Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings

St. Anthony's Brandon Runge (45) wraps up Hope's Jordan Doss (13) Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Simeon (28-3) 1
Edwardsville on Tuesday

2. Bolingbrook (28-1) 2
Deepest team in the area

3. Morgan Park (23-6) 3
Survived St. Rita

4. Evanston (28-3) 4
Finished strong at Waukegan

5. Young (24-7) 5
Can they beat Eastern?

6. Fremd (30-0) 8
Kyle Sliwa is a hero

7. Fenwick (28-4) 9
St. Viator on Tuesday

8. Orr (23-5) 11
State champs

9. Jacobs (30-1) 15
Cam Krutwig is dominant

10. Naperville North (25-5) 18
Big underdogs on Tuesday

11. Joliet West (26-4) 10
Let it slip away

12. Wheaton-Warrenville South (29-2) 7
Outfoxed by Naperville North

13. North Lawndale (23-8) 12
Lost to Fenwick

14. Conant (27-5) 13
Kyle Sliwa nightmares

15. Oak Park (24-7) 16
Finished strong

16. Curie (25-4) 6
Lost to Oak Park

17. Thornton (23-6) 14
Couldn’t handle Simeon

18. Waukegan (21-9) 20
Future is bright

19. Brother Rice (25-6) 21
Bobby Frasor getting it done

20. Marist (27-4) 22
Loaded for next season

21. Wheaton North (24-7) 23
Luke Anthony can play

22. Hinsdale South (19-12) 24
Zion Griffin is tough

23. Joliet Central (23-6) NR
Almost knocked off West

24. Benet (23-7) NR
Seniors won a lot

25. Hope Academy (29-4) 19
Third place in Class 1A



  • West sub fan

    When the Brook goes down take that Uber to come see Fenwick

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      Bolingbrook gone win state buddy!!!!
      I still got u on that uber to Peoria though . They said they will pick u up early cuz they want to watch the game too just want to get there early and get popcorn 🍿 ya know.


      U trying to roast a Raiders fan NO GOOD MY FRIEND
      We still got that uber for you and the uber will pick u up early cuz he want to get there early to get some popcorn 🍿 cuz he want to see the BROOK HO TO WORK he said

  • Leegs1

    Mikey: thanks for posting that Nfhs site. Will be watching Simeon v. Edwardsville tonight. Thanks again.

  • West sub fan

    It’s a shame Fenwick avoids competing in 4a
    They should slide downstate easy

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      Bolingbrook would run 🏃🏽 through fenwick quit playing . You don’t want fenwick in 4A quit playing little dude.

      • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

        Stop it Fenwick it ain’t that easy. They ain’t ready for the Brook they wouldn’t slide that easy.
        They hiring at the Laugh Factory and at All jokes
        U FUNNY 😂

        • michael cahill

          i’m pretty sure he was implying that Fenwick should be in 4a and that they should win easily tonight.

    • Friar Fan

      Now that’s an interesting comment. I wasn’t aware that Illinois HS teams are free to choose which class they wish to compete in. How would Fenwick go about avoiding the 4A classification?

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      West sub fan – I got a coupon for buy one get one free at America best glasses 👓 so u can see Bolingbrook play in Dekalb and Peoria. Coupon expires tomorrow hurry first thing in the morning try to get there . I’ll pay for a UBER if u don’t have a ride .

  • Ray

    Norm: Where do you like Naperville north in the rankings? Only team to beat Evanston in the area and they have now beat 2 top 10 ranked teams and are 20-1 since a slow start. I still think Bolingbrook should be #1.I would put Evanston #2. Simeon played a great schedule, but lost heads up to Evanston who also played a great schedule. Bolingbrook lost without one of its top players and dropped in the rankings after that loss. Simeon lost big to Evanston, Bogan and had a close game with a Benet team that was knocked out by a 6 seed. Simeon gets a pass for not trying in a game and Bolingbrook doesn’t get a pass for playing a man down. In spite of my ramblings about the rankings, I still pick the winner of Simeon Edwardsville to advance to the finals. Bolingbrook deserves the higher ranking because of what they have accomplished so far, but I really think the State is going be decided be the winner in Bloomington tomorrow night.

    • Norm

      I agree the Simeon game is huge. But everyone knows that so I’m no genius for saying that. Simeon, BB and Evanston are really even and it’s a coin toss how to rank them. Seeing how well NN is playing now makes Evanstons OT loss not so bad. They were dropped 15 spots at the time. But MP wasn’t dropped at all for losing to unranked Stevenson because they didn’t try. NN is probably ranked pretty fair right now. Not sure how to rank a 2A team like Orr.

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      Yeah Bolingbrook should be N0. 1 maybe we need to bring Taylor Bell out of retirement. So he can get things RIGHT !!!!!!

  • Norm

    Evanston #21 in country in new Maxpreps rankings. Ahead of Simeon and Bolingbrook who are on the bubble. Morgan Park, what a joke at 3, isn’t close to being considered by them.

