No Shot Clock, Ep. 50: Holiday Tournament review


  • Stick Man

    Congrats boys on #50.

  • rick

    Why is Goodwin so far up on the Mr.Basketball ladder.. Nana Akenton team is still undefeated and Alonzo Verge jr is averaging nearly 30pts a game.. yet neither was mentioned on the show…. Why?

    • Michael O'Brien

      Goodwin has led his team to Peoria the past two years and (in my opinion) is clearly the best senior in the state. He does it all. Verge has missed at least two games for unknown reasons. That is one of the big issues with his candidacy. Akenten is definitely a contender, but I don’t think he really has the statewide name recognition yet.

  • RealityCheck

    Wow. Joe couldn’t be more wrong about St. Pats. The two decent teams they’ve played blew them out. Why do they play such a weak nonconference schedule? Schools like IC Prep are less than half their size. Joe will come back to reality after Benet blows them out next week.

  • Ray

    I think I was the first guy to finish this. Enjoyed it as always. I think the State is really wide open this year. Simeon has won a couple of really close games and there is no dominate team out their. WY I think had better wins At PW than Simeon did. They bet everyone but not the teams they expected to face. I am really looking forward to the Glenbard East shootout, WY vs Joliet might be the best two teams in the state. Jacobs vs Hillcrest will be interesting to see the big guy. Even the Naperville north Evanston matchup might surprise some people. Eastern vs Mitch Lewis – two 6’6′ guards you don’t see that everyday.

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