3) Lake Zurich 49, (11) St. Rita 17
(1) Prairie Ridge 42, (4) Willowbrook 7
(7) Hoffman Estates 35, (14) Belvidere N. 10
(13) Providence 49, (8) St. Laurence 24
(2) Nazareth 20, (6) Sacred Heart-Griffin 17
(1) Phillips 15, (4) Lemont 3
(2) Sterling 22, (14) Marian Central 10
(1) Dunlap 24, (4) Hillcrest 6
(3) Washington 35, (15) Richwoods 21
(5) Morris 14, (8) Rochelle 9
(2) Raby 38, (3) Dixon 13
(1) Rochester 56, (4) Herrin 14
(2) Highland 77, (3) Herscher 47
(5) IC Catholic 46, (8) Wilmington 21
(3) Byron 13, (2) Williamsville 0
(16) Pleasant Plains 20, (5) Carlinville 14, OT
(3) Anna-Jonesboro 56, (15) Vandalia 41
(1) Newman Central 40, (4) Orion 14
(2) Gibson City 42, (14) El Paso-Gridley 7
(4) Maroa-Forsyth 20, (1) Hamilton 16
(6) Shelbyville 51, (2) Westville 44
(1) Lena-Winslow 67, (5) Aquin 28
(3) Forreston 42, (10) Princeville 0
(1) Tuscola 48, (4) Carrollton 20
 (6) Athens 34, (2) Red Hill 14

Second Round scores/schedule
(1) Lincoln-Way East 15, (17) St. Charles East 14
(9) Oswego 24, (8) Glenbard West 20
(13) Naperville Central 31, (4) Homewood-Flossmoor 28
(5) Maine South 47, (21) Warren 13
(15) Minooka 41, (2) Barrington 34 OT
(26) Edwardsville 38, (23) Palatine 35
(3) Marist 37 (19) Curie 14
(6) Loyola 28, (11) Hinsdale Central 7

(17) Benet 26, (1) Hononegah 0
(9) Lincoln-Way Central 21, (8) Hersey 7
(4) Batavia 20, (13) Wheaton North 17
(12) Lincoln-Way West 42, (28) Alton 13
(18) Mount Carmel 14, (2) Normal 13
(7) East St. Louis 40, (10) Buffalo Grove 18
(3) Lake Zurich 27, (14) Plainfield North 9
(11) St. Rita 26, (6) St. Charles North 16

(1) Prairie Ridge 17, (9) Cary-Grove 13
(4) Willowbrook 29, (5) DeKalb 10
(7) Hoffman Estates 48, (15) Lake Forest 28
(14) Belvidere North 14, (11) Grayslake North 7
(8) St. Laurence 32, (16) Hinsdale South 16
(13) Providence 33, (5) Normal 7
(2) Nazareth 54, (7) Danville 18
(6) Sacred Heart-Griffin 45, (14) Marmion 14

(1) Phillips 55, (9) Solorio 14
(4) Lemont 42, (5) Lakes 6
(2) Sterling 46, (10) Kaneland 20
(14) Marian Central 38, (11) Glenbard South 24
(1) Dunlap 28, (8) Rich Central 14
(4) Hillcrest 45, (5) Glenwood 0
(15) Richwoods 49, (10) Morton 28
(3) Washington 59, (6) MacArthur 28

(8) Rochelle 35, (1) Johnsburg 16
(5) Morris 62, (13) Ridgewood 7
(2) Raby 36, (10) Richmond-Burton 18
(3) Dixon 35, (6) Genoa-Kingston 21
(1) Rochester 41, (8) Belleville Althoff 23
(4) Herrin 33, (5) Tolono Unity 18
(2) Highland 57, (7) Effingham 14
(3) Herscher 43, (6) Taylorville 6

(8) Wilmington 37, (1) Farmington 12
(5) IC Catholic 29, (4) Peotone 16
(2) Williamsville 45, (7) Bloomington Central 14
(3) Byron 21, (6) Monticello 20
(16) Pleasant Plains 29, (8) Newton 27
(5) Carlinville 40, (4) St. Teresa 36
(15) Vandalia 27, (10) Greenville 14
(3) Anna-Jonesboro 29, (6) Pana 14

