No Shot Clock, Ep. 56: Big weekend preview


  • South Shore Tar

    BG, AAU summer ball is just a bunch of guys playing sandlot. It’s not pressure ball. No defensive efforts, no real pressing, no real offensive fast paced playmaking. It’s a totally different animal. If Morgan Park and Simeon get to the city championship game, see how often the tired factor will be mentioned. You have it just the opposite, BG. High school season practices are also like night and day compared to summer ball. I think if you ask the players and coaches, you’ll hear the real thing. Even college summer ball is just like an NBA all-star game. No defense at all….just dribble and shoot. You’re way off on this one BG.

  • Bg

    Hoopers Hoop all day all night… They spend summers playing 3,4 games per day in AAU not to mention often uncomfortable travel… Exhaustion.. get real, High School games are a walk in the park compared to the summer grind.

  • South Shore Tar

    Saturday’s City-Suburban Showdown will probably be anticlimactic for the teams involved. Morgan Park comes off a semi-final game for city, and Stevenson comes off a big game against Waukegan (at Waukegan), and needs a victory to clinch conference. Don’t be surprised if each team misses their first ten shots because of exhaustion. I expect the same out of the Evanston-Simeon game. Like Joe and Mike said, the scheduling and timing couldn’t be worse. Regardless, should be fun. I’ll be there!

    • CP3

      South Shore Tar, your absolutely right about timing of this event. Ideally, none of the teams involved would play the before esoecially those teams in high stakes CPS semi’s. That being said, the Simeon/Evanston game is a possible preview of the state championship game. Message game,POY implications, Smith vs Ellis part 4, etc. Evanston needs to prove it can take down a state power, to be a state power. Having NEVER beaten Simeon, is this the year it happens? Simeon is the gold standard, period. They win all 3 games this weekend like last year, we really must tip our cap to Rob Smith and the team because they will face the 3 best teams in the area.
      Expect Morgan Park to prove to be too much for Stevenson by halftime. Setting us up for a great game between Evanston and Simeon. I think Evanston has the best player in the gym and state, and a team that will prove it’s their time. No excuses for the team that loses!!!

      • Mike

        ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Evanston has the best player? Yeah right!
        Their most skilled player is Nojel, however their best player is Lance Jones. He’s definitely not ready yet to shoulder that load. But watch out!

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