Brawl breaks out at United Center after McDonald’s All-American game

A brawl broke out in the concourse of the United Center after the McDonald's All-American game on Wednesday.

A brawl broke out in the concourse of the United Center after the McDonald’s All-American game on Wednesday. About a dozen people can be seeing fighting in a video provided to the Sun-Times.

The game organizers released the following statement:

“Naturally, we are disappointed by this kind of activity, which runs counter to the spirit of the McDonald’s All-American Games. But we are equally grateful to the United Center Security team and the Chicago Police for restoring order. We refer all further questions to the Chicago Police.”

The prestigious all-star game traveled around the country to different locations for 33 years, but found a home in Chicago and has been held at the United Center since 2011.

The United Center has seen violence after high school games before. In 2005 a large fight broke out after an Illinois High School Association Supersectional playoff game between Thornton and Homewood-Flossmoor. Three people, including a policeman, were hospitalized after the fight. The United Center hasn’t hosted a state playoff game since that incident.

More than 10,000 fans attended the game on Wednesday, despite no local players being involved. The game featured the 24 best high school basketball players in the country and was televised live on ESPN.

Chicago Police said they were not notified of and did not respond to any fight reports at the United Center.



  • stanley

    If I remember right in March there was major trouble at the Mcdonalds tournament

  • suburban baller

    This was the last year in Chicago anyway the contract was up after this year. The game will be in Atlanta next year thats official. I got this information from a represenative of the event.

  • Pat Friedlander

    Sorry, folks. I’m really old, in my 70s, and I can tell you that high school basketball games have been ending in brawls since I was a kid. No one back in the day ever thought about making it “news.”

    • mikenike

      I know. I get a kick out of everybody ringing their hands or getting all racist over a bunch of teens fighting. I grew up in Aurora and back in the 60s, it wasn’t an East-West game without a battle royale afterwards, especially football games. I was told this went all the way back to the early 1900s. Macho teenage boys, some angry over a loss, others taunting after a win, you’re going to have fights. Don’t know what started this but it looked pretty harmless and was mostly girls screaming. I will say that in the old days they usually left the gym or the stands before pitching in.

    • Leegs1

      ’62-’63: Lockport at Bloom. Each team lost a player for fighting. We, Lockport, lost. Our bus was rocked leaving the parking lot. Good thing we didn’t win! Kids then, kids now.

  • Black

    I wasn’t going to comment, but I need to say something. Far too often a nice event gets spoiled by a few. Negative behavior gets way more attention than needed. I know several people who attended the game, and didn’t know this isolated event took place. I left early so I wasn’t aware either. Just as I was unaware, many more would not have known, had this not been publicised. Stop giving so much attention, to negative behavior. This is not isolated to just events in the city. The same happens in the north suburbs, northwest suburbs, west suburbs etc… The difference is that it is rarely reported. When there are large events that draw large groups of teenagers, rest assured that some flexing of the muscles is probably going to happen.

  • Billy Hoyle

    And people wonder why there are no Chicagoland players in this game? Cause their mothers, aunties or grannies move them out of this hell hole. It’s gonna go to NYC, L.A. or Indy.

  • Clownbaby

    And people wonder why the IHSA won’t move the basketball state finals to Chicago, what ever revenue they gain in attendance will be spent on additional security.

  • Jackie Puppet



    And since it’s McDonald’s game – I’m lovin’ it!!

  • Duke Carnoustie

    I thought Donald Trump was going to fix this. Oh I am sorry, he’s too busy playing golf on his estate in Florida.

  • roy

    what do you expect? Its a miracle no one was shot before during or after the game. It is not a safe city. There is no control of the gangs and thugs running loose. Its all about appeasement and political correctness. They care nothing about the kids or citizens trying to live a quality life. Its all about smoke and mirrors baby and who has the most bling and props. Nothing like when I lived near Chicago. It was always a treat back then to watch the best players in any gym. Now I wont even go to some games in the burbs.

  • Art

    over what we don’t have any player in this
    how dumb

  • Jim Huntsinger

    The police were notified but did not respond? That’s comforting. Must have been coffe break time.

  • Drew Cabrera

    So, ““Naturally, we are disappointed by this kind of activity” is the comment de jour? Activity?? What, like jumping jacks or a yoga position. This was not the occasion for a politically correct, pussy foot narrative. PC is a major factor behind this manor of stupidity.

  • West sub fan

    Embarrassing for our city
    We have the best prep basketball in the USA
    And the most selfish groupies

  • Tom F

    “Refer further questions to the CPD” and then later “CPD said they were not notified of the fight”. Hrmm…

  • Charlie BainesII

    That is the reason, My grandson doesn’t attend that crap.

  • Melvin Tate

    That’s a shame. Certainly hope this doesn’t force a move of the game from the United Center.

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