Beth Long’s Super 25 football rankings

Phillips' Jahleel Billingsley, right, starts to lower his shoulder for the hit coming from Simeon's Rashaun Lee, September 9, 2017. Allen Cunningham / For the Sun-Times.

1. Lincoln-Way East (3-0) 1
Friday vs. Sandburg

2. Prairie Ridge (3-0) 2
Friday at Crystal Lake South

3. Maine South (2-1) 3
Friday at No. 18 Palatine

4. Phillips (3-0) 4
Saturday at Westinghouse

5. Loyola (2-1) 5
Friday at St. Francis

6. Lyons (3-0) 6
Saturday vs. Proviso West

7. Homewood-Flossmoor (3-0) 7
Friday vs. Bolingbrook

8. Marist (3-0) 8
Friday at Marian Central

9. Lake Zurich (3-0) 11
Friday vs. Zion-Benton

10. Naperville Central (3-0) 12
Friday at Waubonsie Valley

11. Nazareth (3-0) 13
Friday at Carmel

12. Barrington (3-0) 9
Friday vs. Glenbrook South

13. Glenbard West (2-1) 10
Saturday vs. York

14. St. Charles East (3-0) 14
Friday vs. St. Charles North

15. Batavia (3-0) 15
Friday at Elgin

16. Stevenson (2-1) 16
Friday vs. Mundelein

17. Huntley (2-1) 17
Friday vs. Hampshire

18. Palatine (2-1) 18
Friday vs. No. 3 Maine South

19. Naperville North (3-0) NR
Friday vs. Lake Park

20. Mount Carmel (2-1) 20
Saturday vs. DePaul Prep

21. Neuqua Valley (2-1) 22
Friday at Wheaton-Warrenville South

22. Richards (2-1) 24
Friday at Lemont

23. Hinsdale Central (2-1) NR
Saturday vs. Downers Grove North

24. West Aurora (3-0) NR
Friday vs. Glenbard East

25. Hoffman Estates (3-0) NR
Friday vs. Vernon Hills



  • Hawk Yeah!

    These are solid teams all the way through – any one of them can be at DeKalb in November. Great rankings thank you Sun Times for giving us an indication of who to look out for…whether your team is #1 or #25 it’s a realization that maybe, just maybe, you may have a magical season. 6 more games to go! Good luck!

  • beer-run

    Mike, she’s making up for last year when she started the year without PR even ranked. 3 of her final top 5 weren’t ranked pre-season either.

    • Michael O'Brien

      As someone that knows the hell of preseason rankings, that’s just what happens. No one has seen any of the teams play…and I think football is clearly much harder to rank than basketball.

      Argue all you want about Beth (and I) getting things wrong, but I guarantee you there is no bias in her rankings. Beth isn’t from the area and has no allegiances. I’m pretty upfront about my bias. Go Joliet! Sadly the Tigers and Steelmen are rarely much of a factor in either sport. Last season was probably the Joliet basketball high-water mark for the next two decades.

  • Mark

    Come on Beth! Do your homework for once, and stop following the hype! Have you even watched a game this year? Bolingbrook will beat Homewood Floosmoor Friday.

    • Just the Facts

      Beth kept Bolingbrook highly ranked far too long the past couple years. Raider fatigue. But I agree the Vikings are going down like Frasier.

  • Dan

    It is well know that these rankings are bias to coverage area. Her super 25 ranking should be renamed Super 25 Where The Suntimes Sells Papers Rankings. Worthless as far as I am concerned.

    • Michael O'Brien

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Weird attack to make on the person that had Prairie Ridge as the preseason No. 1.

    • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

      Dan, plz pull head out of rectum.

      For the love of Jebus, as explained almost a million times each year, the rankings are not biased to the Bright One’s coverage area, they are exclusive the the Sun-Times’ circulation area.

  • Craig

    Let me get this right! Crete Monee plays (2) 8a powers, Lincoln Way East and Brother Rice and #1 West Lafayette, Indiana and come out with a 2-1 record! And yet arent ranked? Thats why no one takes your rankings seriously! Do your homework!

  • HS FB fan

    My bad, MS does not play Barr during the season (may see them in playoffs). MS has Palatine this week. Not sure if Palatine can stay with MS. HF – Bolingbrook game looks to be one of the better ones coming up this week.

  • HS FB fan

    Normally I take the poll for what it is, crude guesstimate or swag, but this week having trouble understanding why Barrington drop so far after convincing win over decent NT team, yet Mount Carmel remains unchanged after getting crushed by Loyola; and of course, no CG anywhere. The logic escapes me; but alas is just one person’s opinion, and will change fair amount by end of the year. MS-Barr game in couple of weeks shld be a very good game.

  • Coach Cal

    When will Harvey Thornton be Ranked. They are 3-0.

  • Blue_Rule

    Cary-Grove not ranked is a joke. I pay little attention to these rankings because most don’t take into account strength of schedule or who a team beats or loses to. If you win it typically doesn’t matter who you beat. Rank by strength of schedule and opponent. I’m biased to the CCL and Providence. So as an example who has Hoffman Estates played? Yes they are 3-0 but let’s look at PC. Just beat previously ranked St. Rita and lost a great game to national power ESL and Missouri 5A power house St. John Vianney. I’m not expecting PC to be ranked but just pointing out how strength of opponents is typically ignored. Although I’m a CCL Blue fan, MC has no business in the top 25, Alek Thomas or not LA spanked them. It is all about 5 wins in IL high school football so forget about these useless rankings.

  • Public Powerhouses

    Cary-Grove should be Number 3.

  • Lamont

    Wow hard to believe you forgot the Bolingbrook Raiders!! Let’s go Raiders!

  • Barb B. Patient

    So DeKalb(6A) beats a Top 25 8A, last week’s #21 Lake Park. Has a common opponent with Richards #22 up from #24…they beat Carmel 35-21…Dekalb beat Carmel 27-7(bigger deficit). The #24 team West Aurora beat 3 opponents, with no one in top 50 probably, a pathetic combined record of West Aurora’s opponents are 1-8, only Yorkville has a win in their opponents played. I don’t get it.

    • Michael O'Brien

      DeKalb isn’t eligible for the rankings, it isn’t in the Sun-Times coverage area.

      • Barb Z. Hearya

        Fair enough…Dekalb is a charter member of original Upstate 8 from 1963, so I would’ve thought they would be. Not to mention home to one of three FBS universities in Illinois. Maybe in the future…only 25 minutes from West Aurora on 88:) Thanks.

        • Michael O'Brien

          It’s no statement on DeKalb as a school or town, it is simply determined by the Sun-Times’ circulation area.

  • Greatgig13

    At least you’re on the board. Beth hates Cary Grove and doesn’t recognize they exist.

  • Ralphie

    Glenbard West won by 25 and dropped three slots

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