Michael O’Brien’s Super 25 basketball rankings

Benet's Jack Nolan (21) tries to shake off Curie's Allante Pickens (3). Worsom Robinson/ For the Sun-Times.

With record and last week’s ranking

1. Curie (1-0) 1
Terry Smith Jr. can fly

2. Simeon (0-0) 2
Season begins Saturday

3. Morgan Park (1-0) 3
Ayo Dosunmu scored 51 in opener

4. Evanston (5-0) 4
Soph Lance Jones can play

5. Joliet West (4-0) 5
Teyvion Kirk highlight reel

6. Bolingbrook (3-0) 8
Malik Binns fits right in

7. North Lawndale (4-0) 10
Beat Waukegan, Boylan

8. Kenwood (3-1) 9
Beat Proviso East

9. Uplift (4-0) 12
More than just the Jacobs

10. Homewood-Flossmoor (4-0) 23
Beat Marian Catholic, Bloom

11. Young (0-0) 11
Face Kenwood on Saturday

12. Fenwick (4-0) 14
Freshman DJ Steward sparkled

13. Bloom (3-1) NR
Austin Richie adds a lot

14. Benet (4-0) 18
Knocked off Loyola

15. Marian Catholic (3-1) 15
Lost 6 OT thriller to H-F

16. Conant (4-1) 20
Couldn’t handle Evanston

17. Hillcrest (2-2) 7
Up-and-down first week

18. St. Charles East (4-0) NR
The Saints can shoot

19. Marist (4-0) 21
Took care of Richards

20. Stevenson (4-0) 24
Cruised through the week

21. Thornton (1-2) 6
Rough time out of town

22. St. Joseph (3-1) 13
Lost to St. Charles East

23. Oak Park (4-0) NR
Deep and fast

24. Lyons (4-0) NR
Beat Maine South

25. Orr (0-0) 25
Season begins Saturday



  • Big dog

    Great to see Bloom and Thornton South Suburban power houses in the top 25. West Mason is looking down.

  • ketoe

    So I guess sun times quit girls basketball, what happened to title x, guess newspaper dont apply…lol Shameful, they work just as hard.

    • Leegs1

      Ketoe: not knowing, my guess is budget restraints, and boys sports sell more papers. I’m seventy years old and half of my life was teaching. The year after I retired, my high school opened a new school including a state of the art field house but eliminated auto, electric, power, and wood shop. I often wonder where those kids were placed. Probably in co- op class where they have a job for school credit at minimum wage. That guess is based upon my school now having at least six co-op teachers rather than two when I retired. All students need recognition, including atheletes. Back to field houses, I kind of miss the old JCA where you couldn’t shoot from the corner because of the balcony. That old gym rocked! So did the pit at Lockport. Especially remember Congressman Davis and his Crane Tech team beating Lockport at the buzzer and his extending two of ten fingers to the crowd. And Joliet Central’s gym where they and JJC played. Wes Mason and Bloom playing in regional wars there against Lockport. Lockport at Ottawa the year Lockport won state. That gym was another pit. Kind of rambling but to my original point. No money to cover girls sports. Doesn’t make it right, but a fact of life. Wouldn’t want to be in the newspaper business today.

    • Michael O'Brien

      There just wasn’t enough of an audience for girls basketball to justify the expense.

      • Leegs1

        How did you measure that audience v. the audience for boys sports? Were budget restraints for covering both sports the reason?

        • Michael O'Brien

          Seven years of online traffic numbers. Football and boys basketball accounted for more than 90% of the traffic.

          • Leegs1

            What about girls softball v. boys baseball? That stat is amazing in regards to boys v. girls basketball!

          • Michael O'Brien

            Football and boys basketball were almost all of the traffic. Baseball and wrestling were a very distant third and fourth and shockingly low. The numbers for the other sports were embarrassing.

  • Tom Anstett

    Where are ALL the results for boys basketball games on SATURDAY?

  • Leegs1

    Thornton still in. Why?

      • bball fan

        I assume that mike felt that they played good teams and were competitive. Early in the season good teams are going to have some losses. I am glad Mike doesnt toss in teams just because of their record. Quality of opponents is a huge factor in rankings.

        • Leegs1

          Better look at who Thornton lost to. My guess they are still rated because of the transfer who came in. Same with Hillcrest. Who are their two losses to? Joliet west will probably run the table until Pontiac and run it again until regionalls start. Quality of opponents, through no fault of their own, would probably keep west out the top twenty five. Ranked fifth because of returnees. Not a problem. Don’t know that I agree that good teams will lose early in the season. Again, if Hillcrest and Thornton lost to quality teams,fine, leave them in. Might help if it was mentioned in the weekly ratings who they beat,lost to, and scores. Thanks for your input in trying to answer my question. Pretty hard for you to do since you didn’t do the rankings.

          • Michael O'Brien

            Joliet West plays North Lawndale on Saturday. And unbeaten Minooka on Friday for that matter. Also a game against Young in late January or early February. They will be tested quite a bit this season.

            As far as the week’s results, most ranked teams are discussed in the nightly notebook and the scores are on the website every day. They don’t need to be rehashed in full with the rankings.

          • Leegs1

            Two of three teams you mention aren’t rated and the one who is, hasn’t played yet. I love to needle you about West. You should know that by now. Hope they go all the way. As a compromise, just who the ranked teams lost to. Don’t get nightly notebook or scores on website. Thanks for responding. Might see you this weekend at a game.

          • Michael O'Brien

            Two of them are ranked (Young, N Lawndale) and one isn’t (Minooka).

            The nightly notebook and the scores are only on the website. They aren’t in print.

          • Leegs1

            By the way, who did Thornton and Hillcrest lose to? Also, I listened to a portion of your podcast where you said the football championship games were “crud”. Some of the student athletes and their parents may follow the podcast and probably are not appreciative of that comment. As you know, many of the good teams are eliminated by another good team or upset before reaching the championship game. I followed Tri-valley this season. They were ranked number one in 2-A almost the entire season. In the playoffs, they lost to the eventual state champ who also beat Sterling Newman. There are probably too many classes but the revenue it generates is more than the old system and that’s the bottom line. Maybe you could write a column on your views in remedying the flaws in the present system. Again, hope to meet you this weekend.

  • bball fan

    Great to see st charles east move into the ranking. The justin hardy clip is one of the years highlights. Beating st joes was a huge early win. Hope they can keep it going.

  • West sub fan

    Oak park looks for real !

  • Norm

    Mike, nice meeting you at first Evanston game. Have a good season!

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