Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings

Geneva fans are pumped up in their game against Batavia. Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Bolingbrook (21-0) 1
Nana Akenten huge in O’Fallon

2. Curie (20-2) 2
City tournament favorites

3. Young (17-5) 3
Getting fully healthy

4. Morgan Park (15-4) 4
Lost to Webster Groves, MO

5. Simeon (19-2) 5
Had the week off

6. Wheaton-Warrenville South (23-1) 6
Dominating DuPage Valley

7. Fremd (21-0) 7
Perfect season in reach

8. Uplift (20-4) 8
Survived Lincoln Park

9. Orr (14-4) 15
Beat North Lawndale again

10. Geneva (25-0) 10
Handled Batavia

11. Fenwick (19-4) 12
Won three tough games

12. Joliet West (19-3) 13
Trevian Bell finishing strong

13. Evanston (20-3) 14
Nice win against Althoff

14. North Lawndale (18-6) 9
Threat for city title

15. Thornton (15-4) 11
Alonzo Verge DNP Friday

16. Conant (19-4) 16
Destroyed Hoffman Estates

17. Benet (18-6) 17
Liam Lyman is on fire

18. Prospect (19-4) 18
Unselfish, tough group

19. Brother Rice (20-3) 19
Exceeding expectations

20. TF North (18-3) 20
How good are the Meteors?

21. Bogan (15-6) 21
Everyone is playing

22. Jacobs (20-1) 24
Supporting cast stepping up

23. Joliet Central (19-3) NR
Jose Grubbs leads the way

24. Naperville North (17-4) NR
Fought its way back

25. Hope Academy (21-3) NR
Class 1A state title favorites



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  • West sub fan

    I just don’t see the whole Fenwick thing
    I guess the playoffs will tell

  • Johnathon

    How is DePaul Prep not top 25? They lost to Fenwick for the CHICAGO CATHOLIC LEAGUE regular season title by 3 in OT at Fenwick. Beat Loyola, lost to La Lu by 11 only lost to teams who were or are ranked

  • Ketoe

    Reality rankings mean something. I am sure a lot of coaches do not get to see a lot of teams play and many times what do they have to go by when seeding teams. If you have not seen half the teams in your sectional, rankings by the city and maxpreps might be where some coaches get their information. I just wish the guys doing the rankings rank teams based on level of talent, strength of schedule and time/reason for losses. A team like Joliet could have 3 losses but when you consider they lost to they still should be top 6,even with bad free throw shooting I dont think anyone 11 thru 6 can beat a Joliet. Take out Homewood, who has Bolingbrook beat, how many teams in the top 5 have they faced, all of this is considered in rankings, because once again one coach will get lazy and seed teams in his regional based on these rankings.

  • Jackson

    Huge night in Calumet City this Friday T.F.North vs Hillcrest, both are undefeated in Conference

  • RealityCheck

    If you are looking for a much more accurate ranking system, just look at MaxPreps. They have Hope Academy ranked #85 in the state, which gives you an idea of how preposterous Michael’s rankings are. I don’t know a single coach that takes them seriously. In fact, I know a coach that has banned Michael from even entering his gym. You don’t give a team a #25 ranking because “it’s time for some new blood” or because “it was a good time to give Hope Academy some attention.” Write a separate article on them if you want, but don’t give them something they don’t deserve.

    • Lefty

      Wrong. MaxPreps had 2 of the top 5 in the country for soccer from this area (Morton & Glenbrook North and neither even made it to State; the final four. GBN didn’t even with their sectional.

      • RealityCheck

        You’re joking right? Look at how they did in their regular seasons. Just because you get upset in a single Sectional final or Supersectional game doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve the ranking. Are you saying you would take Hope Academy over a Marist, Notre Dame, St. Pats, or Stevenson in a playoff game? I didn’t think so.