(1) Newman Central Catholic 41, (8) Hope Academy 22
(4) Orion 24, (5) Clifton Central 21
(2) Gibson City 24, (10) West Carroll 6
(14) El Paso 28, (6) Knoxville 22
(1) West Hancock 28, (8) Bismarck 12
(4) Maroa-Forsyth 48, (5) Eldorado 6
(2) Westville 46, (10) Carlyle 28
(6) Shelbyville 50, (3) Tri-Valley 35

(1) Lena-Winslow 49, (8) Milledgeville 16
(5) Aquin 21, (4) Stockton 14
(10) Princeville 21, (2) Wethersfield 20
(3) Forreston 30, (11) Fulton 6
(1) Tuscola 50, (9) Brown County 13
(4) Carrollton 20, (5) Camp Point Central 18
(2) Red Hill 36, (10) Cumberland 0
(6) Athens 42, (3) Argenta-Oreana 12



  • Blue_Rule

    Public Power House, my good buddy, can you get me some data? How many public high school teams are there in Illinois? Ok one more, how many private high school teams are there? Data point number 3, do some division to get a ratio of public vs private. Ok, next go to IHSA web site, total the number of possible state championships since the start tournament started. Then total how many public schools have won championships and how many privates. Create a ratio of these and compare to the ratio of public vs privates. What does that look like? Now, apply that solely to the most powerful private company conference in the state the CCL Blue. How does that look now? Let’s also take into account the ESCC with JCAs and Naz’s state championships. Don’t forget to count Driscoll’s titles also. See any trends yet? One more point before I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving, you need to count LWE two schools because they sure as hell better have a super team with having the LAWN and LWE football studs on one team now.

  • Public Powerhouses

    My Public Powerhouses appear headed for a great finish. I am looking for blowout wins from LWE against Loyola and Prairie Ridge against Nazareth. Loyola is living on borrowed time — lost to a 5A school and almost lost in the first round. Clearly, Loyola is in way over its head. Nazareth has been blown out by Marist and will be blown out again.


      You’re wrong 90% of the time. Loyola in the finals for the 3rd straight year and 5 times in last 7 years. Only a puppet like you wouldn’t give them respect.

    • Mr Obvious

      You insist on embarrASSing your stupid self again. Figures!

  • Hawk Yeah!

    Week 2 LA 44- MS 43 (Maine South failed a 2 point conversion to go for win in regulation)
    State Championship MS 27 – LA 17 (Maine South controlled the game throughout)
    Week 2 LWE 28-MS 26 (with a minute left to play MS charging down field gets intercepted by a 50-50 catch that goes to defender)
    Semi-Final MS 27 – LWE 24 ( MS adjustments, correct special teams, cover#3)


      Maine South was down at halftime last year. Great win for them but was not as easy as you maintain.

    • HOOPS!

      Looking forward to seeing you at NIU


      Maine South shot themselves in the foot with shoddy special team play but LWE is the real deal. Very imposing, physical team and well coached.

      • Hawk Yeah!

        Agreed. Hawks didn’t have their A Game going on last weekend. We had every opportunity to win it (recovered fumble on 1st snap of game to no avail, a fumble at the 50 on a kickoff, to a failed 1st and goal attempt) and we gave them every opportunity to win it (blocked punt for a quick 6, a miscued play that became LWE’s biggest play of the game, and more) Needless to say MS had a great run. Losing at Semi’s is a bitter taste for MS but many programs would aspire to get to that level.

      • CCLBLUE

        As a Loyola fan, I always look forward to playing MS. Well coached, tough kids with great skills. Don’t think we play in regular season next year but hope to see you in the playoffs.

  • Train

    Corrections noted and thanks. My points all still valid, especially about 5a football and lower. The occasional win will happen, but in the vast broader sense, they are competing at a very low level respectively.

