Star sophomore Elliott Sieger transfers from DePaul Prep to Young

Orr's Raekwon Drake (25) and Tyron Mosley (0) try to beat DePaul Prep's Elliott Sieger (3) to a rebound. Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

Elliott Sieger, one of the most productive freshmen in the state last season, has left DePaul Prep for Young.

“The main reason for this was that my parents—and it was strictly their decision and I had very little say in this at all—wanted a better situation for me from an academic standpoint,” Sieger said. “Whitney Young is one of the best academic schools in the entire country. There is an opportunity there to take some higher level courses, such as certain math classes, that DePaul Prep wasn’t able to provide. I had to take [placement] tests to be able to show that I could get in to those types of classes.”

Sieger was an honorable mention All-City selection by the Sun-Times. He led the Rams to the Class 2A sectional semifinals last season, where they lost to Orr.

Sieger is the latest of several high-level players to leave Catholic schools for Public League schools this summer. Maurice Commander transferred from Marist to Curie, Marquise Walker from St. Joseph to Curie, Xavier Pinson from St. Patrick to Simeon and Chase Adams left Marian Catholic for Orr.

According to reports two players have left Public League schools this week as well. Morgan Park’s Shon Robinson and Kenwood’s Antonio Reeves both transferred out of state.

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  • Ketoe

    This is insane. The IHSA is a joke of an organization and should be investigated for its actions. The transfer rules only apply to kids and schools not in the inner circle. yet, private and catholic schools cant have it both ways, and neither way works for real public schools. In football the private schools dominate, because they can recruit. In basketball, the private schools had a leg up, but now kids are by passing the PS to head to the CPS specials schools, so now its a problem. Oh an now the CPS gets to abuse the transfer rules, this is wrong also. CPS cried about having only one school with a chance to win a state title, so they spread out and win titles in 4A, 3A and 2A in the past 2 years. All those schools who won were heavy on transfers. So why not create an easy fix as most states have done. get rin of all the levels and create a true public school championship and private academy school championship. This way Simeon, Morgan Park, St. Joseph and DePaul prep can recruit as they wish, no holds barred, but when the playoffs start, Montini will be playing against JCA in girls basketball, and Simeon will be playing against St. Joseph in boys basketball and in football, allow the Joliet to compete with Montini and all the public schools to play against each other. Class 2A and 1A in basketball and Class 3A, 2A and 1A in football for public schools, and private academy and prep schools have their own Championship. Otherwise, if the IHSA is simply going to collect money to pay insane salaries and do nothing, high school sports in Illinois is just as bad as Illinois politics. Shameful

  • Coach Davis

    J R Cison also transferred from Viators to Lake Zurich..

  • Coach Davis

    The kid said it was his parents decision… END of STORY

  • RealityCheck

    Don’t expect any critiquing from Michael. He hates private schools. Still holding a grudge because his parents couldn’t afford JCA. Pathetic.

  • Tom Anstett

    There is always more to the “reasons” given for such transfers. We never know whole story, but parents’ egos are surely part of the causes.

  • dan

    cps is such a joke how they get away with this

  • Pirate Sleeved Jersey

    Sure seems like there is a “hoops” priority issue in casa Sieger.

    Both kids are awesome students – Joe Sieger hit 36 on the ACT yet even after four productive, but not uber stellar years at Neuqua Valley Valley HS, w/ out an “acceptable” college offer he heads east for a “hoops gap year” at Bridgton Academy, and as well as that went, it did not quite result in an offer from Kentucky, or even Southern Kentucky Tech.

    Think about that. The kid had a perfect ACT, but went to HS for another year bcz of hoops.

    Meanwhile Elliot leads Gregory Jr HS in Naperville to an almost spotless record in 7th and 8th grade hoops (except for that pesky loss to Kennedy in the 8th grade finals where Elliot exhibited both zero grace & composure post game). A nice stint w/ Meansteets and then a move to the city and DePaul Prep made sense, Tom K is a good Gordon/DePaul guy and things went very well in grade 9.

    Fast forward to now and we see a move to WY. In a year maybe he keeps heading south, next year Kenwood and then Simeon…

    Seriously, I get that four years of free college is worth up to ~280k these days, but WTF?

    Just cause pops hit a few 3’s for one of the most hated NCAA finals team ever (sorry Billy Tubbs), does not mean the boyz are going to join the Ball brothers in the NBA.

    • Vashon

      If what you say is true and I’ve heard similar, his brother got a 36 on the ACT, that would tell you that Neuqua Valley (his neighborhood school) has every AP class imaginable to get a superior high school education So clearly this decision has nothing to do with academics.

      But here’s what we do know, that’s a talented and senior led and driven team that just won a state title. Elliot doesn’t do sharing and teammates well. I give it one season. He’ll transfer again.

  • Tommy Garcia

    Great decision. If you can’t beat the corrupt system that is CPS boys basketball join them. You have 4 teams basically that run CPS hoops. Morgan Park Simeon Whitney Young and Bogan. Reading clips and watching highlights typically all the mention from the”evaluators” and the (self made) media focuses on these schools and their players. So good for him, he’s a great player that now I’m sure you’ll here allot about again now that he’s transferred to Young!

  • Johnny

    The IHSA really needs to start looking into all these transfers! It has gotten out of control. The CPS transfers are more than ever. You cannot say they are not out recruiting these kids. A lot of these guys use AAU as away to doing this. IHSA needs to fix this.

    • Johnny

      Why is it that when you transfer from a public school to a private school you have to sit out a year unless you move or use a very good excuse but when you go from a private school to a public or public to public you only sit out 30 days? Seems like the IHSA really wants these types of transfers. Evan the playing field, CPS does more recruiting then any private school.

  • Phillip Smith

    Also Xavier Pinson

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