        • Ray

          Mike has seen Hope Academy play and said he was impressed. They have close losses to some good teams. If they could play Fenwick close, I would say they have a chance against marist. Why not? Rankings are subjective. But I would take the opinion of someone who has watched the team over a computer ranking. Max Preps has actually gotten much better, but it is still not great. DePaul Prep played a national Power close and has some great results and they are 62 in the rankings. DGN who beat Kenwood is 89, Hinsdale south leading the WSC and just beating a top 25 team in Willowbrook is 102. Also remember Max Preps is the entire state not just the sun times delivery area

          • Ray

            If you go back and look at the prior rankings and the comments people made. Mike is right more often than you give him credit for. How many people were upset about the rankings for OPRF, St Rita, DeLalle, Stevenson and many others that have not proven to be as strong as some have hoped.

        • Lefty

          Putting aside the silliness of ‘national’ rankings, why would you mention Pat’s after losing to Viator? Or is that an upset you can justify? And why again can’t Hope be in the top 25 in the ‘area’? The teams you mention aren’t infallible. Without even looking, I bet 3 of those 4 don’t win a sectional.

  • Gregory Berkley

    Who cares about rankings it’s win or go home.0-0 now this will tell what teams r made of there will be some surprises. Good luck to all teams only the strong survive.

  • Gregory Berkley

    It’s 0-0 playoff time win or go home just rankings they don’t count now.its win or go home.there will be some surprises I’m sure.

  • basketball fan

    Only fans thats not use to being ranked care! #wincity #winstate thats all that matters! Geezzz

  • Mike

    Who cares about where the rankings fall beyond top 10 at this time of year anyway?

    • Nikki

      Hope is a private school, and they worked hard this year so everyone has a right to their own opinion. The team they have is young and fresh with work to do but they have come a long way so let them have their shine, they’ve played CPS schools that are good and decent and they only lost by 3 and 4 points against Westinghouse and Fenwick this year. Just because they are unknown doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. The team they have now is an improvement in comparison to the team they had last year. They are young I am glad he thought enough of them to give them some publicity which isn’t what they look for they just want to play ball and have fun which is how it should be. They lost enough last year so I am proud of the development that is seen and look forward to see what they can do going forward.

  • RealityCheck

    I’m done. The high school sportswriter for the Chicago Sun Times thinks that Hope Academy is one of the 25 best teams in the state. DONE.

  • Larry

    Joliet West lost two in a row then they beat Romeoville and we lost to Naperville North came back and won four straight and there above us.

    • Norm

      And Evanston dominated in the wins. If the low rank keeps them motivated then it’s ok

      • James

        With Naperville North now winning 11 in a row and getting in the top 25, the Evanston loss to NN does not look too bad anymore. So I agree they should be higher. I would move them up at least 6 spots. Evanston needed the NN loss to focus. They are on a run that might take them to State.

  • Norm

    Mike, thanks for motivating Evanston with your ranking. They are playing better now than they did when you had them at 2. They destroyed New Trier and then took a 6 hour bus ride to destroy BA. Granted there was no Goodwin but the Kits have been playing inspired ball of late. Keep them at a silly ranking please, it’s helping

  • James

    Lets not all give Mike heat for Hope Academy. We all know the last 5 spots could go to 15 different teams. Probably the only team in the top 25 to win a game by 55 (moosehart) and lose a game by 55 (morgan park) in back to back games. They beat Lincoln park and were close with fenwick. I love the fact that they are in. Keep rotating that 25th spot.

    • Michael O'Brien

      Yeah, there are several good choices for the 25 spot. All of them had already been ranked at some point, so seemed like a good time to give Hope Academy some attention. Especially since they are on a really great two season run. They have not played Morgan Park though. Losses are to Fenwick (61-58, no Keller), Westinghouse (71-67) and Michigan City, IND (63-46). Best wins are Lincoln Park and Romeoville. I have seen them play and was impressed.

      • James

        My bad. They actually did play morgan.park academy and won by 55. I assume a different morgan park. It is on the teams web site. Even more impressive two 55 point victorys.

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