  • Train

    A few points-
    *5A teams and lower are playing JV football comparatively. If a good 5A team played a good 7A or 8A team you would need a fleet of ambulances.
    *It hurts to say but the reason people don’t like New Trier and Lake Forest is based in financial envy. We wish we had your jack. Glad we don’t have your football teams heart.
    *Mercifully, it’s over at Marmion. 6-6 finish. Everyone was so excited about this team as they started 5-0 because they played 4 teams that barley have a football team.
    *Catholic school do not recruit with money (see hoop dreams). Families send there kids there after talking with coaches in hopes of a better experience. I get the concept in Chicago where the public school option can be awful and dangerous. But sending a kid in the burbs at $10,000 a year? Silly.
    *Best coaching staff in Il? Batavia.
    *And finally, the IHSA needs a better way and I don’t know what it is. East St Louis a 7 seed? There only loss was to IMG Academy in Florida with 22 BCS recruits and they gave them a game. #1 Rockton Honnagan? Who? #2 Lincoln Park? What? Perhaps there should be an “obvious” review after the pairings come out simply to right the most obvious wrongs. A stupid button that you get to press 4 times per level.

  • miky

    8a winners:

    LW east

  • Hawk Yeah!


  • Ju-Jitsu Team

    Congrads to Chicago Phillps – Best team in 5A . Congrads to Chicago Raby 4A

  • Rhino70

    Congratulations to Oswego for beating the Hitters. Tough loss for GW but gotta give Oswego props. Wish them luck going forward. Another successful season for GW coaches and players. Great job Seniors. Looking forward to next season.

  • Rhino70

    And way to go Naperville Central! Knocking off H-F!!!

  • Rhino70

    My new favorite team. Manooka!!! Way to go beating Barrington. See you in the finals…

  • Public Powerhouses

    Gary, That appears to just be a cover up for braking the contract after 4 straight losses to New Trier.Naughton was a former Loyola football Head Coach and probably did not want to hurt the feelings of Loyola fans. My Dad says the New Trier version of the story is that Loyola broke the contract after three losses by scores of 26-0,27-0, and 18-0. After the third straight shutout, the Loyola coach,Jamie Harrington, told the media in the post -game news conference “I’m sick of this”. Shortly thereafter the series was ended so that he did not have to face New Trier again.

    • Vic Hedges

      Public Powerhouses
      As Mike Ditka once said, “Living in the past is for cowards” . The fact is your inaccurate predictions that Marist and LA were both going to lose this weekend did not happen. You saw that, right or do you just wish to live in the past? Deal with what is occurring TODAY and not what happened 37 years ago. You were wrong as USUAL, your proud teams lost and what happened 37 years ago has no relevance! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • RealityCheck

    The usual Antioch playoff choke and excuses made by the coaches. Time to clean house!

  • mikenike

    6A lower bracket already a mess after just one night. Playoff football!

  • ralphie

    Ranking and seeding 256 high school teams from all over the state would be extremely difficult for any committee to pull off. I now understand why they do it this way. Far from perfect but hey, we have a tournament and the teams will play. Where is the guy who was predicting a OPRF upset over Marist?

    • JK

      Totally agree about the seeding, not perfect, but it’s a transparent process that at least removes subjectivity and potential bias. One way or another you have to play your way thru the field. Good luck to all the teams today!


    Loyola and New Trier agreed to a 2 year contract starting next year. 1st game is at NT.

  • HSFB Fan

    Pretty funny how so many hav no clue how IHSA ranks the teams – when is very straight forward – even if seems to be ‘not fair’ to teams facing much more difficult path – is simply your record and the number of wins of opponents. Lose a few games or beat a bunch of teams with many losses results in lower ranking. All that aside, did anyone else notice the potential 100 pt game fri – Peoria Central at Hillside? Two teams that have no defense but put up huge points…ought to be like watching arena football or the Riversidebrookfield – JCA game from years back…

  • Hawk Yeah!

