2017 Public League playoff scores/schedule

Simeon celebrates winning the city title against Kenwood on Sunday 02-21-16 Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

First Round
Feb. 6
Young 78, Robeson 47
Prosser 59, Vocational 57
Bogan 70, Lane 49
Kenwood 67, Collins 39
Curie 72, Clemente 43
Brooks 85, Taft 77
Harlan 65, Von Steuben 62
Orr 92, Phillips 51
Uplift 55, UP-Englewood 52
Farragut 65, Lindblom 33
Westinghouse 53, Hyde Park 49
Simeon 74, Schurz 48
Morgan Park 106, Mather 56
Marshall d. Dunbar
North Lawndale 107, DuSable 70
Lincoln Park 65, Perspectives 55

Second Round
Young 84, Prosser 59
Kenwood 64, Bogan 63
Farragut 62, Uplift 58
Simeon 86, Westinghouse 59
Curie 63, Brooks 43
Orr 64, Harlan 43
Morgan Park 79, Marshall 50
North Lawndale 68, Lincoln Park 65

Feb. 13
Simeon 95, Farragut 63

Feb. 15
Young 80, Kenwood 58
Curie 62, Orr 61
Morgan Park 73, North Lawndale 62

Feb. 17 at Chicago State
Simeon 60, Young 49
Morgan Park 53, Curie 46

Feb. 19 at Chicago State
Simeon vs. Morgan Park, 5:30


  • Hoopking

    Is there 1 or 2 games on Sunday

  • Hoopking

    Is there one or 2 games on Sunday?

  • Tony

    Will the games be televised???

  • Terrell jones

    what are the game times for the semi-finals tonight? why is this information so hard to search online?

  • Coach Davis

    Simeon and Morgan Park will have a brutal 3 days… Both teams also play sat at Robert Morris vs Stevenson and Evanston… I will be at Robert Morris sat and i might take the trip to Chicago State to see the City Championship on sunday… No breaks for these kids..Good Luck

  • SimeonGrad

    Simeon’s game was played early because the girls team is hosting the regional at Simeon. If they have more rest between games now doesn’t that mean they had less rest before this game? You Simeon haters are pathetic.

    • TSmith

      The quarterfinals were scheduled for last Friday. Fact. Then all moved to Wednesday. Fact. Coincidentally the same Wednesday that the facility is being used for the girl’s Regional. No one has justified the move from last Friday. The teams were notified on Wednesday about the move from Friday.

  • Mr. Wonderful

    Thanks Fair Guy for the shout out. Don’t hold your breath on O’Brien on answering your questions. Your review are to strong and honest. Appreciate your support.

  • Just the Facts

    Some good games today in the cps

  • Fair Guy

    I agree with you Mr. Wonderful. CPS is worst by giving Simeon extra day offs. But nothing surprises me when come to CPS Sports. They do more covering up than doing the right thing for all CPS schools. Ok O’Brien let’s hear you excuses for CPS?? Or you to afraid of Coach Robert Smith won’t let you back in Simeon?? This your time to speak up as fair high school insider reporter??

    • Michael O'Brien

      Oh man, you need to simmer down a bit. Simeon was hosting a girls basketball regional on Wednesday, that is why the game was moved. You can’t mess around with the dates of the state tournament games.

      • TSmith

        I understand the guys skepticism. All four games should have been played on either Monday, Tuesday or hell even Thursday for equal rest and integrity’s sake. The optics are very poor. Any word on the switch from last Friday? Until these questions are answered, you will always get “that ole’ Simeon magic is happening again” aka Simeon Hatin’.

  • PC

    What time are the semifinals at Chicago State University?

  • Bulldog 71

    What happened to the “green” division playoffs? Last I saw Senn won a 2nd round game a week ago and haven’t seen anything scheduled since?

  • Mr. wonderful

    That is so weak of CPS Sports. And they wonder why they get called out all the time. Helping Simeon get more rest than any of the other teams. I bet Robert Smith feels they are entitled to the rest. Kenwood or Morgan Park should be able to Knock off AAU Robert Smith. Ha. Nice try CPS Sports. Next time be little discrete with the schedule make it one day off??? Ha

  • Damon

    Well simeon got to blow out the weakest link. FARRAGUT. The public school system is terrible. Thanks SIMEON!! Great win guys.

  • Mr. wonderful

    Why is the Someone game on a different date? Why are they playing on Feb 15th?

  • R. Collins

    The Public League Games this week and at CSU

  • R. Collins

    What time are these games?

  • T.O

    A few extra days of rest for the winner of Farragut & Simeon cool

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