Michael O’Brien’s notebook: Feb. 10, 2017

Solorio's Jorell Jones (2) gets trapped by Hubbard's Shawn Marlow (1) and Aiqujuan Bates (5). Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

Sometimes it takes two games to really get a feel for a team. That’s definitely the case with TF North this year. I’m not totally sure what I just saw. They were better than I expected.

The Meteors made their way into the rankings because they just kept winning, couldn’t keep them out. It was good to finally get a look. They are essentially the same team I saw last year, but everything has been raised a notch. They play hard and make opponents uncomfortable, that much is for sure. Read all about the Meteors’ big win against Hillcrest.

Friday’s top games

Zion-Benton 73, Waukegan 70: The Zee-Bees win in the Dog Pound. Rod Henry-Hayws led the way with 25, Demarquis Henry scored 21.

Harvest Christian 65, Providence-St. Mel 54: This is a nice win. I wrote about Harvest Christian back at the start of the season. They have lived up to all expectations and should make a charge at the Class 1A state title. Brennen Woods had 15 points, 15 rebounds and six steals.

Stevenson 58, Libertyville 47: The Patriots win behind Justin Smith’s 26 points and Willie Herenton’s 23.

Geneva 74, St. Charles East 56: Another test passed. The undefeated Vikings win the Upstate Eight River, which is one of the area’s best basketball conferences.

Bolingbrook 57, Homewood-Flossmoor 46: The Raiders also pass a huge test, winning on the road against the Vikings. Malik Binns had 15 points and seven rebounds. Nana Akenten added 13 points and eight boards.

Bloom 47, Rich South 32: We shouldn’t forget about the Blazing Trojans. They went through a bit of a rough patch, but they showed over the holidays that they are very dangerous. Tramail Mcray had 10 points and seven assists and Austin Richie scored 19. Bloom and Thornton play on Tuesday.

Thornton 79, Andrew 66: Alonzo Verge dropped 35.

Wells d. Clark: The Raiders win the Blue-West. Junior Antwone Lampkin scored 43, his second 40+ game of the week.

Dwight 67, Iroquois West 42: FOX WATCH is still on. Justin Fox scored 31 tonight. He broke 33 the other night as well.

Niles North 64, Niles West 61 OT: Big rivalry win. Jamal Stephenson scored 16 and Damaria Franklin added 16 points and 11 rebounds. Julius Francellno hit two three-pointers in the last minute of overtime, the first to tie and the second to take the lead by 3 with :04 left.

Lakes 74, Round Lake 54: Third consecutive win for Lakes. Ian Haflinger set the school record for points with 42.

Marist 46, St. Viator 37: Big, big ESCC win. Everyone knows how dangerous the Lions can be.

Minooka 61, Romeoville 48: Remember what Scott Tanaka said about Jon Butler earlier this week? Butler is backing it up, he scored 37.

Stagg 53, Lincoln-Way East 49: Josh Strama and John Contant each scored 15.



  • Marcus Thigpen

    No Salter for Romeoville last night

    • Coach LB

      Romeoville will be ok. They are starting to learn to play together. They are young and had to understand that basketball is a team game that only works when you learn how to play together. Need to be a little tougher and learn how to close games out that they should win. They really showed me something against joliet west and they should have won that game. Coaches has to teach them better guard play and cutting down on turnovers. They are coming togther next year they should be a rank team

  • AB

    Kringle was bullied as a child Leegs. He’s the Donald Trump of this message board. Probably his idol.

  • lee

    They slowed the game good strategy but teams have to show an ability to stop them from scoring.. I’ve watched alot of games this year… too many teams depend on 2,3 players to do the bulk of the work…. it’s Bolingbrook talented balance that makes them hard to beat combined with athletes and ball pressure.

    • AB

      Correct. But when you have 3 starters that you depend on to score and defend on the bench you have a problem. My argument was- how does a team with that much talent (Bolingbrook) struggle with a team that has far inferior talent at full strength (HF) when they’re half strength? It’s a glaring problem. That had no answer other than they’re more talented. Will that hold up on the state tourney? That’s wa my only point.

      • Just the Facts

        Just the facts. They were down two starters, Bolingbrook is down one starter. So what? HF shot out of their minds and still lost by more than the previous two games combined. I don’t see your point. If your point is Bolingbrook needs to blow everyone out every game, even their rival at home in the 3rd matchup of the season after already having beaten them twice, then your point is dumb.

        All this talk about “far superior talent” is hogwash, and just rhetoric to try and bolster your flimsy argument. Talent is being able to shoot lights out. But like I said before, let’s not let the facts get in the way of your great story.

        Never heard such ridiculousness in my life. Teams not winning good enough. This is definitely silly season.

        • AB

          3 starters there Trumpster. Those are the facts- not the fake news you put out there. Spoke to a few Homewood parents at the game. Tough to beat #1 in state with 2 guys scoring. Says a lot about brook. But whatever you say- your a legend in your own mind. Most likely cut at freshman tryouts lol. Now get back to your POTUS duties.

      • Just the Facts

        Two starters Kellyanne. Their starters are: Boyd, DeMartra, and Holmes. But like I said before don’t let the facts get in the way of your great story Baghdad Bob. And Bolingbrook is down a starter. Either you are going to whine about starters or you are not. This selective whining is very Trumpian of you.

        • AB

          Let me correct you yet again. King-parks is a starter, not Demartra. Apparently the kid is only half speed because of a football injury. Leegs this guy is losing it. Misinformation, stealing other people’s ideas, etc. Full meltdown mode and the brook hasn’t even lost yet. Someone get some pampers for when that happens!

