Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings

Jimmy Sotos (4) of Conant shakes Fremd's defender. Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Bolingbrook (23-0) 1
Nana Akenten is hot again

2. Curie (22-2) 2
Hosts Orr on Wednesday

3. Young (19-6) 3
Xavier Castaneda playing well

4. Morgan Park (17-4) 4
North Lawndale is next

5. Simeon (21-2) 5
Handled Westinghouse with ease

6. Wheaton-Warrenville South (25-1) 6
DuPage Valley champs

7. Fremd (24-0) 7
Three-win week

8. Orr (16-4) 9
Huge test vs. Curie

9. Geneva (26-0) 10
Can they win in Quincy?

10. Fenwick (21-4) 11
CCL final four

11. Joliet West (20-3) 12
The Steelmen loom

12. Evanston (21-3) 13
Simeon on Saturday

13. North Lawndale (20-6) 14
Steven Ross the x-factor

14. Thornton (17-4) 15
Alonzo Verge heating up

15. Conant (22-4) 16
Jimmy Sotos has 1,000+ points

16. Benet (19-6) 17
Colin Crothers is missed

17. Prospect (21-4) 18
Nice win vs. Niles North

18. Uplift (21-5) 8
Lost to Farragut

19. Brother Rice (22-3) 19
Mike Shepski clutch again

20. TF North (19-3) 20
Proved it vs. Hillcrest

21. Jacobs (22-1) 22
Cam Krutwig dominates

22. Joliet Central (20-3) 23
Battle of Joliet on Saturday

23. Naperville North (19-4) 24
Rolling at the right time

24. Kenwood (18-6) NR
Beat Bogan

25. Hope Academy (22-3) 25
Top sectional seed



  • Leegs1

    Mikey: start a firestorm. Put Hope Academy #1

  • Bg

    Despite why everyone lost… has 1 thru 5 ever lost in the same weekend?

  • Bg

    If every team 1-5 takes a loss this weekend playing shorthanded how do you rank? You shake it up or say f-it and leave it alone….. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore… after next week it’s officially win or go home!

  • Talvin Logan

    What about The chances of Evanston taking the State Championship? Do you think that they are capable of winning the whole thing?

  • Mike

    Unstoppable?! Hardly!…..One ball handler, one marginal shooter, undersized postman without moves. They haven’t played a team that’s smart enough to exploit it yet. But they will! However, very athletic with nice uniforms.

    • The Brook

      I’m going to b laughing when the Brook take state๐Ÿ˜ƒAnd everybody else will b crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ
      The Bolingbrook team is UNSTOPPABLE
      I will b passing out boxes of tissues for u guys tears Go Bolingbrook Raiders๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ great team with a good coach
      Excellent job keep it up Raiders

  • NorthSuburbanFan1

    The seeding in the Waukegan sectional makes no sense. I know Libertyville is 11-14, but they have beaten Niles North, Maine West, and Highland Park (3 teams ahead of them) and have split with Warren and Waukegan who are also ahead of them. I understand Niles North is 18-9 and Deerfield is 16-10 but they haven’t beaten anybody. Libertyville is getting punished for having a good schedule, with some of their losses being: Evanston, Conant, Prospect, Fremd, Stevenson (twice), and Waukegan twice! They shouldn’t punish teams for playing a hard schedule.

    • Ray

      Coaches don’t put in the time on these seedings. The Essig report which uses their own computer program rank teams would have had Libertyville 12 vs the 14 they got. Not really ahead of any of the teams you mentioned. getting a play in game sometimes helps you get ready for the team with a bye.

  • James

    Next week should be an interesting week to rank. 2 losses for sure between Simeon Evanston Stevenson and Morgan park. As a burbs guy i hate to say this, but i dont like our chances. How far will the losers drop? Thornton probably drops out after a poor showing vs Bloom. OPRF, ND, Bloom, Marist all pounding on the door to get in. Who i am missing?.Lets all watch “Reality Check” head explode as Hope Academy wins out….4A is wide open this year….

  • Dot

    Who do you have winning the battle of Joliet Saturday?

  • West sub fan

    Oak park west sub silver champs over your beloved Hinsdale central !!!

  • Edwin

    I cannot wait until it playoffs begin, I truly tired of not ND Niles, not being ranked. Always on the verge of being ranked, when I sure they will blowout some of the teams that are ranked. They are playing great basketball right now and watch out for them in the playoffs. So many weapons and size. You heard it hear first.

    • James

      So many good team out there not ranked. I think this will be the year of the upsets. The teams 26 – 35 are all capable of beating most of the teams ranked 6 -25 i havent seen ND but they look great on paper. Looking forward to your prediction coming true. That sectional is ripe for an upset.

