Henricksen: Xavier Pinson transferring to Simeon

St. Patrick's Xavier Pinson (11) takes his time bringing the ball down court against St.Viator. Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

Xavier Pinson, who has been an emerging name on the club basketball scene over the past few months, is leaving St. Patrick.

The true point guard will be attending Simeon this coming school year, the 6-2 senior told the City/Suburban Hoops Report.

“The biggest reason is that I’m moving in with my dad, and he lives on 72nd Street,” Pinson said of the move and decision to transfer. “It was just going to be too hard getting to St. Pat’s, and my dad isn’t too far from Simeon.”

Simeon is located at 83rd Street on Chicago’s South Side, while St. Patrick is located at Belmont and Austin Avenues on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Pinson joins a Simeon team that already figured to be a Class 4A state title contender with the return of star Talen Horton-Tucker, Chicago State commit Kezo Brown, 6-5 athlete Messiah Jones and junior point guard Kejuan Clements.

After a breakout season at St. Patrick this past season, Pinson has continued to raise his stock among college coaches. He put together a terrific weekend during the first “live” period in Milwaukee this past weekend and is among the City/Suburban Hoops Report’s top dozen prospects in the Class of 2018.

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  • Greg Swiderski

    People talk about kids transferring from Private to Public and vice-versa. Rarely is it for academics. It’s to be with a name program or a shot to play for a potential state championship.
    One of the first issues I was aware of was in the mid 70’s when Mark Aguirre left Austin to play at Westinghouse. I cannot remember the players name who went to Prosser then transferred out to go to a more named school in the Public League. It broke Prosser coach Gene Ideno’s heart when I discussed with him. A truly wonderful man. He resigned after that year.
    The list goes on an on. The IHSA had denied many transfers in the 70’s and 80’s. It seems they have developed a lost cause syndrome and just let the moves take place.
    Don’t be fooled. It’s not just basketball, but other sanction sports also.

  • Coach LB

    Legs stop it!! Thornton lives in Bolingbrook. So, there was no problem with him leaving Nazareth and going to Bolingbrook.

  • Coach LB

    Please give us the facts on this transfer?

    • RealityCheck

      Don’t expect Michael or Joe to shed any light on this. Pinson’s AAU coach is Simeon’s coach. Simeon and other nonboundary schools (meaning they can take kids from anywhere) are repeatedly stealing kids from private schools by routinely violating IHSA rules, and nobody is willing to report on it. Very sad.

      • Vashon

        The crazy thing about your point of them stealing kids from private schools is the fact that academically speaking, Simeon is woefully failing in every academic measurable. Eight percent of it students met or exceed standardized testing benchmarks for 2016, the average ACT score was 16.7, which is well below the standard of college readiness. My point is if what you say is true, kids are being sent to that school for reasons other than being properly educated. And that’s the unfortunate part.

        • GhostHunter

          Well then Pinson should fit right in at Simeon. Prediction = he will bask in the glory of his senior year, then go on to ride the bench on some irrelvent college team like UWM then spend the next 40 years cleaning bathrooms during the day and coaching 4th grade AAU at night while telling all the kid “back when I played…..”

      • mikenike

        You mean a kid left one non-boundary school for another non-boundary school? Gasp!! And Xavier plays for Mac Irvin Fire and Mac Irvin Fire Elite. No Simeon coaches there.
        Get your facts straight, especially when you complain about non-boundary schools. It’s how the Catholic League has excelled at football for 70 years. But let a few kids leave for Public League schools in basketball and everybody is up in arms. Ridiculous.

  • Vashon

    I am curious as to how that works, with Simeon being a powerhouse and all. Does a kid transfer to Simeon with the hopes of making the team when he gets there, or does is a conversation had with the coach prior letting him know he will be on the team when he gets there? I am curious because to transfer to a school whose team is always stacked is a ballsy move without knowing if there are going to be spots on the team, especially in his senior year.

  • RealityCheck

    Yet another private school player poached by a public school and no comment from Joe or Michael. Spineless.

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