    • Lee

      The computer picks that ranking..what did Evanston do to climb in that ranking? Bolingbrook beat a top 10 team Friday night… Evanston beat Waukegan who was #20…

      • Norm

        That’s not a computer ranking. It’s their human rankings. Don’t shoot the messenger. #21 or the bubble like Simeon and Bolingbrook are is basically the same thing anyway. I’m not a fan of MP at 3. That’s all really

        • Lee

          National ranking done by computer…excellent 25 done by human

          • Norm

            It is the excellent 25 I’m talking about. It’s their new March 12 rankings. You have to click on one of the teams from the old March 6 ranking in order to find the new March 12 rankings. This is why I should never have retired. I have too much time on my hands if I’m posting all of this.

  • James

    Anyone who wants to criticize these rankings should look at CSN. Those picks are crazy. Mike does the best job in chicago. My only critical comment this week is that a 1A team that loses and has not had any big wins should probably bow out this week.

    • Lee

      St. Viator should have earned a spot by now….they’re winning when it counts the most!

      • Ray

        3A is just not that competitive in the early rounds. ST V. has some nice wins, but way too many losses. Beating North Chicago does not make up for the 15 losses. If they can stay within 10 points of Fenwick I will be surprised. Teams that played much more difficult schedules with fewer losses are not ranked either.

        • Lee

          The point is there seasons are over.. Uplift was expected to go far but didn’t so they are no longer ranked….the same should be be said for the team that wasn’t expected to go far but did! !

          • Johnny

            Lee St Viator is below 500. Other than the North Chicago game they had not played a team that could compete in the play offs. They are in 3A and they will meet a team tonight that is not like any other team they played in the playoffs. Fenwick will be much like Notre Dame. They could not keep up with them and I don’t expect them to keep up with Fenwick.

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      James – I disagree with you Mike don’t give Bolingbrook credit. Just look at past post he writes Bolingbrook beat Joliet west that’s all. He never said how Bolingbrook came from 12 points down and their Sophomores put them back in the game and won the game.
      I wish Taylor Bell was around still he gave suburb schools credit. It’s talent everywhere if you live in city or suburbs it don’t matter give them young guys from Bolingbrook their credit 🏀🏀🏀🏀 Bolingbrook unstoppable so don’t hate just congratulate !!

      • Leegs1

        I don’t think Bolingbrook would want Taylor Bell sniffing around this year. And please, enough with the word “hating.” Again, that word and “hero” should be used as often as you throw manhole covers around. Just my opinion.

        • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

          Taylor Bell could do the top 25 right that’s what I was saying. Him being noisy is his own thirsty business

          • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

            Taylor Bell can do snooping around like a German Shepard he will b a lost dog 🐶 looking crazy 😜

      • Ray

        Bolingbrook certainly has the easiest supersectional game. Whoever advances from this side of the bracket will have earned it. Simeon has the toughest path So the argument will be over in a few days. Bolingbrook by 15 tomorrow…..

        • Leegs1

          I’m not counting out that very top bracket. See that tape of Edwardsville. They look pretty good. Great time of the year. Time will tell.

        • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

          IHSA made the bracket so Bolingbrook just knocking teams out like Floyd Mayweather.
          Some people didn’t think they would beat Joliet west when Joliet west was winning in 3rd quarter.
          When Bolingbrook finally win state I hope them young guys get their CREDIT !
          Go Bolingbrook 🏀🏀🏀🏀 a lot of people want to see y’all lose and I know why. It’s deeper than what people think.

        • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

          Ray -question for you who do u want to win championship ?

      • Lee

        Wow.. Bolingbrook raider fan.. you took that whole first paragraph word 4 word from someone else post earlier!!! Plagiarism* you néed to footnote that!!!!

        • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

          Lee just stating facts that’s all brother . It needed to be said again. Charles Barkley and Kenny smith do it all the time it’s social media you gone get that. I know you a Bolingbrook fan also thanks for the comment but I had to repeat it again Lee ya know ! They don’t want Bolingbrook to win . I’m just defending the Brook . I’m on defense all the time . Cuz defense make offense. We can talk sports at the next Bolingbrook reunion b cool

      • Lee

        Plagiarism 1st paragraph

  • V Money

    Where can I buy Super Sectional tickets?? I don’t want to walk to another “SOLD OUT” window ever again…..

  • Just the Facts

    While I am picking Bolingbrook I think people are selling Naperville North short. This is going to be a grind it out game. We saw what lengths they were willing to go to in order to upset Wheaton South; I imagine they’ll have some sort of game plan.

    Other than that I’ll take Simeon, Evanston, and Fremd.

  • ClownBaby

    Great year for WWS will be remembered got a while but the third time was the charm for Naperville North. Really a solid year for DVC basketball NN, WWS and WN all had quality teams for a conference known for its football.

  • James

    Where are the 4A lines this week? I have Bolingbrook by 12, edwardsville by 3, Young by 1 and Jacobs by 5. What do the suntimes readers think?

  • RealityCheck

    Hope Academy took third place in 1A not 2A.

    • Bolingbrook Raiders fan

      It’s going down in Dekalb tonight baby
      Bolingbrook gone do what they Do
      Y’all know what it is !!!!!!

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