No Shot Clock, Ep. 60: State Finals preview


  • Leegs1

    Mikey: might be time to moderate.

  • Hitters

    Ask straight out of Bolingbrook what he does for employment.Probably sitting over in beaconridge.

  • David R.

    Simeon=Cheaters. Been playing a player who according to IHSA rules should be ineligible. They’ve been playing him under another kids uniform number so nobody will notice. They should have to forfeit every game he’s played in.

  • Craig S. Siller

    Hey Bolingbrook, how many championships has The Brook won? How many has Simeon won? So until you win one stop talking so much trash. But it’s cool, you have love for your team. The final four in both classes are wide open, so let’s just see. Good luck to all the kids.


      Relax little Craig where u been hiding u just started making comments
      Don’t jump on Simeon bandwagon like Auntie
      U not a hooper or coach I know who u are you that guy on the sidelines saying but what if , and but if it went like this than that would of happen. Fall Back the temp. Is too hot πŸ”₯ For u in this lane fam. Everybody riding Simeon don’t hold too long it’s too many people holding already u might fall off bro. Just chill and watch the NCAA tournament today it’s gone b good


      U remind me of ole girl they call her Auntie from Simeon just jumping in saying bogus statements
      She was all confused yesterday just say anything ole thang . Don’t b like her it’s not a good look πŸ‘€ fam

      • Straight OUTTA BOLINGBROOK

        Lil Craig or just go BACK in HIDING like Auntie did she disappeared outta no where Don’t nobody know where she at do what she did.

    • lefty

      Bolingbrook: Basketball averageness since 1985

      • Leegs1

        Lefty: I agree, but it’s best to ignore him and his sidekick.

        • Just the Facts

          Smh lefty and leggs you would think these two cornballs wouldnt draw attention to themselves. Kind of lay low so we cant tell who the foolies are

  • Leegs1

    AP preseason 3A rankings: Morgan Park 1, Bloomington 2, Fenwick 4, Lanphier 8.

  • Leegs1

    AP preseason 4A rankings: Simeon 2, Bolingbrook 11, Young 15, Fremd NR.


      What are u saying Leegs
      Get some sleep 😴 it’s pass your bedtime old man
      You sound like Auntie from Simeon just jumping in saying anything
      Get some rest leegs and holla back tomorrow when u not sleep 😴 walking 🚢🏽 ok thank you

      • Leegs1

        Just showing the associated press pre season rankings for the final eight teams left.. No more, no less.

  • Just the Facts

    You guys gotta get off the Simeon bandwagon. This is not Edwardsville. Simeon is barely better than Benet.

  • trey

    Bloomington lost to Wheaton-Warrenville South by 1 in OT, Benet by 2, and Curie by 1.

  • James

    Seems like a little disrespect for fenwick. They showed they can play with plenty of 4A teams. At proviso west they played with morgan park and played Simeon close at Simeon. I think they can play with most 4a teams in the final 4.

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