    Barrington has a nice path, LA’s is manageable. LA-Barrington semifinals
    MS path is obstructive , LWE vs GW 3rd round winner LWE going up against any one of 5 teams in the MS Bracket (MS, Brook, NC, or HF) LWE faced 3 of those teams – it’s always a challenge to face a solid program like those 3 a 2nd time around or even a perennial powerhouse NC. Way tougher road on the top 16 then the bottom 16.

    • HSFB Fan

      Agreed. You are spot on. The upper 8a bracket is a killer, as many as 6 teams have potential to make the final. Lower 8a only 3-4 teams on same level. My picks are: 8a MS over Barr, 7a ESL over Bat, 6a PR over CM, 5a Phillips over Triad, 4a Roch over Johnsburg, 3a IC over ??, 2a Triad over Hope, 1a Tuscola over Lena Winslow

  • ESCC

    Rankings are decided by avteam’s record. The first tie breaker for teams with the same record is the total number of wins by their opponents.

  • Dean

    What games are being played at Gately?

  • Randy

    People need to quit whining about the seedings, they are not seeded off of opinion but off the points they accrued by winning and points off their opponents strength of schedules. Very easily explained on the IHSA.org website. Get educated, quit complaining!

    • Leegs1

      Strength of schedule or opponents record? Big difference!

      • Hawk Yeah!

        Is the ESCC comparable to the DVC? Does the CSN have a leg to stand on to WSS? When you look at Conferences and how teams get a string of victories off of Conference rivalries, it’s more difficult for that to happen at the DVC or WSS who’s matchups are much more competitive. I.E, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wheaton Warrenville South made the playoffs if they were in the ESCC.

  • Randy

    The last thing I am is a Catholic League fan, especially come playoff season. I don’t care what kind of equalizers you build in, you cannot make up for having 40 hand picked players with 30 different zip codes. That being said I predict Marist and Loyola will be easy first round winners. Providence will be the most dangerous 5-4 team in their bracket. Don’t take me wrong Catholic league football is high caliber football, it’s just come playoff time it is not a level playing field in my opinion!

    • Phil

      Montini has 750 kids. Maybe 4 are on scholarship for football, I’m not even sure if there are 4. They have zero, zero d one talent on their roster, just kids who are coached by best coaching staff in Chicagoland. If they win 1st game, they will play Deerfield most likely, with a population of 1500 kids. Cry me a river on catholic recruiting bs. So no one at any of those public league basketball kids were recruited( like the Peoria kid Miller who now is headed to Morgan Park). Or the 3 tennis players for new Trier that mysteriously ended up there after starting at niles West, niles West, and Payton prep in the city. Please!,,,,it used to be Catholic and private schools recruited, now they all freaking do, depending on the sport! Stevenson’s 2 best players didn’t grow up in Lincolnshire( both from city).

      • Brad

        Phil, You have got to be kidding me! Montini just has kids move up from Florida to live with a relative. So you may be having a down year or it’s just that you are playing better competition. It looks as though Adriano, who was an outstanding coach for many years got out prior to the downturn of Montini Football. GO Chicago Catholic League! Good Luck with DeKalb and hopefully we will see you at Willowbrook the following week.

        • Reality Check

          My nephew plays for Montini. My other did before that. The idea that they have handpicked kids is laughable. They have a few good kids that come there for football. Maybe 2-3 a year. The rest are just regular kids that get coached up.

          • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

            The idea that Montini does not have handpicked kids is what is laughable, but what makes you cry is watching kids who could have attended a DVC HS w/ far better academics pass that up to attend Montini. Plenty of names that could be listed, but one of the most recent would be Prince Walker.

    • Randy

      Well so far I was right about Marist and Providence, Loyola will make me look smart tomorrow, however not! this is a no brainer!

  • ESCC

    The playoff rankings are done strictly by record. The tie breaker for teams with the same record are “playoff points” which is the total number of wins by that team’s opponents. The second tie breaker is wins by the team’s opponents that they beat. Once the top 256 teams are determined by this formula, the IHSA starts at the bottom in terms of smallest enrollment and puts the smallest 32 teams in Class 1A. The next smallest 32 teams go into Class 2A until all teams are put into one of the 8 classes. Once thery are put into the class, they then assign the games based on their rankings.