  • Jim

    6 LOSS teams in over ESCC leading Marist. Marist has three losses, one to a good RICE team, another controversial to St. Rita where it was buzzer beater when clock clearly didn’t start on time, and other to Notre Dame who has been in top 25 different times this year. If Marist beats Pats on Friday and wins outright ESCC title. You must have them in.

  • Dot

    Who do you got winning this Saturday Joliet Central of Joliet West???

    • Michael O'Brien

      Good question. Steelmen will be tough to beat at home.

      • Leegs1

        Do they play in the old gym? A lot of memories there with the running track above the floor. Remember, one year, the old Iowa football coach at the gym recruiting one of Bolingbrook’ s running backs sitting with us and mentioning that this was the first high school gym he was ever in where he had to go thru a metal detector. That was a long time ago.

        • Michael O'Brien

          Yep, same gym. They redid the floor awhile back and gave the place a paint job but it is pretty much the same as it has always been.

          • Leegs1

            Running backs name , I believe, was Ernest Krank; Iowa coach was Heyden Fry. Many great running backs out of Bolingbrook. Joliet won at the buzzer on a half court three pointer. Many, many memories from that old gym.

          • Leegs1

            Any thoughts on top five basketball players who ever came out of Joliet high schools?

  • Rob P

    As a graduate of Tinley Park HS 92 and my son at Oak Forest 16. I’m sad Hillcrest might not win the Hoops conference in like a billion years(29 years I think). As much as I hated it I respect it

  • Johnny

    how is it that Notre Dame is out of the top 25? What did they do to get out of the top 25? Won 2 games over the weekend by 20 plus points. 21-5

    • James

      They dropped out when they lost to an unranked team either marian catholic or warren. I dont remember which. They have to be really close to getting back in. Just need someone to lose.

  • TSmith

    The elephant in the room appears to be the poor and inconsistent officiating at most of these games. I’ve only witnessed one referee that is unafraid to overturn a terrible call made by his colleague. That man is Chris Head. I assume that he understands that most of these games are captured on video for others to review. Incompetent officials often change the dynamics of what should be a fair contest between our youth, however that $55/$45 seems to be king (you get what you pay for). Many of us in the trenches know and understand that there are highly favored and highly resented among our coaching cadre. The refs are human and therefore their actions are sometimes consistent with their sentiments. We don’t hold them accountable beyond these piss poor games. The good news is that most of our young athletes learn how to be resilient when they have these experiences. I constantly read about coach x, y and z receiving a tech but never read about a referee calling outright phantom calls that were obviously retaliatory in nature. Never. We are usually fed the “questionable call ” script. I choose to look at the tape. How about you? Maybe then you will see that it is not parity in the league and several of those “shockers” were the result of poor officiating that stripped the hearts from the youth men to where they could not recover. In the end, both sides knew the truth. It is just a matter of who is willing to tell or seek it.

  • James

    CSN doesnt even have fenwick ranked. Interesting the difference in ranking 10 vs 26? I have seen them play and lose twice, but they are clearly good enough to be ranked. They really are missing that
    Big win. But they are a really good team. CSN guys really missing on them.

    • RealityCheck

      James who exactly has Hope Academy beaten? Have they beaten a single team that has EVER been ranked? They’ve been on Michael’s top 25 for two weeks now…

      • James

        i would put ND, OPRF and a few others in ahead of hope, but i am fine with them being in. They have done well.

    • Michael O'Brien

      Fenwick has beaten six teams that were ranked at some point this season (Oak Park, De La Salle, Bogan, Marian Catholic, St. Joseph, Loyola). Lost to Young by five and Simeon by five (at Simeon). Both those games are also solid indications of how good Fenwick is. Very few teams keep games that close with Young and Simeon.

  • Lanodee

    So no movement for TF North? Wow!!! What’s their requirement for upward movement?

    • James

      Has TF north beat a ranked team? I know the have a couple of losses to Ofallen and Rick Islamd who are both juat above 500. I know they beat Hillcrest, but so did Jacobs and they are ranked behind TF North. TF North and Thornton both seem to be missing the big wins.

      • Michael O'Brien

        TF North’s best win is against Bogan. It was the first week of the season though, so the Bengals were missing quite a few starters. The Meteors haven’t lost to a team in the area though.

    • Michael O'Brien

      They have to beat a ranked team.

  • RealityCheck

    This guy still has Hope Academy, currently ranked 97th in the state on MaxPreps, in his top 25. Absolutely incredible.

  • John Olson

    Prospect will have go thru Fremd

  • James

    What happened to colin cruthers of benet?

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