Michael O’Brien’s notebook: Jan. 3, 2017

Dwight's Justin Fox (21) watches his off balance lay up bounce off the glass as the Trojans play Reed Custer, January 3, 2017. Allen Cunningham / For the Sun-Times.

FOX WATCH got real today. I was down in Braidwood to see Dwight vs. Reed-Custer. Justin Fox was very nice about Fox Watch. I don’t have his actual quote because my recorder wasn’t running. Major reporter fail. But he basically said that anything that brought attention to him out in Dwight was a good thing. He’s a smart kid.

This might not have been the best game to check Fox out though. Things were so wide-open that there really wasn’t much reason for him to shoot from outside. He basically took the ball to the basket for all of his points. That was definitely the right decision though.

Fox was a total monster on the glass and seemed to be a good ball-handler. His size is legit as well. I’m 6-3 and he is taller than me.

Read all about Justin Fox.

Not much else happening today, it was a pretty dull slate of games. Tomorrow is even worse, but things pick up a bit on Thursday.

So that gives everyone¬†plenty of time to check out the 50th episode of No Shot Clock. It’s a long one, plenty of holiday tournaments to cover. If you are reading this far into the notebook I have a feeling you are a regular listener. Thanks so much, it means a lot.


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