About that job opening at Lakes High School

That prized varsity baseball coach job at Lakes High School is open. Gosh, how long ago was it when good guy Mark Tschappat was dropped by the powers that be at Lakes? I received an email not long ago from someone who had googled his name and found out that he had been fired at Lakes. He wanted more information. I told him Tschappat was a good guy and he got a raw deal. Next up on the chopping block was Bill Rosencrans. He was just let go as head baseball coach for the successful Eagles. Now I go way back with Rosencrans. Well sort of. He was pictured in my program for Harper College Football. I was the sports information director a good 12 years ago in Palatine.

I tried to find out what’s wrong with Lakes’ administration to let these good men go. There were some rumors that it’s good old boys network up there and they are kind of sneaky. So let’s get this straight. You want me to take the baseball job even though you fired the last two guys after two-year stints? How about I get back in my car and look for a safer ground.

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