No Shot Clock, Ep. 51: Outside the Super 25

Michael O’Brien and Joe Henricksen’s weekly look at Chicago area high school basketball. This week we focus on teams that haven’t been ranked at any point this season, along with some of the best players on unranked teams. As always, we give our Two Takes and and answer listener questions.

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  • Neko Cardenas

    Waukegan Beat Prospect, Losses are Boyland, North Lawndale, Libertyville, Notre Dame.

  • Viator Dad

    Good segment as usual. I love when people are passionate about hoops.. The 1 issue I have, is when Ridgewood was brought up and the Antioch Sectional.There was some laughter that came up when the Teams werementioned that Ridgewood will face. Remember at this point that Saint Viator is 2-0 in probably a top 3 conference in the ESCC. Beating Benet and Marian! What conference does Ridgewood play in? I don’t think they’re going through the same level competition? I guarantee Saint Viator will be battle tested by this time of year. We also beat Ridgewood in the summer by 30…

    • Johnny

      St Viator may have beaten Benet and Marian Catholic but look at who they have lost to and how much they have lost by. Good teams do not loose by as many points they do against some of those schools. They are what they are a sub 500 team. ESCC is tough again this year and I don’t see Viator coming away with a top 3 finish.

  • Ray

    Great podcast again. Disagree with you about a couple of those outside the top 25. Ridgewood has 3 losses in a bad conference. Not sure about Hinsdale South also – they didn’t show well at York – a 20 point loss. Loved the format.

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