          • Just the Facts

            Let me correct you again Kellyanne. Demartra is a starter, but was injured during football season.

            Perhaps some reading will help you:

            Just the facts.

          • AB

            Nope. Sorry. Last year doesn’t matter. This other kid was the starter through Christmas “this year” until he was hurt in the championship game at hinsdale. He has been touted by joe and mike. Again…using old news. You’re just not that interesting anymore. Your act is old and you are a simpleton. But I think everyone knows this by now.

          • Just the Facts

            You’re not too bright are you? Of course the injured player is not starting, hence the word injured. I shouldn’t have to explain this to you like I explain things to my 3 year old son. Kellyanne, you’ve been exposed. May as well quit while you’re only a mile behind.

          • AB

            McCreary is the other starter clown. Tribble, McCreary and king parks were out. All in street clothes. They are 3 of the 5 starters. Holmes and boyd are the other two. Monumental meltdown on your part today.

          • Just the Facts

            Yes my dimwitted student, someone would have to start in Demartra’s spot while he was recovering. They’re not going to start a game with 4 players just because their starter is injured. You’re not too bright are you. Using your (lack of) reasoning when Derrick Rose was out to start the season he then became the backup. Pretty dumb, but I would expect no less from you.

          • Leegs1

            Hey AB: a three year old son. To think he’s reproducing!

          • Just the Facts

            You shouldnt worry about my kid leegs, you should worry about all the e year olds you murdered and those that are still dying directly as a result of your actions in Viet Nam.

          • Leegs1

            HeyAB: kids first shoes were jackboots. Goose stepping in the nursery.

          • AB

            God your stupid. He’s not a starter anymore. He’s on one leg for christ sake. He’s a shell of what he was last year. Only stepped back in because of an injury to the person who starts in front of him. Another reason why brook should’ve destroyed them- but didn’t. The stupidity is just amazing to me. Leegs this guy has brain damage from the battle of Vincennes- the only battle he’s ever been at and guessing all he did was drool over the transfers.

          • Just the Facts

            Just teach this level of stupid. Out of one side of your mouth you say one player is only starting due to injury while your peanut of a brain doesnt have the capability to recognize that is the exact reason the guy you are arguing for was starting. I wouldnt believe this type of stupidity existed if you wouldnt have hit the comnent button.

            I really hope you and leegs wear your protective helmets everywhere.

          • Leegs1

            *comment. You should have worn a protective helmet instead of reproducing!

          • Just the Facts

            good one gomer

          • Leegs1

            Probably got a carry out from the sperm bank!

  • Reality

    Get off st mel’s high horse. Young or not they STINK. Have you seen them lately? In the CCL they start the 4 under class kids that also start varsity in the SOPHOMORE games and are losing The SOPHOMORE games! They do not play hard at all and those kids have given up.

  • AB

    Lol. Huge test for Bolingbrook. Eeked by an HF team missing 3 starters. 2 injured an 1 with the flu. They were exposed and outcoached again. Lucky they’re not in the twood sectional wouldn’t get out of their regional.

    • Kris Kringle

      Is the TWood sectional the one where the likely #1 seed got blown out by Bogan?

      • AB

        Lol. Yes. But I was at the brook game last night. Thought it would be a blowout considering HF personnel. Far from that. They played hard and were athletic, but I’m not sure it’s gonna be enough the rest of the year. They looked vulnerable. Actually thought they were going to lose at a few points. Didn’t have control of the game under 2:00.

        • Kris Kringle

          Congrats for being there! As far as I know the HF starters are actually back and it is Bolingbrook who has been playing without a starter. Yet they jumped out to a 14-0 lead and won by a larger margin than their other two games vs HF combined despite the desperation strategy employed by the Vikings. But we won’t let the facts get in the way of your great story!

          So they played bad and won by 11. That’s better than getting blown off the map by Bogan.

          • AB

            Whatever you say. 4 guys in street clothes. 3 of them starters. Just stating facts. Congratulations on your social ineptness. And for being a complete jerk on this site day in day out.

          • Kris Kringle

            Here you go with the #alternativefacts. I realize that exposing your #alternativefacts may make me seem like a jerk, to you, but it just means I deal in facts. As a matter of fact from here on out my new name is Just the Facts

    • Lee

      That’s the 3rd loss so what happened the other 2. Also boyd scored every point with a deep 3 after 2min of passing the ball around. Boyd was amazing!! Then Bolingbrook would go down court and score with ease in 20 sec. Never once did HF stop them or show any ability to stop them.

      • AB

        My point isn’t for hf- it’s that Bolingbrook looked vulnerable. This is ridiculous. Can’t even have a discussion with other fans in here on high school basketball. So stupid…

        • Just the Facts

          None of that appeared in your initial post. Just that the #1 team wouldnt win a regional in the TWood sectional of all places where the #1 seed got swept into a dustpan by Bogan. I wouldnt be surprised to see Stagg win that sectional thats how mediocre it is.

          • AB

            Read it again. It promoted nothing HF. I think Bolingbrook is better than Homewood and they’ve proved it. They should be with the talent differential. all I said was that brook has flaws and they’re starting to show. Just the facts…lol. More like “just what Kringle wants the truth to be.”

          • Just the Facts

            I already went back and read it. All I see is you trying to retroactively change what you said when the post is up there for all to see. It was dumb, but just own it. None of these teams are flawless and they all look vulnerable. Its just that the only won who managed to do it so far without dropping a game is the one you decided to be silly about.

        • Leegs1

          Hey AB: it’s a beautiful, sunny day down here in Florida. Hope you’re enjoying your day!

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