    In Class 8A, the top ranked team is Lincoln Way East with a 9-0 record and 50 playoff points. Barrington gets the #2 seed with a 9-0 record and 37 playoff points. Marist gets the #3 seed with a 9-0 record and 32 playoff points. Then its on to the 8-1 teams, then the 7-2 teams, the 6-3 teams and any teams that qualified with 5-4 records.

    The 1A through 7A teams are broken into two geographical sections and are set up with the geographic area as 1 through 16 with the #1 playing the #16.

    Check out the IHSA website for this information.


  • Leegs1

    Bolingbrook a twelve seed. Should be much, much higher! Good luck John and “Creep”.

    • ESCC

      Bolingbrook is #12 because they have a 7-2 record with 44 playoff points. Hinsdale Central is the #11 because they have a 7-2 record but have 49 playoff points. There are 7 teams with a 8-1 record and 3 teams with a 9-0 record that have better rankings because they have better records than Bolingbrook.

      These rankings are not an opinion on what team is best, the teams are ranked solely on their record.

      • Leegs1

        Are rankings based on records of opponents, also. Isn’t that where the points come from? Just asking.

        • ESCC

          A team’s record is the first determination of ranking. Deciding the rankings of teams with the same record uses the first tie breaker of the opponents total number of wins (playoff points).

          As an example, in 8A Marist is 9-0 with 32 playoff points. Hinsdale Central is 7-2 with 49 playoff points. Marist is a #3 while Hinsdale Central is a #11 because Marist has a better record. Bolingbrook is also 7-2 with 44 playoff points and a #12 seed. HC has a better seed because they have the same record as Bolingbrook but have more playoff points.

  • Ralphie

    If it’s not a ranking to determine seeding what is it?

  • agent222

    It would be nice if teams were paired by rankings first, and, not geography.

  • Ralphie

    How do you put LWE and MS in same bracket? MS a five seed? Incredible Defending champs with one loss to LWE. They are clearly the two seed. Discouraging

    • ESCC

      The teams are put into a bracket based on their rankings. In 8A, #1 plays #16. #2 is put on the bottom bracket against #15. It’s the same bracket as used by the NCAA (without the play in games). LWE and Maine Soth are in the same bracket becasue LWE is #1 and Maine South is #5.

  • Ralphie

    Who puts these rankings together? Clueless. Honenegah number one in 7A? ESL seven? GBW a right and put them in with LWE in quarters? Absurd

  • Public Powerhouses

    My Trevians will take out Loyola in the first round. We have a big edge in all time play and we will add one more victory on this Saturday. My dad saw the 1979-80-and 81 games which were 26-0, 27-0 and 18-0 in favor of New Trier. Loyola then asked to end the series and get out of the contract to play New Trier. We let them get out of the obligation to play us in several more games. I think we lead the series with them 7-3 including playoff games. It will be 8-3 at 3:30 pm on next Saturday.

    • Reality check

      This is nonsense. Not a Loyola alum, but they are clearly better and will win easily. Whatever happened 30 years ago is completely irrelevant. New Trier wants nothing to do with Loyola the past 10 years.

    • Nick

      Lmao, 30 years ago Phillips were horrible now they’re a power house. What’s in the past had nothing to do with the present. Loyola will win huge.

    • Gary

      Loyola beat New Trier in 1977. It was New Trier, not Loyola, who elected to end the series. NY athletic director Bib Naughton, claimed there were too many injuries in the 1981 game and felt it was best that the 2 schools did not play.

    • Wut?

      “My Trevians ”
      If you actually went to New Trier, that explains a LOT in terms of your smarmy self-righteousness. Quite the window onto your posts.

      And what does a game in 1981 have to do with anything.Back in the 80s Gordon Tech was good. Now they win 3 games a year.

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